Hong Kong eTax Account Application Guide

Hong Kong eTax Account Application Guide

Whether you are an employed professional or new to the workforce, there are often many questions during the annual tax filing season in May. Using the online tax filing platform “eTax” makes life so much easier. Filling in tax forms has become more efficient, allowing you to complete up to 20 pages of tax information in a short time. Moreover, “eTax” gets you an extra one-month tax payment extension automatically. Here is the blog post you will learn more about “eTax” and how to apply for an electronic tax filing account.

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What is eTax?

The Inland Revenue Department introduced online tax filing services in 2000. However, not many people started using it. In 2008, the department improved the online tax system called “eTax” and the system aims to provide tailored services for taxpayers.

What can you do with eTax?

Users can use eTax to file taxes, calculate taxes, get electronic tax bills, pay taxes, view tax forms online, check their personal tax records, and get in touch with the tax department.

How can you apply for eTax?

Before using these services, you will need to apply for an eTax password using your identity card number and tax file number (apply on the eTax password application website). Within 2 working days, the tax department will send an activation password to your registered address. Follow the instructions in the letter to enter the activation password, your tax file number, and your identity card number to log in to your eTax account and set up your assigned tax file number (note that this cannot be changed in the future).

Who is eligible for online tax filing?

For employed taxpayers, please be aware that you are not eligible if you have:

  • Requested full or partial exemption of salary tax payment
  • Submitted an application for advance ruling on tax matters to the tax department in the tax year
  • Applied for any double taxation relief under section 49(1) or 49(1A) of the Inland Revenue Ordinance in the tax year

eTax login procedures

Step 1) To start using eTax GovHK, go to: https://www.gov.hk/en/residents/taxes/etax/information/index.htm, then click “Login eTax now”.a capture of govhk eTAX login page

Step 2) You would need the Taxpayer Identification Number and eTax Password. For new users of the eTax account for filing taxes electronically, before you can proceed to the first login step, you must enter your tax file number and the activation password that you received.

a capture of the eTAX account login page

Where to find the TIN number? 

You can find the TIN number on your Tax Return – Individual.a tax return capture with a circle with TIN number.

Step 3) Once you have login, you will be directed to the terms and conditions page. Read the terms and conditions before moving in.

Step 4) Set a new tax file number and a new password.

Step 5) Set password hints, communication preferences, and enter contact information to create your account.

Step 6) Verify the entered information.

Step 7) Confirm the entered information, complete the registration, and access eTax.

What can you do with eTax online account services?

Once you have signed up for an eTax account, you can utilize various features and services to manage your tax matters. Here are some commonly used services

  • User Information: Amend personal information.
  • Online Services: Change login password, pay tax bills online, and access and view tax forms submitted within the last 3 years. You can also find links to printable tax forms and review previously submitted tax forms online.
  • Tax Position: View tax returns and estimate the amount of salary tax owed for the tax year before submission and plan accordingly.
  • Message Box: Access all official messages.

Frequently asked questions: eTax

What is eTax?

eTax is an online tax platform provided by the tax authority. It allows taxpayers to file taxes, assess taxes, receive electronic tax bills, make tax payments, view online tax forms, and communicate with the tax authority.

How do I apply for an eTax account?

To apply for an eTax account, you need to visit the eTax website (https://www.gov.hk/en/residents/taxes/etax/information/index.htm) and follow the registration process. You will need your tax identification number and activation password, which will be sent to you by mail. Once you have activated your account, you can set up your login credentials and start using eTax.

What services are available on the eTax platform?

The eTax platform provides various services, including accessing and submitting tax forms, checking tax bills, making online payments, estimating tax amounts, requesting amendments to assessments, and accessing official messages and notifications.

Can I access previous tax forms using eTax?

Yes, eTax allows you to access and view tax forms submitted within the last 3 years. You can also download printable versions of these forms if needed.

Is eTax available for all taxpayers?

eTax is generally available for taxpayers who do not have any specific circumstances that prevent them from using the online tax platform. However, certain eligibility criteria may apply, such as not having applied for income tax exemptions or having any pending tax issues with the tax authority.

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