Best Music Streaming Services Comparison in Hong Kong: Find Out The Cheapest Service

Best Music Streaming Services Comparison in Hong Kong: Find Out The Cheapest Service

 Thanks to music streaming apps like Spotify, KKBOX, Apple Music, MOOV, JOOX, YouTube Music Premium, and Tidal, music comes in handy to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re into pop, classical, blues, or country music, all genres are now available at your fingertips. Some may complain about the quality of the music, but some platforms have already stepped up the game by providing.

Some music apps are free to use, but there may be certain features that require payment. We are going to find the best deal for you. To complete our mission, we have compared the available streaming services in Hong Kong. In this blog post, we have included those apps and compared their monthly plans, family plans, as well as the best credit card and telecom deals. Let’s see which one comes out on top!

Table of Contents: Music Streaming Platforms and Music Apps Comparison

Music Streaming Platforms and Music Apps Price Comparison

Music Streaming Platforms and Music Apps Price Comparison
Music Streaming App Feature Free Trial Period Personal Monthly Fee* (HK$) Student Monthly Fee (HK$) Family Monthly Fee (shared by, HK$) Credit Card Discounts Telecom Discounts
Spotify Featuring international music 1 month $58 $29 $78 (2 users) $98 (6 users) None None
KKBOX Featuring Chinese and Taiwanese music and singers live chat 14 days $58 $29^ $79 (3 users) Yes Yes
Apple Music DJ radio station 1 month $63 $33 $98 (6 users) None None
MOOV Therapeutic music library; exclusive MV of MOOV concert 14 days $68 $24 $79 (3 users) Yes Yes
JOOX Featuring local songs None $48 $23.5@ $66 (3 users) None Yes
YouTube Music Premium Featuring ad-free and offline listening 1 month $58 $28 $88 (5 users) None None
Tidal Featuring high-quality selection

supports the MQA format

30 days $48 (HiFi) $96 (HiFi Plus) $24 (HiFi) $48 (HiFi Plus) $72(HiFi) (6 users)

$144 (HiFi Plus) (6 users)

None None

*Does not include any credit card or telecom offers

^Payment of HK$58 for the first month; after verifying identity, no payment will be charged in the second month; then HK$29 per month

#Highlighted in bold is the best deal option

@Telecom discounts

Which Is the Cheapest Music Platform Monthly Plan? JOOX, MOOV, Tidal, and Apple Music

If you’re just getting the monthly plan with no credit card or telecom special offers, then JOOX, MOOV, and Tidal are cheaper options for music streaming. You can now subscribe to these plans on their websites for HK$48 per month only. While the other 4 music streaming apps will cost you HK$58-HK$63 per month. These 3 streaming platforms are winning the game of low cost.

Joox special deal

What’s more? JOOX has a special deal right now. If you sign up, you can get your first month for HK$8 instead of the usual HK$48. After that, the original price of HK$48 per month applies.

Apple special deal

The big brother Apple has got a new plan as well. It has launched a HK$28/month Apple Music Voice Plan, which is designed to play music by using Siri. You can play music by saying “Hey Siri, start Apple Music Voice” on all Apple devices.

Be aware that it lacks features like downloading music to your library, playing it on other supported devices, supporting Dolby panoramic sound, playing songs in lossless compressed quality, displaying lyrics, viewing friends’ most-favorite songs recently, etc. that are included in personal plans.

Most Affordable Music Streaming for Family Sharing: Tidal

Sharing is caring, right? Getting a family plan and sharing the service with family and friends can be a good deal for everyone. All 7 music streaming apps offer family-sharing discounts. But which one offers the most affordable plan?

Music Streaming Service Monthly Fee Number of People Average Monthly Cost
Tidal (HiFi) HK$72 6 HK$12
Apple Music HK$98 6 HK$16.3
Spotify HK$98 6 HK$16.3
YouTube Music Premium HK$88 5 HK$17.6
KKBOX and MOOV HK$79 1 HK$26.3

The standard quality family plan (HiFi) of Tidal is HK$72 for 6 people to share, with an average monthly cost of only HK$12 per person. Apple Music’s family plan is HK$98 for 6 people to share, with an average monthly cost of only HK$16.3 per person. Spotify’s family plan is $98 for 6 people to share, with an average monthly cost of only HK$16.3 per person. YouTube Music Premium’s Android or website version is HK$88 for 5 people to share, with an average monthly cost of HK$17.6 per person. However, the iOS version is more expensive, with each person needing to pay HK$23.6 per month.

The most expensive of the 5 music streaming family plans is KKBOX and MOOV, with a monthly fee of HK$79 and an average monthly cost of HK$26.3 per person.

MoneySmart Tip: While Apple Music does not specify and can be shared with friends, JOOX, KKBOX, MOOV, Spotify, and YouTube Music Premium all demand that users of sub-accounts reside at the same location as the primary account.

Best Music Streaming Deals for Students: MOOV, Tidal

If you’re a student, the MOOV and Tidal student plans offer the best deal at only HK$24 per month. YouTube Music Premium is also affordable at HK$28 per month, which is cheaper than a lunch! Additionally, KKBOX and Spotify have an average monthly cost of HK$29.

SmarTone Students Special Deal

For SmarTone students, JOOX and KKBOX offer discounts. If you have a 4.5G Full Speed student plan, you can get JOOX and KKBOX at discounted prices of HK$23.5 and HK$24.5 respectively, without any data restrictions.

Music Streaming Service Student Plan Monthly Cost
Tidal HK$24
YouTube Music Premium HK$28
Spotify HK$29
JOOX (SmarTone) HK$23.5
KKBOX (SmarTone) HK$24.5

Music Apps Free Trial: Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube Music

Before deciding which service to use, take advantage of a free trial. Some music streaming services offer free trials, so you to try the features for real before you buy!

Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube Music have the longest trial period of 1 month. The shortest trial is 14 days, offered by KKBOX and MOOV. Unfortunately, JOOX VIP doesn’t have a free trial. Also, Spotify currently has a promotion where you can get 3 months of free service if you subscribe to the personal plan. (Note that this promotion only applies to the personal plan and the duration hasn’t been specified by the official.)

Streaming App Trial Period
Apple Music 1 month
Spotify 1 month
Youtube Music 1 month
KKBOX 14 days
MOOV 14 days
JOOX VIP No trial

MoneySmart Tips: Remember that after the trial, most services will automatically renew and charge you the regular monthly fee. If you don’t want to be charged, make sure to cancel before the trial ends.

Credit Card Special Deals

KKBOX and MOOV offer the best deals for bank credit cards and telecom services. You can enjoy up to 2 months of free service. Check out the details below:

KKBOX Credit Card Discounts: Standard Chartered, HSBC, Hang Seng, Citibank, DBS, BEA

If you are credit card holders of the following, you may enjoy the special offers from KKBox!

KKBOX Credit Card Promotion
Hang Seng, Standard Chartered, HSBC $9.9 for the first 30 days, then $53 per month
Citibank $174 for the first 120 days, then $53 per month
DBS 365-day plan for only $599 (original price: $696)

MOOV Credit Card Discounts: HSBC, Hang Seng, DBS, Citibank, Bank of China, PrimeCredit, BEA, CCB Asia

MOOV Credit Card Promotion
Hang Seng, Standard Chartered, HSBC, DBS, Citibank, BOC, Prime Credit 16 bit FLAC lossless streaming service

12-month contact: $468
Monthly plan: $39

Hang Seng, Standard Chartered, HSBC, DBS, Citibank, BOC, Prime Credit 24 bit FLAC lossless streaming service 12-month contract: $678
Month plan: $56.5
MOOV Other Promotion 
Mox 6-bit lossless music service

12-month contract: $468Monthly Plan: $39/month(Promotion period until December 31, 2023)24-bit FLAC lossless streaming music service12-month contract: $678Monthly Plan: $56.5/month

(Promotion period until December 31, 2023)

5% Rebate Credit Card Offers 

Standard Chartered Smart Card: a 5% Cash Rebate for Music Streaming Apps

With the Standard Chartered Smart Card, you can satisfy your daily shopping needs and enjoy a 5% discount on most of your daily spending. This includes online entertainment services like Netflix, Spotify, KKBox, as well as HKTV mall online shopping. You can also get discounts on Klook’s bookings and at fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s and KFC.

The SCB Smart Card is the perfect card for getting a 5% discount on all your daily spending. Apply now to take advantage of the exclusive limited offer from MoneySmart!

Standard Chartered logo
MoneySmart Exclusive
5% rebate|Waive foreign exchange fee
Cash back on spending at designated stores of HKTVmall
Cash back on local spend
MoneySmart Exclusive Offer
MoneySmart Exclusive:

【Welcome Offer up to HK$3,580 !】From now until 31 May 2024, New Cardholders who successfully apply for Standard Chartered Smart Card now via MoneySmart to get B&W Pi5S2 In-ear True Wireless  earbuds  (value: HK$2,380) or $800 ParkNshop vouchers or $800 Apple store gift card!

【Referral Bliss: Treats for You and Your Loved Ones - Earn Extra HK$100 for Every Referral! 】Unlock extra rewards by referring your friends and family to our fantastic credit card deals! Not only will they enjoy the good deals, but you'll also be rewarded with a referral bonus of 1,000 SmartPoints for each successful application! No cap on the maximum reward amount!

【Smart Card x The Coffee Academics - Blue Monday no more! 】Enjoy Buy-1-Get-1-Free offer of any beverage on HK$45 or below EVERY MONDAY!

Valid until 31 May 2024

DBS Live Fresh Credit Card

DBS logo
MoneySmart Exclusive
Min. Annual Salary
Cash back on Online Overseas spend
Cash Back for Designated Online Transaction
MoneySmart Exclusive:

From now until 31 May 2024, customers who apply for DBS Compass Visa through MoneySmart successfully, can get HK$200 Apple Store Gift Card or HK$200 Klook Gift Card or HK$200 ParknShop Voucher! 

Valid until 31 May 2024

Another card that offers a 5% discount is the DBS Live Fresh Credit Card. By applying for this credit card and selecting your preferred spending category on the DBS Card+ app, you can earn a 5% cashback on your purchases. So, you can choose “online entertainment” as the spending category when you pay for your music app bills and enjoy a 5% cashback!

KKBOX Telecom Discounts: 3HK, SmarTone, and Consumption Voucher Promotion

Here are more promotional offers from KKBOX if you apply from telecom service providers:

KKBOX Telecom Promotion
3HK 2 months of free trial, then $49 per month
SmarTone 12-month contract: $44/month, Monthly plan: $49/month

Frequently Asked Questions: Music Streaming Apps

Are there any free trial periods for music streaming apps?

Yes, several music streaming apps offer free trial periods. Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube Music provide a 1-month free trial, while KKBOX and MOOV offer a 14-day free trial. However, JOOX VIP does not have a free trial option.

Which music streaming app offers the most affordable family plan?

Tidal’s standard quality family plan is the most affordable option, costing HK$72 for 6 people to share. Apple Music and Spotify also offer family plans for HK$98 for 6 people, and YouTube Music Premium’s family plan is HK$88 for 5 people.

What are the cheapest monthly plans for music streaming apps?

JOOX, MOOV, and Tidal offer the cheapest monthly plans at HK$48 per month. Other music streaming apps like Spotify, KKBOX, Apple Music, and YouTube Music Premium range from HK$58 to HK$63 per month.

Are there any special deals for students?

Yes, MOOV and Tidal offer special student plans for HK$24 per month. YouTube Music Premium is also affordable at HK$28 per month. Additionally, KKBOX and Spotify provide student plans with an average monthly cost of HK$29.

Can I enjoy credit card discounts with music streaming apps?

Yes, KKBOX and MOOV offer credit card discounts with various banks, including Standard Chartered, HSBC, Hang Seng, Citibank, DBS, BEA, and more. These discounts can provide up to 2 months of free service or other promotional offers.

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