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Best Contactless Payment Credit Cards in Hong Kong (2019.06 Updates)

More and more merchants are accepting contactless payment nowadays, including Visa payWave, Mastercard Contactless, UnionPay QuickPass; and mobile payments such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay as well. These merchants come from different categories ranging from supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, restaurants, fast food shops, food markets, boutiques, beauty and personal care retailers to cinemas that basically take care of our daily lives. So why not pick a contactless credit card and enjoy its benefits in your everyday shopping!

Below are 3 Best “Tap-and-Go” Cards Recommended by MoneySmart HK:

Credit Card Reward
BOC i-card HK$1.5=1 Asia Miles
4% rebates
BOC Dual Currency Card 4% rebates
CCB (Asia) eye Credit Card HK$3=1 Asia Miles
2% rebates

BOC i-card: Earn 10X Reward Gift Points and redeem for Miles (HK$1.5=1 Asia Miles)

Contactless Payment

BOC i-card offers relatively lower rebates, which unfortunately, a fact we can’t deny. But you could improve your return with this card by paying with mobile apps. Earn 10X, or 10,000 Reward Gift Points at maximum per month; by using Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, WeChat Pay and other forms of contactless payment. To put it in another way, you could enjoy a favorable rate of HK$1.5=1 Asia Miles or 4% rebates with a monthly spending of HK$1,112 or above.


  • 10X Reward Gift Points for online transactions
  • HK$500/HK$200 Free Spending Credit or 80,000 Reward Gift Points as welcoming gifts
  • Permanent annual fee waiver for primary and supplementary cards
  • Open to tertiary students
  • Visit here to apply!

BOC Dual Currency Card: 4% rebates with UnionPay QuickPass

Contactless Payment
Do you always travel between Hong Kong and Mainland China but still feel a bit hesitant about using Alipay? BOC Dual Currency Card sounds like a promising alternative for you! Enjoy 4% rebates by paying with UnionPay QuickPass within this year. You could earn a maximum of HK$100 rebates per month with monthly spending of HK$2,500 or above. Although UnionPay QuickPass is not as prevalent as Visa payWave or Mastercard Contactless in Hong Kong, it is widely accepted by restaurant groups, convenient stores, and supermarket chains.


  • Tap-and-Go to ride the Guangzhou Metro
  • “DiDi” App and “Ctrip” App for purchasing high-speed train tickets accept Apple Pay
  • 3 times complimentary access to Hong Kong International Airport and Macau International Airport Plaza Premium Lounge per year (booking required)
  • No handling fee for overseas and local transactions
  • Permanent annual fee waiver for primary and supplementary cards

CCB (Asia) eye Credit Card: Higher point limit (5X)

Contactless Payment

5X bonus points might not sound as appealing as the 10X Reward Gift Points that come with the BOC i-card. But things might appear differently if you take the points cap into consideration as well. eye Credit Card has a much higher cap than that of the i-card. Therefore, why not enjoy the benefits to the fullest by using your eye Credit Card as an alternative when you have reached the point limit of your i-card? With the eye Credit Card, you could earn 300,000 points at maximum per year, or 25,000 points per month with monthly spending of HK$6,250. Noted that the cap we referred to works for both the contactless payment and online payment.


  • 5X bonus points for online transactions
  • Customized card face design upon application
  • 2X bonus points for overseas and travel spending by joining Instant Travel Club

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