【Hong Kong Disneyland Ticket Budget Guide 2024】How To Get A Ticket Discount With Credit Card Deals


Looking for the best deals on Hong Kong Disneyland tickets? Besides the official theme park discounts, there are numerous online travel platforms that offer discounted tickets too. As your trusted “MoneySmart” advisor, we have thoroughly compared discounts from various websites and compiled a comprehensive list of promotions to help you maximize your savings. Keep reading to uncover the secret of discounted tickets!

Table of contents: Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland 1-day ticket price overview

Here is an overview of the Hong Kong Disneyland ticket price:

Hong Kong Disneyland ticket price overview
Organisation/Website Type of Ticket Price
Disney Official Website Adult HK$639
Child HK$475
KKday Adult HK$590 
Child HK$449
Klook Adult HK$590 (HK$560.5 with SCB Smart Card)
Child HK$449 (HK$426.55 with SCB Smart Card)

The most affordable options for regular-priced Disneyland tickets are the adult and child tickets from KKday and Klook, priced at HK$590 and HK$449, respectively. 

If you use the Standard Chartered Smart Card for payment, you can get a 5% discount on Klook (5% cash rebate from the credit card). This reduces the price of adult and child tickets to HK$560.5 and HK$426.5 respectively.

Get cashback/miles from buying Disney tickets online

When shopping on online platforms like KKday or Klook, in addition to making good use of the website’s discounts, choosing a credit card suitable for online consumption can earn extra points and rewards.

Standard Chartered Smart Card: 5% rebate on Klook spending

Standard Chartered Smart Card offers a 5% rebate on Klook spending. So, if you get the Disneyland entry ticket for HK$590, you can get an extra 5% cashback from the Standard Chartered Smart Card, reducing the price to HK$560.5.

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Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard: Online shopping $4/mile, no mileage exchange fee.

Using the Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard, spending at restaurants, online shopping, and foreign currency transactions all come to HK$4 per mile. Every month, miles are automatically exchanged and deposited into the ‘Asia Miles’ account. There is no handling fee for exchanging miles, so you don’t need to manually convert miles, making it simple and convenient.

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Miles Conversion (Eligible spending on dining, online and overseas category)
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WeWa UnionPay Card: 4% cashback on theme park spending

Using the WeWa UnionPay Card, you can earn up to 4% cashback on transactions at theme parks (including Ocean Park and Disneyland). Additionally, you can also earn 4% cashback on transactions at travel merchants, movie theatres, and karaoke establishments. It’s considered a must-have for entertainment spending.

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Disney Annual Pass Magic Access Price Overview

If you’re planning to visit Disneyland more than once a year, you can also consider getting the Disney Annual Pass “Magic Access” to save your wallet!

The “Magic Access” membership is divided into 4 levels, from the lowest silver card to the highest gold card to the highest platinum card. Everyone can understand it as different levels of annual passes, and there are different benefits. In addition to free admission on designated days throughout the year, there are discounts for parking, shopping, and dining.

The table shows Disneyland Magic Access Annual Membership Benefits Overview, comparing sliver card, gold card, platinum card.

Disneyland Magic Access Annual Membership Benefits Overview
Magic Access Membership Silver Card Gold Card Platinum Card
Available Entry Day Most Mondays to Fridays Most Mondays to Sundays 365 days applicable
Parking Benefits Parking discount: $40 off for private car regular price; $15 off for motorcycle regular price 24 free parking days a year, then enjoy the same benefits as the silver card Free parking
Dining Offer 10% off on general dining 10% off on general dining 25% off on general dining
Accommodation Offer 10% off on hotel accommodation 15% off on hotel accommodation 20% off on hotel accommodation
Exclusive Benefits Free admission for 1 time after 5 admissions; free admission on birthdays; buy 2 get 1 free for designated dining on birthdays (Monday to Thursday) Buy 2 get 1 free for designated dining on birthdays, free admission on birthdays Limited purchase of 6 10% off tickets per year; buy 1 get 1 free for designated dining on birthdays

In September 2023, Disney announced a price increase for the “Magic Access” annual pass, originally the same price for children and students but now with different prices, while the elderly annual pass price remains unchanged. The new prices are as follows:

The table shows the Disneyland Magic Access Annual Pass Price

Disneyland Magic Access Annual Pass Price
Magic Access Membership Adult Price Child Price Student Price Senior Price
Silver Card HK$1,468 HK$1,088 HK$1,148 HK$316
Gold Card HK$2,558 HK$1,818 HK$1,918 HK$525
Platinum Card HK$4,678 HK$3,368 HK$3,558 HK$890

Save more by upgrading a single ticket to an annual pass

The price of a Magic Access membership can be as high as HK$4,000. If you want to join at a more affordable price, you can simply upgrade your ticket. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Simply enter the park with a regular-priced ticket and present the ticket stub at the ticket office on the same day to upgrade to a “Magic Access” membership.
  • The staff will deduct the ticket price for you, and the membership fee will be relatively cheaper than buying an annual pass directly.
  • For example, for an adult silver card membership, if you upgrade with the ticket stub, after deducting the regular adult ticket price of HK$639, the membership fee is only HK$829.
  • If you bought Disney tickets from KKday or Klook, print your QR code voucher at a self-service machine and ask staff about upgrading with the stub.

However, keep in mind that not all tickets are eligible for upgrades. Tickets that state “cannot be upgraded” or do not have a price listed on the back cannot be used for this purpose.

And if the price of the purchased ticket is lower than the regular ticket price, guests can still upgrade their membership with the ticket stub, but they will need to pay the difference.

Latest attraction—World of Frozen has arrived in November 2023


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A post shared by Hong Kong Disneyland (@hkdisneyland)

‘World of Frozen’ has its official opening at Hong Kong Disneyland on November 20. This attraction will offer visitors the chance to explore Arendelle, the hometown of Elsa and Anna. As the only Frozen-themed attraction in the world, it’s generating a lot of buzz.

Drawing inspiration from the blockbuster films Frozen and Frozen 2, this new attraction brings to life Elsa’s majestic Ice Palace and the regal Arendelle Castle. With this enchanting addition, Hong Kong Disneyland proudly claims to have the highest number of castles among all Disney theme parks.

Visitors will be transported into the movie’s heart, given the chance to wander through the charming Town Square and venture into the mystical forest, as depicted in the Academy Award-winning animation.

Frequently asked questions: Hong Kong Disneyland Ticket

What is the price of a 1-day ticket to Hong Kong Disneyland? 

An adult ticket costs HK$639 from the Disney Official Website and HK$590 from KKday and Klook. A child ticket costs HK$449 from KKday and Klook.

Can I get cashback when shopping online for Disney tickets? 

Yes, when shopping on online platforms like KKday or Klook, you can earn extra points rewards by using a credit card suitable for online consumption. For example, the Standard Chartered Smart Card offers a 5% rebate on Klook spending.

What is the latest attraction at Hong Kong Disneyland? 

The latest attraction is ‘World of Frozen’, which officially opens at Hong Kong Disneyland on November 20, 2023.

What are the benefits of becoming a Disney Magic Access member? 

In addition to free admission to Disney on designated days, members can also enjoy benefits such as parking, shopping, and dining discounts.

How old does a child have to be to enter Hong Kong Disneyland for free? 

Children aged 3 or under can enter for free.

How many membership levels does Disney Magic Access have? 

Disney Magic Access has three membership levels: Silver Card, Gold Card, and Platinum Card.

The Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard is a credit card that offers one of the lowest rates for earning miles at HK$4/mile. To learn more about this card, click here!


Besides the SCB Cathay Mastercard, there are more options for the best Asia Miles Credit Card in town. Check out the blog post to learn more!


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