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best dining credit cards hong kong
Best Dining Credit Cards in Hong Kong (Updated in June 2020)
Dining credit cards have various promotions, and offers, and hottest perks. Hands up if you’re a foodie! ...
1 June 2020
airport lounge
Best Unlimited Free Airport Lounge Access Credit Cards in Hong Kong (Updated in June 2019)
Airport lounges seem to be the only saviour in depressing long-haul flights. During the flights, your hair ...
2 June 2019
handling fee
The Secret of Getting a Credit Card Instalment Loan with the Lowest Handling Fee
Credit card instalment loans are your besties when it comes to big purchases. No idea what instalment loans ...
15 December 2018
Best Hotel Buffet Offers in Hong Kong (Updated as of Sep 2018)
Foodies’ Gospel!  No plans with friends who can eat an elephant? BEHOLD! We picked out the most trending ...
10 September 2018
best cashback cards hong kong
The Best Cashback Cards in Hong Kong 2017
Of all the different types of credit cards in Hong Kong, there are no guesses as to why Cashback credit ...
28 September 2017
student cards hong kong
The Best Student Cards in Hong Kong 2018
As university students, it is important for you to start managing your own finance. It would save lots ...
28 September 2017
How Do Credit Cards Work?
How Do Credit Cards Work?
In Hong Kong, credit cards are often misused and misunderstood. In the right hands, they can be an incredibly ...
28 September 2017
benefits of using a credit card
What Are The Benefits of Using a Credit Card?
When the bill arrives, you have two choices—to rummage through an overstuffed wallet for the right combination ...
28 September 2017
credit card charges and fees
Credit Card Charges and Fees Payable
Most of us are better at spending money on our credit cards than figuring out what credit card charges ...
28 September 2017
What Features Do Credit Cards Have? (Part 1)
What Features Do Credit Cards Have? (Part 1)
There’s a lot to love about credit cards. From being able to shop online, make purchases within seconds ...
28 September 2017
What Features Do Credit Cards Have? (Part 2)
What Features Do Credit Cards Have? (Part 2)
We’ve come a long way from the days when credit cards rarely had more than one feature. These days, every ...
28 September 2017
apply credit card
4 Questions You Should Be Asking Before You Get a Credit Card
If you’re carrying around a wallet with enough slots to carry half a deck of playing cards, then you’ve ...
26 September 2017