Introducing AEON’s WAKUWAKU Card, with a standout feature: a lucrative 6% cashback on online spending, potentially earning you HK$300 monthly on a HK$5,000 expenditure! Additionally, enjoy 3% cashback on Japanese transactions. With a new card issuance, you can score up to a 16% cash rebate and a HK$400 cash rebate from welcome rewards this season!

AEON CARD WAKUWAKU: Is it worth applying? MoneySmart credit card rating

Overall: ★★★☆
Best for:Online shopping, overseas (Japan) spending, dining, cashback
Category Our rating Explanation
Earn rates: Cashback ★★★★☆
  • Online Spending: 6% Cash Rebate
  • Japan Spending: 3% Cash Rebate
  • Local Food and Beverage
  • Spending: 1% Cash Rebate
  • Other Spending: 0.5% Cash Rebate
Earn categories ★★★
  • Online shopping, overseas (Japan) spending, dining
Annual fees and charges ★★★☆☆
  • AEON does not charge a foreign currency transaction fee, but a 1% fee is imposed by Mastercard
Accessibility ★★★★★
  • No minimum annual salary requirement
Extras/periphery rewards ★★★☆☆
  • 5% credit purchase discount at AEON on “Thanksgiving Days” (2nd & 20th of every month), enjoy more savings all year-round with the “AEON Member Price“
  • 30-minutes Express Card Issuance (Only applicable to those successful card applications through AEON branches or “AEON HK” Mobile App, with card pick up at an AEON branch)
  • No transaction fee is imposed by AEON on foreign currency transactions
  • Permanent Annual Fee Waiver
Welcome offer ★★★☆☆ Welcome Offer up to 16% Cash Rebate + HK$400 Cash Rebate

  • Online Spending to enjoy up to 10% Cash Rebate Eligible Customer is entitled up to 10% cash rebate for online spending up to HK$500, upon credit spending or Interest-Free Card Installment Plan with an amount of HK$8,000 or above within the first 60 days after the card approval and issuance.
  • Specific Categories of Transactions to Enjoy up to HK$200 Cash Rebate Eligible Customer is entitled to HK$50 cash rebate for spending on each of the following specific categories up to HK$200 within the first 60 days after the card approval and issuance:

(i) Octopus Automatic Add Value Service
(ii) Pay rent through Rentsmart, Reap or Keychain Pay platform
(iii) Setup of monthly automatic transfer at merchant
(vi) Any spending in App Store or Google Play

  • Successful Application through “AEON HK” Mobile App to Enjoy Extra HK$200 Cash Rebate

Table of contents: AEON CARD WAKUWAKU

AEON CARD WAKUWAKU: Welcome offer up to 16% cash rebate + HK$400 cash rebate

Dive into the world of savings with up to a 10% cash rebate on online spending, making every click count up to HK$500. Be the smart spender enjoying specific categories like the Octopus Automatic Add Value Service, covering rent payments, automatic transfers, and even splurges in the App Store or Google Play, earning you up to HK$200 cash rebates. And guess what? If you successfully apply through the “AEON HK” mobile app, there’s an extra treat waiting – an additional HK$200 cash rebate! Your wallet’s new best friend is just an application away!

AEON CARD WAKUWAKU: Annual income requirement

AEON CARD WAKUWAKU opens its doors to everyone, setting an inviting tone with no minimum annual salary required. It’s for everyone!

AEON CARD WAKUWAKU: High % cash rebate on daily spending

Indulge your taste buds and save with the AEON CARD WAKUWAKU! Get a fantastic 6% cash rebate on online food deliveries, perfect for foodies, night owls, and those who skip lunch. Enjoy a 1% cash rebate on local F&B spending. If you’re an online shopping pro, you’re in for a treat – a delightful 6% cash rebate all year round! Planning a trip to Japan? Score a generous 3% cash rebate on your spending. What’s more, there’s no markup fee on foreign currency transactions. It’s the card that turns every dollar into a delightful reward!

Reward Program update: Offer WAKU COIN instead of cash rebate start from July 2024

Starting from statement date in July 2024, WAKU COIN  ($1 WAKU COIN = HK$1 cash rebate) will be offered instead of cash rebate and will be posted in the relevant Credit Card monthly statement. You can conduct the redemption through “AEON HK” Mobile App after the WAKU COIN is credited to your account and redemption is subject to the options available.

AEON will update the redemption option from time to time. You can refer to the relevant redemption page of AEON’s website for the latest redemption options and details.

The Earliest Statement date The posting date of Eligible Transaction(s)
2nd July 2024 From 3rd June 2024 onwards
12th July 2024 From 13th June 2024 onwards
22nd July 2024 From 23rd June 2024 onwards

Redemption Option

WAKU COIN Cash Rebate
$10 $10
$1,800 $1,850
$4,500 $4,650

AEON CARD WAKUWAKU: Fees and charges

Annual Principal Fee:

Say goodbye to annual principal fees with the AEON CARD WAKUWAKU! Enjoy a perpetual annual fee, meaning no worries about extra charges weighing down your wallet.

Supplementary Annual Fee:

Keep it simple – the AEON CARD WAKUWAKU doesn’t bother with supplementary annual fees. Your card, your terms.

Fee Waiver:

Here’s the bonus: yes, there’s a permanent annual fee waiver! There is no need to stress about annual fees for the foreseeable future. Embrace the financial freedom that comes with AEON CARD WAKUWAKU.

Foreign Currency Transaction Fee:

Score! AEON won’t slap you with foreign currency transaction fees. It’s a win-win for globetrotters and online shoppers alike. Just note that there’s a 1% transaction fee imposed by Mastercard, but we’ve got your back on the rest.

AEON CARD WAKUWAKU: Basic information

Feature  Details
Annual principal fee  Permanent annual fee waiver
Supplementary annual fee  N/A
Fee Waiver  Yes
Interest Free Period  Up to 52 days. The period is not applicable to cash advance
Annual Interest Rate Credit Purchase: 35.02% ; Cash Advance: 35.86%
Late Payment Fees The amount of minimum payment due or HK$300, whichever is the lower
Minimum Monthly Repayment 1% of statement balance or HK$100, whichever is higher
Foreign Currency Transaction Fee No transaction fee is imposed by AEON on foreign currency transactions. 1% transaction fee is imposed by Mastercard
Cash Advance Transaction Fee 3% on CA amount per transaction, or HK$100 per transaction, whichever is higher
Overlimit Fee HK$120 per month

Final verdict: Should you apply for an AEON CARD WAKUWAKU?

Dive into a cashback extravaganza by reaping a fantastic 6% cashback on online spending or food delivery platforms, enjoying monthly promotional discounts of 5% at Aeon Store, and receiving a delightful 3% cashback plus waiving overseas transaction fees on every penny spent during your Japanese trips! With perks like ‘AEON Member Price,’ a lifetime fee waiver, and no annual income requirement, this card is a must for students and homemakers.

Frequently asked questions: AEON CARD WAKUWAKU

Does AEON CARD WAKUWAKU have an annual fee?

No, this card has a perpetual annual fee waiver! New customers can confidently apply and earn welcome rewards!

How is a new customer defined?

This AEON welcome offer and additional rewards for successful applications through this website are limited to new credit card customers who have not held any valid AEON credit cards (including unconfirmed credit cards) within the past 12 months.

Do electronic wallet transactions qualify for the welcome offer?

No, electronic wallet transactions are not eligible for the welcome offer. According to the credit card’s terms and conditions, qualified transactions exclude electronic wallet top-ups and transfers, including AlipayHK, PayMe, TNG, WeChat Pay HK, and credit card transactions made with an electronic wallet.

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