WeWa UnionPay Diamond Card: Top Credit Card for Entertainment

WeWa UnionPay Diamond Card: Top Credit Card for Entertainment

WeWa UnionPay Diamond Card! As its name, “WeWa,” has already suggested, this credit card doesn’t offer you anything that’s not fun! You can get up to 4% cashback for the fun you have locally or overseas! And there are more exclusive fun perks that you couldn’t expect; what are you waiting for? Let’s take a closer look to learn more about the WeWa Card!

WeWa UnionPay Diamond Card: Is it worth applying? MoneySmart credit card rating

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MoneySmart Exclusive
Min. Annual Salary
Local, Overseas and Online Spending via selected mobile payments
Up to 6%
Cash rebate on travel spending and designated spending categories
MoneySmart Exclusive:

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Valid until 31 May 2024
WeWa UnionPay Diamond Card—Is it MoneySmart?
Overall: ★★★★☆
Best for: 💰Cashback💰
Category Our rating Explanation
Earn rates: air miles & cashback ★★★☆☆ – 4% cash rebate on travel spending and designated spending categories
Earn categories ★★★☆☆ – 4 specified categories can be selected: “Travel”, “Cinema”, Karaoke” and “Theme Park”
Annual fees and charges ★★★☆☆ – First 2-year annual fee waiver of HK$1,500
Accessibility ★★★★★ – No annual income requirement
Extras/periphery rewards ★★★★☆ – “Pay with WA! ‧ Win with WA!” rewards
– “12-month Interest-Free Transaction Instalment” via OmyCard App
– Up to HK$1,920 cash rebate with WeWa Credit Card upon spending the designated amount at Chung Yuen Electrical
– 3 times LoungeKey Access (spending over HK$12,000 in 2 consecutive months)
– Limousine service for spending over HK$3,000 with 2 payment bills
Welcome offer ★★★★☆ – Sony Truly Wireless Headphones LinkBuds S or
– Samsung Galaxy Watch4 40mm (Bluetooth) or– B&O Beosound Explore Bluetooth Speaker (Black Anthracite) or–HK$500 Cash Rebate or up to HK$90,000 interest-free and handling fee-free cash instalment Programme

Table of contents: WeWa UnionPay Diamond Card

WeWa UnionPay Diamond Card: Basic information

Feature Details
Minimum Annual Income Requirement HK$0
Annual Fee HK$1,500 (first 2-year waiver)
Interest-Free Repayment Period Up to 53 days
Minimum Repayment Amount (HKD) As low as HK$50
Late Payment Fee Minimum payment due or HK$350
Actual Annual Interest Rate (Retail) 32.79%
Actual Annual Interest Rate (Cash) 35.87%
Foreign Currency Transaction Fee 1.95%

WeWa UnionPay Diamond Card has no annual income requirement. So, everyone can apply for it to enjoy the countless credit card perks. However, note that the credit card has an annual fee of HK$1,500. Just remember to apply for an annual fee waiver when the second year ends. After that, you can always call the hotline for a fee waiver (PrimeCredit card hotline: 2269 8899, press 2>4>5).

WeWa UnionPay Diamond Card: 4% cashback offer

WeWa Card offers quite a decent 4% cashback offer for 4 specified categories:

Spending Categories Popular Merchants Cashback Rate
Travel Agoda, Hotels.com 4%
Cinema MCL, Broadway, and Golden Harvest 4%
Theme Parks Disneyland and Ocean Park 4%
Karaoke Neway and Red MR 4%

By using this card to make purchases at selected merchants in 4 main categories, you can earn up to 4% cashback, which is incredibly valuable!

The 4 categories consist of travel, cinema, theme parks, and karaoke. Each category includes numerous well-known merchants. For travel, you can earn cashback when booking flights with major airlines. For cinema, you can enjoy cashback at MCL, Broadway, Golden Harvest, and more. Theme parks such as Disneyland and Ocean Park are also included. And of course, karaoke lovers like you can earn cashback at Neway and Red MR!

WeWa UnionPay Diamond Card: Other perks

WeWa Club

WeWa Club is a membership programme that offers a wide range of exclusive benefits for its members. As a WeWa card holder, you can easily become a WeWa Club member and start enjoying a variety of exclusive perks!

You can find a range of discounted products, from snacks to discounted travel bookings, available exclusively for WeWa Club members!

  • Free registration
  • Permanently waived membership fee
  • Shopping discounts and priority registration for WeWa Club events

OmyCard App

From September 1, 2023, to February 29, 2024, say hello with a good day every day! Whether it’s before or after making a transaction, play “WA住簽。WA住賞” with the OmyCard mobile app every day, and you’ll win a prize with every play.

Note: Cardholders can participate in either “Reward Before Signature!” or “Reward After Signature!” once per day for eligible retail transactions. If you have already participated in “Reward Before Signature!” on the same day, the chance to participate in “Reward After Signature!” will be automatically cancelled, and vice versa. Each WeWa credit card can participate in “Reward After Signature!” once per day with eligible cash advances.

WeWa UnionPay Diamond Card: Is it good for travelling?

Is the WeWa UnionPay Diamond Card good for overseas travel? Let’s check its cashback rewards and the foreign currency transaction fee!

Category Cashback Foreign Currency Transaction Fee
Overseas spending 4% (travel category) 1.95%

What’s included in the travel category?

Travelling agents, airlines, and local hotels are included. Therefore, for other overseas spending that falls outside the travel category, you can still receive a 0.4% cashback.

1.95% foreign currency transaction fee included

However, when you are travelling and trying to pay your bill with the WeWa UnionPay Diamond Card, keep in mind that the card has a 1.95% foreign currency transaction fee. After deducting the 0.4% cashback earned, the remaining transaction fee is still 1.55%. That is still quite high for a credit card fee. So, it might be a good idea to bring the WeWa card for travelling.

Maximise the WeWa card cashback by booking your trip or airline through travel agents.

It is recommended to use the card for making reservations for your trips through travel agents or airlines to get a 4% rebate without paying any foreign currency transaction fees.

However, if you are looking for a credit card for overseas spending, the Standard Chartered Smart Card can be a good choice because it offers a foreign currency transaction fee waiver.

Interested in learning more? Check out the Smart Card review below!

Enjoy LoungeKey access and limousine service with a specified spending limit

Don’t forget to make the most of the WeWa Card when you have spent a certain limit with the card.

Perks Spending requirement
3 times LoungeKey Access Spend over HK$12,000 in 2 consecutive months
1 time limousine service Spending over HK$3,000 with 2 transactions

LoungeKey access

You can enjoy 3 times LoungeKey Access when you make spending over HK$12,000 in 2 consecutive months. When you have exceeded the complimentary access, you can still enjoy the access for a USD35 fee.

Before entering the lounge, don’t forget to make a reservation on the UnionPay official website!

Limousine service

From now until April 23, 2024, WeWa UnionPay Diamond Cardholders can enjoy a one-time chauffeured airport transfer service for HK$300 per journey by accumulating eligible retail spending of HK$3,000 and conducting no more than two transactions.

The service includes:

  • One-way chauffeured transfer between Hong Kong and Hong Kong International Airport; or between Shanghai downtown and Hongqiao or Pudong Airport; or between Beijing downtown and Beijing Capital International Airport; or cross-border transfer from Hong Kong to Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport.
  • Personal driver and luggage arrangements.
  • The discounted price already includes baggage fees, fuel surcharges, tunnel fees, and bridge tolls.
Contact Information Office Hours
Inquiry and Reservation: 852-2169 0108 / mailto:[email protected] Monday to Sunday, 24 hours

WeWa UnionPay Diamond Card: Welcome offer

The WeWa UnionPay Diamond Card is a well-known credit card that offers a variety of welcome offers. Within the first 90 days of card issuance, by spending a minimum of HK$8,500, cardholders can choose from 3 welcome gifts: a Fitbit ALTA Wristband, a Zeiss VR One Plus headset, or a HK$500 cash rebate. You can also choose a HK$90,000 interest-free and handling fee-free cash installment programme without any spending requirement.

Welcome Offer Spending Requirement
Fitbit ALTA Wristband Spend HK$8,500 on retail purchases within 90 days from the card issuing date
Zeiss VR One Plus headset
HK$500 cash rebate
Up to HK$90,000 interest-free and handling fee-free cash instalment programme No Spending Requirement
HK$200 Cash Rebate (only applicable to full-time university / tertiary students) Spend HK$2,000 on retail purchases within 90 days from the card issuing date

What is a valid transaction for spending requirements?

Valid transactions for the spending requirement amount include:

  • total retail spending (both local and overseas transactions)
  • Octopus Wallet auto-reloading amount
  • online purchase transactions

You can meet the spending requirement through general retail spending, Octopus auto-reloading top-up amounts, and online purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions: WeWa UnionPay Diamond Card

What are the welcome offers for the WeWa UnionPay Diamond Card?

  • New customers who spend a minimum of HK$8,500 on eligible transactions within the first 90 days of card issuance can enjoy 1 of the following welcome offers: Fitbit ALTA Wristband, Zeiss VR One Plus headset, HK$500 cash rebate, or up to HK$90,000 in interest-free and handling fee-free cash installment programme.
  • Full-time university/tertiary students can receive a HK$200 cash rebate by spending a minimum of HK$2,000 on retail purchases with the new card within the first 90 days of card issuance.

How much is the annual fee for the WeWa UnionPay Diamond Card?

  • The annual fee is waived for the first two years, and after that, it is HK$800 per year. You can call customer service to request a fee waiver.
  • Full-time university/tertiary students can enjoy a fee waiver for the first 5 years, and after that, the annual fee is HK$800 per year. You can call customer service to request a fee waiver.

Is there any cashback for Octopus auto-reloading with the WeWa UnionPay Diamond Card?

  • For Octopus auto-reloading, you can earn a HK$1 cash rebate for every HK$250, which is equivalent to a 0.4% cashback.

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