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Post-90s; New mother of one; Raising a kid is expensive so I need to be smart about money and find ways to save! A penny saved is a penny earned, don’t you agree?

best dining credit cards hong kong
Credit Cards
Best Dining Credit Cards in Hong Kong (Updated in June 2020)
Dining credit cards have various promotions, and offers, and hottest perks. Hands up if you’re a foodie! Hey, how can you miss out on credit card promotions? These kinds of credit...
1 June 2020
Best Supermarket Credit Cards in Hong Kong (Updated in May 2020)
Grocery shopping is a part of everyone’s lives. But do you know some cards specialize in supermarket expenses that you can earn lots of rewards from them? Let’s compare the best...
2 May 2020
Best Contactless Payment Credit Cards in Hong Kong (2019.06 Updates)
Credit Cards
Best Contactless Payment Credit Cards in Hong Kong (2019.06 Updates)
More and more merchants are accepting contactless payment nowadays, including Visa payWave, Mastercard Contactless, UnionPay QuickPass; and mobile payments such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay as well....
27 June 2019
Asia Miles
Air Miles
Best Asia Miles Cards in Hong Kong (Updated in June 2019)
When we come with Value of Money in overall benefits, choosing the right miles credit card could get you a free plane ticket or access exclusive benefits. We’ve compiled a...
4 June 2019
airport lounge
Credit Cards
Best Unlimited Free Airport Lounge Access Credit Cards in Hong Kong (Updated in June 2019)
Airport lounges seem to be the only saviour in depressing long-haul flights. During the flights, your hair is greasy, your breath smells like dead people, and your back is unbearably...
2 June 2019
Credit Cards
Credit Cards for Buy One Get One Free Coffee (Updated in May 2019)
If you and your friends and family are coffee lovers, it would be wise to apply for credit cards that offer buy one get one coffee as listed below to...
16 May 2019