Vehicle Licence Renewal in Hong Kong: Fee Overview, Renewal Procedure, and Required Documents (2023 Apr Updated)

Vehicle Licence Renewal in Hong Kong: Fee Overview, Renewal Procedure, and Required Documents (2023 Apr Updated)

Is it time to have your vehicle licence renewed? Do you know how much the vehicle licence renewal fee is? Also, do you know the difference between renewal fees for private cars and electric cars? Additionally, are the validity periods for each type of license the same?

Hmm…Mama Mia! That’s a lot to handle, but don’t let them sweat you.

To save you from the hassles and give you more time to drive, MoneySmart has put together a guide that covers the application process for different vehicle licenses, an overview of car licence renewal fees, and the necessary renewal procedures and documents required. Let’s dive into it!

Vehicle Licence Renewal Fees Overview in Hong Kong

It’s against the law to drive a car on Hong Kong’s roads unless it’s registered and licensed. Car owners only need to register their cars once, but they must renew their license 4 months before it expires.

There are two types of licenses: annual and 4-month, and the license fee for private cars is based on the engine’s cylinder capacity, such as 1,500cc, 2,500cc, and so on, whereas the price for electric cars is based on their unladen weight.

For car owners to calculate their vehicle licence renewal fee, the adjusted annual vehicle licence fees for 1 year and 4 months are listed in the table below.

Private Car Licence Renewal Fee: Petrol

Private Car Licence Fee: Petrol    
Cylinder capacity of the engine Annual Licence Fee 4-month Licence Fee
<1,500cc HK$5,074 HK$1,804
<2,500cc HK$7,498 HK$2,653
<3,500cc HK$9,929 HK$3,504
<4,500cc HK$12,360 HK$4,355
>4,500cc HK$14,694 HK$5,171

Private Car Licence Renewal Fee: Light Diesel

Private Car Licence Fee: Light Diesel    
Cylinder capacity of the engine Annual Licence Fee 4-month Licence Fee
<1,500cc HK$6,972 HK$2,469
<2,500cc HK$9,396 HK$3,317
<3,500cc HK$11,827 HK$4,168
<4,500cc HK$14,258 HK$5,019
>4,500cc HK$16,592 HK$5,836

Van-typed Light Goods Vehicle Renewal Licence Fee

Goods Vehicle & Special Purpose Vehicle    
Permitted Gross Vehicle Weight Annual Licence Fee 4-month Licence Fee
< 1.9 tonnes HK$2,229 HK$809
> 1.9 tonnes HK$4,254 HK$1,517

Electric Car Licence Renewal Fee

Electrically Powered Passenger Vehicle    
Unladen Weight of the Vehicle Annual Licence Fee 4-month Licence Fee
< 1 tonne HK$572 HK$30 + 35% of Annual Licence Fee
> 1,500kg HK$124 HK$30 + 35% of Annual Licence Fee

How to Renew a Vehicle Licence

All private cars and light goods vehicles (LGVs) weighing 1.9 tonnes or less and licensed for at least 6 years must pass an inspection every year. You can renew your car license only if you pass the inspection. You don’t have to wait until it expires to renew it—you can renew your license up to 4 months before the due date.

It shouldn’t take you much time to renew your car licence as the procedures are quite simple. Here is an overview of how to renew a car licence.

When to apply for vehicle license renewal?

First things first, you should always renew your car license before it expires. Remember to check your license from time to time. (It’s much faster to apply for the top all over again, just have a peek!)

You may apply for renewal starting 4 months before the expiration date of your current vehicle license. A vehicle license is valid for either 12 months or 4 months.

How to apply for a car license renewal?

There are several ways to renew your car license, including online, in-person at a service counter, through drop-in boxes at Licensing Offices, or by postal mail.

Vehicle License Renewal: Online Application (iAM Smart account and digital certificate required)

If you choose to renew online, you will need an ‘iAM Smart’ account with the digital signing function activated or a valid digital certificate. This is the easiest way to renew your license without having to queue at the office.

Renew Your Vehicle License with the “iAM Smart+” App

The “iAM Smart+” app from the government now offers a digital signature that allows car owners to renew their car license without the need to wait in line in person.

Here’s how to activate the “iAM Smart+” mobile app’s digital signing function:

  1. Download the “iAM Smart+” app and bring your HKID card to a post office to activate the digital signing function at a self-registration kiosk or registration service counter.
  2. Scan the QR code with the “iAM Smart+” app.
  3. Present your HKID card to the staff or insert the card into the slot on the kiosk for identity authentication.
  4. Set up your mobile phone’s biometric unlock authentication, 6-digit password, verification email address, etc.
  5. After completing the above steps, you can now use the “iAM Smart+” app to apply for different government online services, including online license renewal.

Vehicle License Renewal: Licensing Office Submission

You may submit at a service counter at a Licensing Office, either walk-in or by making an online appointment. Also, you can opt for the drop-in boxes at Licensing Offices. Woohoo, no more waiting!

You may make an appointment to renew the car licence at the nearest licensing office through an online appointment or via the 24-hour phone hotline 3763 8080.

Vehicle License Renewal: Postal Submission

If you prefer to submit your application by mail, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Get an application form.
  2. You can get the form from Home Affairs Department Enquiry Centers, post offices, Transport Department Licensing Offices, the Transport Department’s website (TD558), or through the Transport Department Customer Service Hotline (2804 2600) fax-on-demand service.
  3. Fill out the application form.
  4. Mail the application form, along with the required supporting documents and the correct fee, to the Licensing Office.

Here is the postal address:

Transport Department, ‘Renewal of Vehicle Licence’

Shatin Central Post Office

P.O. Box No. 79

If everything is okay with your application, the Transport Department will send you the necessary licensing document by registered mail within 10 working days of receiving your application.

Vehicle Licence Renewal: What Documents Are Required?

To renew your car licence, you need to submit:

  • An application form (Form TD558)
  • Your identity document (original or photocopy)
  • A valid Third Party Risks Insurance Policy or Cover Note in your name (original or photocopy)
  • The Vehicle Registration Document (original)
  • Proof of your current address (original or photocopy) issued within the last 3 months
  • A certificate of roadworthiness or fitness (original)

Applicable to private cars manufactured at least 6 years before the date when they will be licensed, as well as all goods and commercial vehicles.

Requirement of Proof of Address

When you apply for a license, you need to give the Transport Department a document that proves your address. This document has to be issued in the last 3 months, and it can be an original or a copy.

There are different kinds of documents that are acceptable as proof of address, such as a bill, statement, or other document.

  • an original or a copy
  • This document must show your name and address
  • the name of the organization that issued it, and
  • the issue date (issued within 3 months)

You can give the Transport Department a photocopy, facsimile, or digital version of this document, such as one from your mobile phone or computer.

How to pay the Vehicle Licence Fee?

Payment Method

  • Online application: Credit card, UnionPay, or PPS
  • Using a licensing office counter: Cash, FPS, EPS, or crossed cheque (payable to ‘The Government of the HKSAR’)
  • Postal application: Crossed cheque (payable to ‘The Government of the HKSAR’)

Vehicle License Fee: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the types of driving licence in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, drivers can obtain one of three types of licenses: a learner’s license, a provisional license, or a full license. And that’s different from a vehicle license.

How much is the annual vehicle license fee in Hong Kong?

That depends on the type of car. In general, Vehicle Licence Fee varies from HK$5,000 to HK$14,000 (Please refer to Fee Schedule TD341).

How long does a HK vehicle license last?

Your vehicle licence remains valid for either 12 months or 4 months.

What to do if a Car Licence Has Expired?

If you renew your vehicle licence after it has expired, your new licence will be valid from the day it’s issued. You’ll need to pay an extra fee for the time between when your old licence expired and when your new one starts. If you didn’t use the vehicle during this time, you can apply to waive the extra fee by filling out Form TD558 at a Licensing Office or online.

To calculate the additional fee for an unlicensed period after a licence has expired, multiply the Annual Licence Fee (excluding Traffic Accident Victims Assistance Fund Levy HK$114) by 0.33% and the number of days of the unlicensed period.

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