Gin Fest 2023: Event Details And Tips For Gin Newbies

Gin Fest 2023: Event Details And Tips For Gin Newbies

Attention all gin enthusiasts! The annual Gin Fest is back this summer! The Wine Luxe Magazine’s 2-day festival, taking place on August 25-26 at The Arches in The Murray, will feature over 100 stalls from the biggest names in the gin industry, including Ki no Bi, Roku, Tanqueray, Sipsmith, and more.

But it’s not just about the drinks; attendees can indulge in a variety of food pairings while savoring their gin and even participate in masterclasses led by brand ambassadors and Hong Kong’s top mixologists to learn firsthand the craft behind the perfect cocktail. Don’t miss out on this gin-tastic extravaganza!

Gin Fest 2023

Gin Fest 2023 is the perfect blend of flavor, culture, and fun, brought to you by Wine Luxe Magazine and LKF Group. This 2-day festival is the highlight of every gin lover’s calendar, with over 100 gins from the world’s biggest names in the industry. Sip, savor, and indulge in a variety of food pairings while exploring the nuances of your favorite gins.

The event venue spans over 12,000 square feet and expects over 1,200 visitors per day. Don’t worry about it being too crowded because the event is open on Friday from 6-9 p.m. and Saturday from 1-9 p.m. You’ll have plenty of time to explore the cream of the crop from over 60 global gin brands.

Event details

Date & Time:

  • August 25, 2023 (Friday) (6-9pm)
  • August 26, 2023 (Saturday) (1-9pm)


  • 1/F, The Arches, The Murray Hotel, 22 Cotton Tree Drive, Central

Ticket Price:

  • Regular Ticket: HK$300 (3 tokens: $60, 1 glass, and a tote bag) (starting August 1, 2023)

Where to get tickets?

Luxe Is Mall (the official website): Credit card, Payme, and Octopus payments are available.

If you pay by credit card, you can follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1. Select the ticket quantity.
  • Step 2. Click “ADD TO CARD”.
  • Step 3. Click “CART” to check out.
  • Step 4. Complete the payment with a credit card.

If you choose to pay with Payme or Octopus,

  • Ensure that you fill out your contact information form before making the payment.
  • After making a payment, send a screenshot of the transaction record, including your name, contact number, and email address, through WhatsApp to +852 5596 3572 to complete the purchase.

Please note that Gin Fest 2023 is only open to adults aged 18 and above. As per Hong Kong’s law, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.

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Gin Fest 2023 Masterclass

During the event, there will be 2 masterclasses where you can learn from the best how to craft top-tier cocktails. But don’t forget to register in advance to save a place!

Global Brand Solution masterclass 

Join us on August 25th for the Global Brand Solution masterclass and take your cocktail game to the next level! Learn how to use a wide array of cocktail kits and excel at crafting the perfect drink. After the class, indulge in exclusive gin tastings from Global Brand Solution. As the saying goes, “an artisan needs the best tools”, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to master your craft!

Date & Time:

Scottish Gin MasterClass

Scottish Development International is excited to announce their participation in Gin Fest 2023, where they will host an exclusive cocktail masterclass. Immerse yourself in the world of gin and discover the art of crafting exquisite cocktails in the company of renowned mixologists. This masterclass promises to be a delightful journey of flavors, techniques, and Scottish gin traditions. Elevate your mixology skills and savor the finest gin creations while surrounded by fellow gin enthusiasts and experts. 

Date & Time:

What is the featured selection of gins?

Gin Fest 2023 is a gin lover’s paradise, with over 100 gins from around the world. Whether you’re a seasoned gin aficionado or new to gin, there’s something for everyone. Explore the nuances of your favorite gins or try something new with featured gins like the award-winning No. 3 London Dry Gin, the unique Matsui Hakuto Gin, the botanical wonder Tenjaku Gin, and the classic Star of Bombay or the Botanist! Time for a gin tasting adventure!


Indulge in the romance of “HANABI GIN,”  a sakura-infused spirit with flecks of gold that twirl like cherry blossom petals in the breeze. Its long and complex taste is a fusion of botanical, fruity, and spicy notes of N.I.P. Rare Dry Gin that transport you to the streets of Japan. The bottle label features a sweet and dreamy illustration of two small cats wearing yukatas resting under a cherry blossom tree. It’s a label designed by the popular Japanese artist Nekosuke that exudes the rich flavor of Japan and its culture.

No. 3 London Dry Gin

No.3 London Dry Gin is the reigning king of the gin world, having won the prestigious “World’s Best Gin” award four times. With a balanced and delicate flavor profile, this gin features distinct notes of juniper berry, citrus, and herbs that come together in perfect harmony. Its smooth and refined taste makes it the perfect addition to any classic cocktail.

The Hakuto Gin (白兔)

Experience the unique flavor of Matsui Hakuto Gin, also known as “White Rabbit Gin”. This premium gin is made from 15 carefully selected botanicals, including juniper berries, coriander seeds, orange peel, Japanese pepper, yuzu peel, green tea, sakura, black pepper, and more. The gin’s refreshing citrus aroma is complemented by the sweet taste of pear and the spiciness of Japanese pepper.

This award-winning gin won the gold medal for the modern-style gin category at the 2020 World Gin Awards. Whether you prefer it neat or in a cocktail, Matsui Hakuto Gin is the perfect addition to your collection.

Tenjaku (天雀)

Tenjaku Gin is a botanical wonder, crafted from fresh peaches, Japanese pepper, and a unique blend of 10 herbs and plants from the Yamanashi prefecture. Delightfully refreshing notes of peach, yuzu, and tea create a rich Japanese flavor that is both unique and delicious.

Star of Bombay


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This London Dry Gin is full of exotic flavors with a selection of 10 different plants, including Moroccan coriander, West African grains of paradise, and Chinese angelica, which create a sweet and floral taste with a hint of spiciness.

The Botanist


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The legendary master distiller Jim McEwan has carefully handpicked 22 specialty plants from the Isle of Islay, along with 9 exclusive botanicals for gin, to create The Botanist Islay Dry Gin. The entire creation, from harvesting to distillation and bottling, takes place on the Isle of Islay, and no artificial flavors are added.

Beginner tips for Gin newbies

I know it could be a bit overwhelming when you first come to the world of gin. Here are some beginner’s tips and a bit of history that can impress your friends.

What is gin?

Gin can contain a variety of botanicals, such as herbs, nuts, seeds, and fruits. However, all gins must contain juniper in order to be classified as such. In other words, gin is essentially flavored vodka.

Some common types of gin include London Dry Gin, Old Tom Gin, and Sloe Gin.

Gin was invented as a medicine

Gin has a rich and colorful history. It all started in the 17th century, when the Dutch created it as a medicinal tonic by distilling juniper berries with neutral spirits. It was believed to have healing properties that could cure kidney disorders and stomach problems.

Soon enough, gin became the drink of choice for the working class in England and even served as a tonic for British soldiers fighting in the tropics to combat malaria. However, gin’s reputation took a hit as it became associated with the lower classes.

But, as they say, what goes around comes around. In the early 20th century, gin made a comeback thanks to the classic gin cocktail, the gin and tonic. And today, gin is loved by many, with a vast range of flavors and styles available. It remains a go-to choice for mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts alike.

How to taste gin?

You might have watched someone swirl their red wine glass to enhance the flavor. But what about gin? Here are some tips to make the most of your gin-tasting experience!

Step 1. Use a glass with a stem to avoid warming up the gin with your hands.

Step 2. Hold the glass up to the light to observe the subtle color of the gin.

Step 3. Slowly swirl the glass to add oxygen and lighten the drink.

Step 4. Take small sips and let the gin linger in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. This will give you a chance to savor the flavor and pick up on any subtle notes.

Why choose gin?

Gin isn’t just a drink; it’s an experience. With a variety of flavors to choose from, it’s no wonder gin is the top pick for any cocktail enthusiast. Plus, gin has less sugar and fewer calories (61 calories per serving) than other liquors.

But remember, drink responsibly and let the good times roll!

Frequently asked questions: Gin Fest 2023

When is Gin Fest 2023?

Gin Fest 2023 will be held on August 25, 2023 (Friday) from 6-9 p.m. and on August 26, 2023 (Saturday) from 1-9 p.m..

How much does it cost for Gin Fest 2023?

The ticket price for Gin Fest 2023 is HK$300 for a regular ticket, which includes 3 tokens, a glass, and an exclusive Gin Fest tote bag.

What is G&T?

G&T is a short form for gin and tonic, which is a classic cocktail made with gin and tonic water. 

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