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Hey there! We all know grocery shopping is a part of our lives, right? Well, why not make the most out of your supermarket expenses and rack up those credit card cash rewards while you’re at it? 🛒💳 Check out this list of the best “supermarket credit cards” that’ll give you some extra cash back! Cha-ching! 💸💥

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Supermarket credit cards overview

What is a supermarket credit card? Supermarket means those credit cards have a earning cashback or miles when it comes to supermarket purchase.

Here is a list of the popular supermarket credit cards:

Supermarket Shopping Credit Card Overview
Standard Chartered Smart Card HK$1 cashback for every HK$20 spent (5% cashback) on designated shops
Citi Rewards Card HK$3/mile or Enjoy 5X Points for all wallet transactions
DBS Compass Visa InstaRedeem 10% off on local supermarkets (ParknShop, Watsons) Taobao and Tmall every Wednesday

Air Miles (Local) = HK$10 / Mile

HSBC Visa Signature Card HK$2.78/mile or 3.6% rebates
Hang Seng enJoy Card 200 points = HK$1

Wellcome and Market Place by Jasons offer a 8% discount on credit card payments (for purchases over HK$100) on the 3rd, 13th, and 23rd of each month.

Mox Credit Mox Credit is now offering a special 3% cashback for supermarket purchase, including Wellcome, PARKnSHOP, TASTE, M&S and more.

Standard Chartered Smart Card: 5% cashback on designated shops

Standard Chartered logo
MoneySmart Exclusive
5% rebate|Waive foreign exchange fee
Cash back on spending at designated stores of HKTVmall
Cash back on local spend
MoneySmart Exclusive Offer
MoneySmart Exclusive:

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Valid until 31 May 2024

Standard Chartered Smart Card offers a 5% cashback for every HK$20 spent at designated merchants, including PARKnSHOP, TASTE, FUSION, TASTE, INTERNATIONAL, food le parc, GOURMET, GREAT FOOD HALL, VanGO, and PARKnSHOP Frozen Foods, 759 Store, Watsons, and Circle K.

The card offers a permanent waiver of annual fees, as well as no foreign transaction fees, no cross-border HKD transaction fees, and no cash advance service fees. Cardholders can also enjoy a three-month interest-free installment for any retail spending above HK$500.

That’s one of the top players among supermarket credit cards!

Citi Rewards Credit Card: 5X points all year round

Citibank logo
5x Points on contactless transactions
Minimum Income Requirements
Wallet transactions(Apple Pay、 Google Pay and Samsung Pay)
5X Points
Miles Conversion (local spend)
$3 = 1 Mile

Note that the card requires an annual income of HK$360,000 or assets worth HK$400,000 to apply, but the cash rewards are still tempting.

DBS Compass Visa: 8% discounts at PARKnSHOP on selected dates

DBS logo
MoneySmart Exclusive
Up to 10% rebate on local supermarkets
Min. Annual Salary
Cash back on designated local spend
Miles Conversion (local spend)
HK$10 = 1 Mile
MoneySmart Exclusive:

From now until 31 May 2024, customers who apply for DBS Compass Visa through MoneySmart successfully, can get HK$200 Apple Store Gift Card or HK$200 Klook Gift Card or HK$200 ParknShop Voucher! 

Valid until 31 May 2024

Good news to all PARKnSHOP and Watsons fans! With your DBS Compass Visa, you could enjoy 10% off with single purchases $100 or above in PARKnSHOP, Watsons on every Wednesday.

HSBC Visa Signature Card: Supermarket shopping gets extra 5X RewardCash

HSBC logo
Bank Promo
Min. Annual Salary
RewardCash Rebate
Up to 3.6%
Miles Conversion (local spend)
HK$2.78 = 1 Mile

Starting now until December 31, 2023, if you choose the “Rewards of Your Choice” in the “Home” section, you’ll get 6 times the “reward money” when you buy from specific stores like Watsons and Mannings.

If you have a Visa Signature card and choose the “Rewards of Your Choice” category, you’ll get an extra 3 times the reward money, which makes a total of 9 times the reward money. This is equivalent to getting a 3.6% cashback.

Additionally, if you shop online or use foreign currency, you’ll get an extra 5 times the “reward money” throughout the year. But, please note that this card has a higher requirement for application. You must have an annual income of HK$360,000 or show proof of assets worth HK$400,000.

Mox Credit: 3% uncapped cashback for supermarket purchase

Mox Credit now provides an exclusive 3% uncapped cashback on all supermarket transactions. Take advantage of this offer and enjoy cashback benefits at various partner merchants.

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