Hang Seng MMPOWER World Mastercard Review: 5% Online Shopping & 5.4% +FUN Dollars Rebate

Hang Seng MMPOWER World Mastercard Review: 5% Online Shopping & 5.4% +FUN Dollars Rebate

Being known as one of the best cards for daily spending, the Hang Seng MMPOWER Mastercard has taken the stage since its rebranding. The card sets itself apart from other cashback credit cards with a 5% cash rebate for online shopping and a 5.4% +FUN Dollars rebate for selected spending categories. Plus, it offers special movie offers from MLC, concerts and events, and more World Mastercard privileges to cover.

We’ll review this card and also cover the tricks of making the most of it, including the maximum rebate on Fun Dollars you can get and the merchant categories, so you’ll be assured to be told everything you need to know to make the most of this Hang Seng MMPOWER Mastercard.

Hang Seng MMPOWER World Mastercard: Is it worth applying? MoneySmart credit card rating

Hang Seng Bank logo
Get 5% +FUN dollars on designated spending
Annual fee
Perpetual annual fee waiver
+FUN Dollars rebate on selected spending categories
+FUN Dollars rebate on online retail transaction
Hang Seng MMPOWER World Mastercard—Is it MoneySmart?
Overall: ★★★★☆
Best for: Cashback
Category Our rating Explanation
Earn rates: air miles & cashback ★★★★☆ – 5.4% +FUN Dollars rebate for designated spending categories
– 5% +FUN Dollars rebate for online spending
– Air miles rewards not available
Earn categories ★★★★☆ – Online shopping
– Plus 2 out of 5 spending categories can be selected
Annual fees and charges ★★★★★ – Annual fees waived permanently
Accessibility ★★★☆☆ – Require an annual income of HK$150,000, which is a threshold that many can reach.
Extras/periphery rewards ★★☆☆☆ – MCL movies perks
– World Mastercard privileges
Welcome offer ★★☆☆☆ – HK$700 / 10 MCL cinemas e-Gift vouchers.
– with a spending requirement of HK$5,000 within 1 month after the card issuance.

Table of contents: Hang Seng MMPOWER World Mastercard

Hang Seng MMPOWER World Mastercard welcome offers

If you successfully apply for the Hang Seng MMPOWER Mastercard during the promotion period and make transactions totaling HK$5,000 or more within 60 days from the date of card issuance, you will be eligible for one of the welcome offers listed in the table below:

Customer Type Welcome Gift
New Credit Card Customers 10 MCL Cinemas 2D e-Gift Vouchers; or $700 +FUN Dollars (apart from the basic +FUN Dollars rebate)
Existing Credit Card Customers 5 MCL Cinemas 2D e-Gift Vouchers; or $300 +FUN Dollars (apart from the basic +FUN Dollars rebate)

Hang Seng MMPOWER World Mastercard: 5% online shopping & 5.4% designated spending +FUN Dollars Rebate

As mentioned before, Hang Seng MMPOWER Mastercard offers 5% online shopping & 5.4% designated spending +FUN Dollars rebate and there’s more perks for moviegoers.

Hang Seng MMPOWER Mastercard Basic Information
Annual Income Requirement HK$150,000 or above
Annual Fee Permanent waiver
Features • 5% cash rebate for online shopping and 5.4% rebate for selected spending categories
• Everyday +FUN Dollars limited-time offer
• Priority ticketing for concerts
• MCL cinema discount offers

Hang Seng MMPOWER World Mastercard cash rebate: +FUN Dollars

Hang Seng MMPOWER Mastercard offers a form of cash rebate known as +FUN Dollars, and the percentage rebate varies for different categories. Here is a short overview of the cash rebate:

  • Basic Spending: Earn a 0.4% cash rebate.
  • Online Spending: Get a 5% cash rebate, up to HK$17,391 spending per month.
  • Designated Spending: Enjoy a 5.4% cash rebate, up to HK$16,000 spending per month. (Please note that there is a 1.95% handling fee for overseas spending.)
Spending Category Rebate Monthly Reward Cap Maximum Eligible Monthly Spending
Basic Spending 0.4% cash rebate Unlimited
Online Spending 5% cash rebate* $800 +FUN Dollars HK$17,391
Designated Spending 5.4% cash rebate $800 +FUN Dollars HK$16,000

*5% = 4.6% for online spending + 0.4% basic cash spending

MMPOWER Mastercard: 5% rebate on online shopping including both local and overseas shopping

Hang Seng MMPOWER credit card has a 5% rebate on all forms of online shopping, and that includes both local and overseas online shopping.

Spending Category Rebate Monthly Reward Cap Maximum Eligible Monthly Spending
Online Shopping Spending (Local/Overseas) 5% $800 +FUN Dollars HK$16,000

MMPOWER Mastercard: 5.4% rebate on designated spending categories

Spending Category Monthly Reward Cap Maximum Eligible Monthly Spending Rebate
Local Spending: Designated spending (Mobile Payment, Dining, Travel and foreign currency, Electronics, Entertainment) $800 +FUN Dollars HK$16,000 5% +FUN Dollars Rebate
Local Spending: Other spending Unlimited Unlimited 0.4% +FUN Dollars Rebate
Total Rebate 5.4% +FUN Dollars Rebate

From June 1 to December 31, 2023, unlock the power of Everyday +FUN Dollars! Register your preferred spending categories successfully and you can enjoy a delightful 5% +FUN Dollars. Those categories include:

  • Mobile Payment
  • Dining
  • Travel and foreign currency
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment

You can register your preferred spending categories here. Note that the “+FUN Dollars” selected spending category cannot be changed or canceled once registered, so be careful when selecting.

Mobile Payment: UnionPay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay

Mobile Payment includes transactions settled by mobile payment services (i.e. UnionPay, Apply Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay) with your MMPOWER card that has been successfully added for mobile payment.

Note that if the mobile payment is conducted online, then the transaction will only be considered an eligible online retail transaction, and you won’t get the reward from the mobile payment. For example, if you use Apple Pay for in-app purchases, the +FUN Dollars earned will be counted as online shopping and will not be counted separately for mobile payments.

Here is more information about how to set up your mobile payment.


The dining category includes eligible retail transactions made at all dining outlets.

However, online retail transactions, banquet services, and transactions made at private parties, functions, or private room events are excluded, as are dining outlets in hotels, department stores, associations, and clubhouses.

Travel and foreign currency: Hotels, airlines, travel agencies

Travel and foreign currency includes eligible retail transactions of local travel merchants in Hong Kong Dollar and overseas retail spending in foreign currencies. That means as long as you pay in foreign currencies, you’re eligible to get a 5% rebate.

Entertainment: Video and music streaming platforms, local cinemas, theme parks, Cityline ticket

Entertainment spending includes eligible retail transactions made at local entertainment outlets, such as local cinema, Netflix, Disney+ or Ocean Park or Disneyland.

Maximum monthly spending cap of HK$16,000

The +FUN Dollars rebate for MMPOWER World Mastercard has a monthly cap of $800. If you spend over HK$16,000 per month, you may reach the maximum limit ($800 ÷ 5% = HK$16,000), and you will not earn any more +FUN Dollars for subsequent transactions. However, this limit should be sufficient for everyday spending while earning rebates.

Hang Seng MMPOWER World Mastercard cash rebate: +FUN Dollars

What are +FUN Dollars?

+FUN Dollars is a form of cash rebate that you can instantly use as cash at over 7,400 designated merchant outlets across Hong Kong or you can also use it to repay for your credit bill. (Literally a real cash rebate with no restrictions!)

+FUN Dollars designated merchants

You can find loads of popular merchants in the merchants list. It covers from dining, traveling, home appliance, department stores, heath & beauty, apparel.

Here is a table of some eligible merchants:

Category Merchants
Gourmet Pizza Hut, arome, sen-ryo, DonDonYa, Starbucks, Pacific Coffee, Cova
Home Appliance Broadway, OTO, Fortress, OSIM, SUNING, CityLINK, WILSON, German Pool
Department Stores SOGO, Wing On, YATA
Health & Beauty Bioderma, GNC, VitaGreen
Apparel Clanks, ARTE, BSX, Mirabell, MaBelle

For more details, you can find more about the eligible merchants here.

When will +FUN Dollars be added into statement after eligible spending is made?

Eligible retail transactions will be posted to the relevant eligible credit card account within 15 days of the calendar month to qualify for the reward. This reward will count towards the monthly reward cap for that month.

MMPOWER credit card movie perks: MLC movies offers

Experience hassle-free online ticketing at MCL Cinemas, indulge in a fun movie night with the exciting offer of exchanging movie tickets for a minimal amount of +FUN Dollars, and enjoy discounted rates and a free popcorn when purchasing regular-priced movie tickets.

  • Enjoy the convenience of fee-free online ticketing at MCL Cinemas.
  • Exchange 1 movie ticket with just $1 +FUN Dollars on the last Friday of every month.
  • Get a 10% discount and a complimentary small popcorn when purchasing regular-priced movie tickets.

MMPOWER Mastercard concerts and events priority reservation

Being able to purchase concert tickets with priority using your credit card is the major attraction for many people when applying for a credit card. In this regard, Hang Seng is also striving to make its mark. Holders of the Hang Seng MMPOWER or other Hang Seng Mastercards can enjoy a range of benefits, including priority ticket purchases for concerts, such as SPACE MUSIC FESTIVAL, Smash The House and The Nextwave, etc.

World Mastercard exclusive perks

As a World Mastercard, it offers the following exclusive perks:

  • Mastercard Travel Rewards: Experience the joy of travel with Mastercard Travel Rewards! Discover exclusive offers and earn cash rewards when you use your eligible Mastercard. From unique experiences to additional savings, it takes you further than ever before.
  • Concierge service: Enjoy top-notch traveling experience with World Mastercard and enjoy more rewards at the same time.

Things to consider before applying

Before applying, please double-check your eligibility for the welcome offer. Here are some common situations that some may overlook:

  • Existing credit card customers who have held the same credit card category within the past 12 months will not be eligible for any welcome offer.
  • If a customer cancels the credit card account within 13 months of account opening and has already received the corresponding welcome offer, they will be required to pay an equivalent amount of the received welcome offer as a handling fee.

Review: Should you apply for the MMPOWER Mastercard?

If you are looking for one of the best cash back cards, the MMPOWER Mastercard can be your choice. It offers a cashback rate of 5.4% for specific designated categories, making it one of the credit cards with high cashback rates.

Although +FUN Dollars can only be used at designated merchants, there are over 7,400 merchants widely available, including Wellcome, PARKnSHOP, SOGO, YATA, GU, MUJI, and many more. Therefore, there is no need to worry about not being able to use them. Additionally, the $800 cashback limit is not an issue, as long as you don’t spend over HK$16,000 per month with this card.

In the past, the main criticism of +FUN Dollars was that they could not be used to offset charges. However, now they can be used to pay off your card balance, even if you have no interest in those designated merchants. Furthermore, concert and cinema discounts, along with other flash promotions, provide additional value to individuals interested in purchasing tickets through these perks.

In short, the Hang Seng MMPOWER World Mastercard is a credit card that offers most of what you need in terms of cashback rewards.

Frequently asked questions: Hang Seng MMPOWER Credit Card

What are +FUN Dollars?

+FUN Dollars is a form of cash rebate that you can instantly use as cash at over 7,400 designated merchant outlets across Hong Kong or you can also use it to repay for your credit bill. (Literally, a real cash rebate with no restrictions!)

Does Hang Seng Credit Card have an annual fee?

Hang Seng MMPOWER Card is permanently free of annual fee.

If I make online purchases and pay with foreign currency, will be included in both online and travel foreign currency category, resulting in a total of 5% + 5.4%?

To clarify, any eligible online retail transactions will count towards the online categories. Whether you pay in HKD or a foreign currency, you can enjoy 5% rebate of the online payment, without any additional percentages.

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