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Tax Loans
Tax Payment 101 – What is a Tax Loan?
It is not guaranteed that you will have a carefree life in Hong Kong even if you have a well-paying job. Many people become members of the “working poor” because...
11 December 2017
Tax Loans
How to Choose a Tax Loan Plan in Hong Kong?
In Hong Kong, 2018 tax season is upon us and as expected, banks are once again engaged in a heated annual propaganda war to promote their tax loans. They use...
11 December 2017
Tax Loan
Tax Loans
Should I Apply for a Tax Loan?
In Hong Kong, Tax loans take the heat off taxpayers because they help you with paying off your tax bills, not to mention you also get to borrow money at...
11 December 2017
5 Reasons You Haven’t Quit The Job That’s Not Right For You
You’ve known for some time that you should quit your job. You’re being underpaid, your boss is a douchebag, or maybe you’ve been wanting to make a career change for...
4 December 2017
Grad job
3 Things to Do While Searching a Grad Job
While you were busy travelling the world, partying and “finding yourself” during the holidays, your friends were busy interning their little hearts out. You used to think they didn’t know...
1 December 2017
Good grades
5 Reasons Good Grades Don’t Mean Your Child Will Succeed in Life
Ah Boy has an army of tutors towering over him every day after school, making sure he scores those As. His kiasu parents are determined to ensure he gets good grades,...
30 November 2017
4 Ways to Get a Date That are Cheaper and More Effective Than Tinder
Tinder’s main advantage is that it gives users the luxury of numbers. If you have a picture that people would actually swipe right on, you could go out every day...
29 November 2017
4 Mistakes Parents Should Avoid Making When Giving Their Kids Allowance
“When should I start giving my kids pocket money?” is the most common question raised in forums by HK parents. It seems like just yesterday when your kid’s main preoccupations...
27 November 2017