Credit Cards for Buy One Get One Free Coffee (Updated in May 2019)


If you and your friends and family are coffee lovers, it would be wise to apply for credit cards that offer buy one get one coffee as listed below to cut your caffeine costs.

  1. Hang Seng Cards: Enjoy reload discounts for Starbucks Card
  2. Standard Chartered Card: Enjoy a free coffee upgrade
  3. PrimeCredit Card: No minimum income required
  4. Bank of China Card: Enjoy reload and free upgrade offer
  5. CCB (Asia) Card: Offer the most buy-one-get-one-free coffee offers
  6. Other cards for coffee offers

Hang Seng Card: Enjoy reload offers for Starbucks Cards

With enJoy Card, cardholders can enjoy a free upgrade offer on one tall (354 mL) or above-sized handcrafted beverage for loading HK$100 or above to a registered Starbucks Card at any Hong Kong Starbucks stores. What’s more, cardholders can earn $2 enJoy Dollars for every HK$200 spend at designated merchants including Starbucks. enJoy Dollars can be used to offset your frequent coffee purchases at Starbucks to cut your caffeine costs.

Standard Chartered Card: Enjoy a free coffee upgrade

The free coffee upgrade offer is only applicable to holders of high-end Standard Chartered Cards which include Standard Chartered Priority Banking Credit Card and Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Credit Card. Application is either by invitation or exclusive to clients with minimum average daily relationship balance HK$1M or above/ minimum monthly salary HK$80,000 or above/ mortgage outstanding amount of HK$4,000,000 or above.

PrimeCredit Card: Coffee for HK$1

PrimeCredit Cards is best for low-income earners. With PrimeCredit WeWa Credit Card and Star Travel Card, cardholders can enjoy a standard size handcrafted beverage for HK$1 at the airport Pacific Coffee in Hong Kong until 31 Dec 2019. What’s more, holders of WeWa Credit Card can enjoy 4% rebates for spending in “Travel”, “Cinema”, “Karaoke”, “Theme Park”.

Bank of China Card:Enjoy reload and free upgrade offer

Enjoy BOC Good Day Platinum Card Exclusive Offers at Pacific Coffee. Entitled to 8% instant discount for reloading the Perfect Cup Card on the 2nd, 12th and 22nd of every month. Enjoy free upgrade offer upon purchase of handcrafted beverage throughout the year.

CCB (Asia) Credit Card: Many cards with coffee upgrade offers

Although both CCB (Asia) Visa Infinite Credit Card and CCB (Asia) UnionPay Diamond Prestige Credit Card offer buy one get one free offer at Pacific Coffee, they are premier cards. Application is either by-invitation-only or exclusive for holders of premier select/ premier banking/ wise banking account. The first two accounts require a daily average combined balance of HK$5,000,000 and HK$1,000,000 respectively, which make it more difficult to get. It is easier to apply for cards with free upgrade offer though. For example, the minimum annual income for CCB (Asia) eye Credit Card is HK$150,000. Visa Infinite, UnionPay Diamond Prestige/ UnionPay Diamond/ Visa/ MasterCard and UnionPay Platinum Card also offer free upgrade for handcrafted beverages.

Other Coffee Offers

From now until 31 Dec 2019, enjoy free upgrade for any handcrafted beverage at Pacific Coffee with American Express Blue Cash Credit Card.

Everything you need to know about coffee offers:

Don’t forget to understand the restrictions first before claiming the offers.


Applicable: all handcrafted beverages including brewed coffee, espresso-based beverages, Frappuccino® Blended Beverages, brewed tea, tea latte, shaken tea, chocolate and steamed milk.

Not applicable: bottled beverages, canned beverages, Starbucks ReserveTM Coffee and Pour Over Coffee.

Pacific Coffee:

Applicable: only applicable to the regular-priced handcrafted beverage (can bring your own cup)

Not applicable: speciality coffee, liqueur coffee, bottled drinks and juices. Offer not applicable to online shopping, in-app purchase or delivery.

The offer is redeemable at all Pacific Coffee in Hong Kong excluding the outlets at Hong Hom MTR station, Hang Seng Bank, HSBC and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

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