Standard Chartered Smart Card Review

Standard Chartered Smart Card Review

Introducing the Standard Chartered Smart Card – an essential addition to your wallet for everyday spending. Experience the power of 5% cashback and enjoy the convenience it brings. With no annual fee and irresistible benefits such as 5% cashback on HKTVmall, Klook, Disney+, Netflix, and Spotify, along with a 3-month interest-free installment plan, this card is a game-changer.

Apply for the SC Smart Card through MoneySmart and unlock an exclusive offer.

Read on to discover our expert tips on maximizing the potential of this card!

Standard Chartered Smart Card: Is it worth applying? MoneySmart credit card rating

Is the Standard Chartered Smart Card worth applying? Check out the following MoneySmart credit card rating from our experts:

Standard Chartered Smart Card Review
Overall: ★★★★☆
Best for: Daily spending
Category Our rating Explanation
Earn rates: air miles & cashback ★★★★☆ – Up to 5% cashback on daily spending and entertainment platform– Covers most of the daily spending categories
Earn categories ★★★☆☆
Annual fees and charges ★★★★★ – Permanent no-annual fee
Accessibility ★★★★☆ – The SCB Smart has a low income requirement of HK$96,000 per year
Extras/periphery rewards ★★★☆☆ – No foreign currency conversion fees– 3-month interest-free instalment plan
Welcome offer ★★★★☆ — Standard Chartered Smart Card offers HK$1,200 cashback for spending HK$4,000 in the first month

Table of contents: Standard Chartered Smart Card

Standard Chartered Smart Card welcome offers

The SCB Smart card greets you with a generous welcome! Spend HK$4,000 within the first month of issuance and receive an incredible HK$1,200 cash back directly from the bank. But that’s not all – when you apply for the Smart Card through MoneySmart, you unlock an exclusive MoneySmart reward, adding even more value to this already amazing offer. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to maximize your benefits and enjoy the perks of the SCB Smart card!

Earn HK$1,200 cash rebate with HK$4,000 accumulated spending with SCB Smart Card

From now on until July 3, 2024, new SCB Smart Card customers who successfully apply can enjoy HK$1,200 cash back if you meet the following conditions:

  • If you haven’t held or canceled a SCB Smart card within the past 6 months,
  • Within the first month after card issuance, customers who accumulate eligible retail spending of HK$4,000 or more.

The HK$1,200 cash rebate will be given to new credit card customers who use their card to shop in stores, online, or through installment payments. And the rebate will be added to their “360° Reward” account on their Smart Card within 4 months after getting the card.

MoneySmart Exclusive offer

If you apply the SCB Smart Card through MoneySmart, you can get the following exclusive offer.

Standard Chartered logo
MoneySmart Exclusive
5% rebate|Waive foreign exchange fee
Cash back on spending at designated stores of HKTVmall
Cash back on local spend
MoneySmart Exclusive Offer
MoneySmart Exclusive:

【Welcome Offer up to HK$3,580 !】From now until 31 May 2024, New Cardholders who successfully apply for Standard Chartered Smart Card now via MoneySmart to get B&W Pi5S2 In-ear True Wireless  earbuds  (value: HK$2,380) or $800 ParkNshop vouchers or $800 Apple store gift card!

【Referral Bliss: Treats for You and Your Loved Ones - Earn Extra HK$100 for Every Referral! 】Unlock extra rewards by referring your friends and family to our fantastic credit card deals! Not only will they enjoy the good deals, but you'll also be rewarded with a referral bonus of 1,000 SmartPoints for each successful application! No cap on the maximum reward amount!

【Smart Card x The Coffee Academics - Blue Monday no more! 】Enjoy Buy-1-Get-1-Free offer of any beverage on HK$45 or below EVERY MONDAY!

Valid until 31 May 2024

Standard Chartered Smart Card 5% cashback for daily spending

Standard Chartered Smart Card is known for its 5% cashback for most of the daily spending, covering a wide range of merchants. So you can easily enjoy the cashback with ease.

Enjoy 1 dollar in cashback for every 20 dollars spent (5% cashback) at select merchants without any minimum spending requirement. Plus, until December 31, 2024, you can earn up to HK$3,000 in cash rebates. Even after that, you’ll still receive approximately 0.56% cashback on your purchases.

What are included in the 5% cashback merchants? (HKTV Mall, PARKnSHOP, Klook)

You can enjoy a 5% cashback at the following designated merchants:

Category Merchants
Japanese Convenience Store 759 Store
Convenience Store Circle K Convenience Store
Online Shopping HKTVmall stores and ZALORA
Department Store Japan Home City retail stores and online shops
Event Platform Klook, HK Ticketing
Food Delivery Deliveroo
Restaurant McDonald’s and McDonald’s App, Häagen-Dazs™
Supermarket PARKnSHOP, FUSION, TASTE, INTERNATIONAL, food le parc, GOURMET, GREAT FOOD HALL, EXPRESS, and PARKnSHOP Frozen Food Stores outlets & PARKnSHOP eShop
Personal Care Sa Sa stores, Watsons stores, and online shops
Sports Equipment Decathlon

You will find that most of your daily spending at convenience stores or supermarkets can be covered by the designated merchants. Another highlight of these merchants is Klook, where you can find a wide range of entertainment tickets such as theme park tickets, tours, experience bookings, and even dining coupons. You can find them all here!

5% rebate with video streaming and music streaming services (Disney+, Netflix, and Spotify)

What makes the SCB Smart Card even more special is that the 5% rebate is not limited to grocery shopping; its discount is also available for Disney+, Netflix, and Spotify bills with a Smart Card! This offer also applies to other online video streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Now TV, as well as online music streaming platforms including JOOX, KKBOX, and MOOV.

Wanna know which video streaming platform you need? Check out our blog post about video streaming platforms comparison.

SCB Smart Card 3-month interest-free installment

Consider getting your Air Jordan, but you’re running out of cash? Try the 3-month interest-free installment with SCB Smart Card—you can divide any retail transaction of HK$500 or above into 3 installments without any interest. This instalment is subject to terms and conditions. Information about credit cards is for reference only. For more details, please visit the Standard Chartered Bank website.

Standard Chartered’s “monthly installment” credit card plan deducts HK$1 cash back from your “360° Rewards” for every HK$180 instalment amount, even if the transaction is not eligible for cash back.

Disclaimer: To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow if you can repay.

Tips of using SCB Smart Card

To make the most of the SCB Smart Card, don’t forget to check out the following tips:

Top up E-wallet and Octopus Card top-up with Smart Card: HK$180 spent to HK$1 cash back

Using the Standard Chartered Smart Card to top up e-wallets such as PayMe or Octopus Card, you can also enjoy basic cash back (HK$1 cash back for every HK$180 spent). Please note that top-ups for Alipay or WeChat Pay are not eligible for cash back for the time being, but using the credit card to make payments through these e-wallets can still enjoy basic cash back.

SCB Smart Card has exclusive Visa Signature Privileges

Visa Signature offers attractive dining privileges, with discounts available at various well-known restaurants such as the Royal Park Hotel, the Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel, and the Regal Airport Hotel in Hong Kong exclusively for Visa Signature cardholders. Additionally, Visa Signature cardholders can enjoy Visa Signature Concierge services, which can assist in making restaurant reservations or purchasing event tickets to help plan itineraries with ease.

Standard Chartered Smart Card eligibility and financial fees

Compared to other credit cards, the Standard Chartered Smart Card sets a lower entry requirement of HK$96,000 annual income. Here are the eligibility criteria and financial fees for the Standard Chartered Smart Card:

Standard Chartered Smart Card Eligibility and Financial Fees
Age 18 or above
Minimum Annual Income HK$96,000
Other Information
Octopus Automatic Add-Value HK$150, HK$250, HK$500
Interest-Free Repayment Period Up to 56 days
Minimum Payment Percentage 1%
Minimum Payment Amount HK$220 or total outstanding balance
Late Payment Fee HK$220 – HK$350
Actual Annualized Percentage Rate (APR) for Retail Transactions 35.70%
Actual Annualized Percentage Rate (APR) for Cash Advances 37.13%
Annual Fee Perpetual Annual Fee Waiver

How to apply for a Standard Chartered Smart Card through MoneySmart?

Step 1. Login to your personal MoneySmart account

Step 2. Login with your Google account / Register a new account

Step 3. Turn off ad block, clear the browser cache and cookies.

Before applying for products through MoneySmart’s designated links, remember to complete the following actions:

  • disable your ad blocker
  • clear your browser cache and cookies,
  • do not use “incognito mode,” and
  • disable settings that prevent cross-site tracking (for Safari users) or disable “Do Not Track” (for Chrome users).

Step 4. Go to “Compare Financial Products” on the dashboard

Step 5. Click “Credit Card”, then “Apply Now” on the Standard Chartered Smart Card

Tips: You must apply through MoneySmart’s designated link.

MoneySmart’s exclusive reward offer is only applicable to users who apply through MoneySmart’s link. If you apply through other websites, you will not be eligible for the exclusive offer.

Step 6. Complete the application process

Applicants can log in to the MoneySmart Dashboard to check their eligibility for redemption and reward redemption progress. If you are eligible, you will receive an additional email notification.

Tips: Remember, do not open other websites after clicking the link.

Step 7. After the application, find out the right claim form for your product on the MoneySmart Dashboard

Step 8. Fill in the information in the claim form

After filling the form, the application result will be released within 8-10 weeks.

You can also log in to the MoneySmart Dashboard to view their eligibility for redemption and reward redemption progress. If eligible, applicants will receive an additional email notification. There you go! Now you can sit back and relax, waiting for rewards to come to you!

Frequently asked questions: Standard Chartered Smart Card

What is Standard Chartered cash back?

Cash back can be deemed as a reward point. You can earn them by using your SCB credit card and get a cash rebate through our 360° Rewards Redemption Platform.

Who can apply for the Standard Chartered Smart Card?

As long as you’re 18 or older and have an annual salary over HK$96,000, you’re eligible to apply for the Smart Card.

What is a 360° rewards redemption platform?

To redeem your favorite items with your cash back, simply log in to the 360° Rewards Redemption Platform. You have the option to convert your points to cash or air miles. Please note that you need at least HK$50 in cash back per account to redeem it.

How long do I need to wait to be considered a new customer after canceling my Standard Chartered credit card?

As long as you haven’t held a Standard Chartered credit card in the past 6 months, you will be considered a new customer and eligible for new customer spending offers.

Is there a limit to the 5% CashBack for designated merchants?

The 5% cash back for designated merchants is capped at HK$60,000 in spending per year. After reaching this limit, you can still enjoy 0.56% cash back on your spending.

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