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Best Cash Back Credit Cards in Hong Kong (Updated in Sep 2018)


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Cash back credit cards. What an excellent idea? Banks will give you cash back right after you spend money. Different banks, like HSBC, DBS, Citibank, BOC, and more, have launched their very own version of cash back credit cards with various strengths. Let’s compare the best credit cards in Hong Kong!

Best cash back credit cards for the early 20s

Some of the cash back credit cards are quite welcomed to those with lower income, new job-seekers, and even tertiary students. Our list only includes those with rebates higher than or equal to 2% for specific spending categories. Here’re some choices for those who earn $150,000 or below annually.

Cash back credit cards new jobbers

Cash back credit cards basic info new jobbers

Cash back credit card for dining spending

HSBC Platinum Card: By allocating the extra 5X RewardCash under the “Red Hot Rewards of Your Choice” into the dining spending category, you could earn a total of 6X RewardCash. Assuming $1 RewardCash equals to HK$1, you could earn 2.4% rebates. You could pay your bills or other transactions with RewardCash via the app “HSBCReward+”.

Cash back credit cards for online spending

BOC i-card: Tertiary students are welcomed to apply. 1X Basic Points and 9X extra Points would give you a total of 10X Points, which equivalent to 4% rebates. You could earn at most 10,000 Points per month with the transaction amount of HK$1,112.

CCB (Asia) eye Card: 1X Basic Points and 4X Extra Points would give you 5X Points in total. You could earn at most 300,000 Points per year. You could also earn an extra 2X Points, which gives a total of 7X, and 2.8% rebates after signing up for Instant Fly Club and pay your travel expenses (e.g. airfare and local tours) with foreign currency or online booking.

CNBCI motion Card: Including 0.55% basic rebates, 1.45% extra rebates and 3% extra rebates for online transactions, you could earn a total of 5% rebates. In particular, the 3% extra rebates carries a cap of HK$100. That means a transaction amount of HK$3,334 is enough to earn the rewards. Besides that, new applicants can earn 2% rebates for general spending in the first 12 months of card issuance.

Cash back credit cards for overseas spending

HSBC Platinum Card: Earn 5X extra RewardCash with a maximum of HK$300 RewardCash at each stage, if you have accumulated overseas spending of HK$3,000 in each period within this year. You could earn 11X RewardCash with your RMB or foreign currency spending by including the 5X RewardCash multiplier in “Red Hot Rewards of Your Choice”, and “China” and “World” categories.

Fubon Titanium Card: Earn 8X Points with spending in Japan and Korea. You could redeem your points with approximately 3.64% cash rebates. Transactions in Taiwan could earn you 20X Points, which is equal to 9.09% rebates. Noted that the validation period for Points is only one year and there are caps for the extra Points for the spending in Japan/Korea and Taiwan.

DBS Eminent Visa Platinum Card: 2% rebates, which could act as back-up. But spending in Macau Pataca and overseas transactions using HKD are not regarded as eligible spending.

Cash back credit cards for supermarket spending

Citi Rewards Card: 5X Points equals 2% rebates. Earn 8X Points during birthday month, which is approximately 3.2% rebates. Earn 5X and 8X with spending in department stores and telecom companies respectively. Points are validated permanently.

Cash back credit cards for contactless payment

BOC i-card: Same as online transactions, you could earn 10X Points and maximum extra 10,000 Points in a month, which is equivalent to 4% rebate.

CCB (Asia) eye Card: 5x Points for both the cap and online transactions. You could earn extra 300,000 Points in a year. Since many restaurants, supermarkets and cinemas accept tap and payment transactions, therefore, these 2 cards are more useful.

Cash back credit card for entertainment spending

PrimeCredit WeWa UnionPay Diamond Card: Tertiary students are welcomed to apply. Earn 4% rebates with spending on travel, cinema, karaoke and theme park categories.

Cash back credit cards for Octopus automatic add-value service

PrimeCredit EarnMORE UnionPay Diamond Card: Tertiary students are welcomed to apply. 2% rebates all year round with no special discounts. Transactions with less than 2% rebates are also applicable for this card.

CNBCI motion Card: New applicants can earn 2% rebates in the first 12 months, including Octopus Card automatic add value service.

Cash back credit cards for paying utility fees via e-banking

CNBCI motion Card: Earn 0.55% rebates for the first HK$10,000 online bill payments except for paying insurance premiums and taxes.

BOC i-card/CCB (Asia) eye Card/HSBC Platinum Card: After calculation, we could see that all the three cards offer 0.4% rebates. In particular, BOC i-card offers a maximum of 10,000 Points per month in which the cap is shared with other spending categories. Whereas HSBC only takes the first HK$10,000 bill payments into account.


Best cash back credit cards for higher-income individuals

Given the quite satisfactory rebates for the early 20s; if you have quite a satisfactory earning, you are eligible to more credit card options with different spending categories, and therefore, more flexible combinations of cards:

cash back credit cards options
cash back credit cards basic info advanced

Dining Spending

HSBC Visa Signature Card: With the 3X RewardCash under “Red Hot Rewards of Your Choice”, you can enjoy 9X RewardCash, which is equal to 3.6% rebates.

Citi Cash Back Visa Card: If you allocate your “Red Hot Rewards of Your Choice” to other spending categories; aside from PrimeCredit Earn More UnionPay Diamond Card and CNBCI motion Card, this card would earn you 2% rewards in dining and hotel categories. Noted that you can save your rebates in your credit card account only when you have accumulated HK$200 cash rebates.

Overseas spending

HSBC Visa Signature Card: 9X RewardCash by allocating “Red Hot Rewards of Your Choice” to other spending categories, and enjoying 5X extra RewardCash for online and overseas transactions all year round, and 3X in “China” and “World” categories.

Fubon Platinum Card: Same as Titanium Card, you could earn 4X, 8X and 20X Points for overseas spending. Just that it has a higher annual income requirement.

BOC Travel Rewards Visa Signature Card: It might be a bit complicated if you want to earn 8% rewards. You need at least 3 local transactions, one overseas spending of/over HK$500 and an accumulated amount of HK$6,000 or above at that month. You could earn at most HK$500 rebates per month, which means overseas spending of HK$6,250 would be enough.

Contactless payment

BOC Dual Currency Card: In Hong Kong, some of the chain convenience stores, supermarkets, fast food stores, bakeries, food retailers and electronic stores accept UnionPay QuickPass. You could earn 4% rebates within 2018 by using UnionPay QuickPass or mobile payments. You could earn a maximum of HK$100 rebates per month and the upper limit of transaction amount would be HK$2,500.

Paying utility fees via e-banking

ICBC Horoscope Card: Visa Signature and UnionPay Diamond Prestige version provide 1.5% rebate for local and overseas spending, including bill payments (except for taxes). You can get HK$150 Free Credit Card Spending Limit welcome offer by spending HK$1,500 with the card. You can also choose the preferred horoscope card face design when applying for this card. But starting from 3rd June, value-added and transfer service of e-purse (including Alipay, PayMe、Tap & Go and WeChat Pay) won’t be eligible for rewards anymore.

Welcome offers

Standard Chartered Simply Cash Visa Card: Although you are rewarded with 2% rebates as welcoming offer with PrimeCredit EarnMore UnionPay Diamond Card and CNBCI motion Card as new applicants this year, this card offers 100% welcoming rebates. Your rebates are directly proportional to your spending amount. It also offers 2% rebates for foreign currency rebates and 1.5% HKD transactions.

As the cap of Points is quite low for BOC i-card, you could apply for BOC Dual Currency Card or CCB (Asia) eye Card as back-ups for contactless payment credit cards.

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