Omakase Restaurants in Hong Kong That You Might Find Hard to Reserve

Omakase Restaurants in Hong Kong That You Might Find Hard to Reserve

Omakase, a style of fine dining originated in Japan, is now prevailing not just in its country of origin but all around the world. Omakase restaurants like Yuzu Omakase and Homura Wagyu Omakase from Bangkok are as popular as those in Japan, making it hard to reserve. In Hong Kong, you may find the same case among the places we recommended below.

What Is the Meaning of Omakase?

First things first, what is omakase? The word written as “お任せ” in Japanese, means “I leave it up to you”, says the customer to the chef. The whole concept is customers leaving their selections of what to order to the chef with trust. The chef will choose the seasonal specialties and make the dishes in front of the customers, gauge their reactions, and then adjust the dish next. When the dish is served, the chef will state its name and origin, so interactions are included in omakase.

The meal will consist of a series of plates (usually 12 to 25 plates) served one by one, starting with the lightest dish and proceeding to the heaviest one. Each dish is dressed delicately and is relatively small by proportion, so that customers only need to take a small bite to enjoy different flavours.

It should be noted that omakase is not limited to sushi but may also include other cooking methods such as simmering or steaming (Chawanmushi 茶碗蒸し is a popular omakase dish).

After knowing what omakase is, it is time to talk about where to find the best omakase restaurants in Hong Kong.

Omakase in Causeway Bay: Sushi Ikkon

Located in Causeway Bay inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sushi Ikkon (鮨一魂) is an omakase restaurant opened just over a year in the midst of the pandemic. Despite its young age, the omakase restaurant is led by Wataru Inoue, a master of classic Edomae sushi with over 20 years of Japanese culinary experience who previously worked at Thailand’s renowned Michelin-starred Ginza Sushi Ichi.

Sushi Ikkon offers different omakase sets for lunch and dinner, those are named after flowers, like Sakura, Ume, Kiku, Fuji, and Tsubaki. Each set comprises appetizers, sashimi, sushi, sides, and desserts. The omakase restaurant sources its ingredients mainly from Shizuoka and Hokkaido.

Omakase in Sushi Ikkon (Lunch)
Set Price Item
Sakura HK$880 15
Ume HK$1,180 18
Kiku (New) HK$1,580 20
Omakase in Sushi Ikkon (Dinner)
Set Price Item
Kiku (New) HK$1,580 20
Fuji HK$1,980 22
Tsubaki HK$2,380 26

Sushi Ikkon Address
1/F, Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Causeway Bay, 8 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Phone: 6621 3936
Reserve Sushi Ikkon Online

Omakase in Central: Sushi Saito

Helmed by the legendary chef, Takashi Saito, Sushi Saito (鮨.齋藤) was an awarded three-Michelin-star omakase restaurant in Tokyo until it terminated the reservation service for the general public. It chose Hong Kong as the first location to open a branch in 2018.

With a framed view of Victoria Harbour, Sushi Saito offers historic Edomae-style sushi and replicates the hushed reverence and painstaking craftsmanship of omakase. The ingredients are freshly handpicked by Takashi Saito in Japan and flown in regularly. One of their signature plates is monkfish liver, which is claimed as a “must-eat” item by many Japanese food connoisseurs. The omakase menu is subject to market price, it costs around HK$1,480 for lunch and HK$3,280 for dinner.

The omakase restaurant only has 16 seats, divided into two rooms with eight each. Its reservation hotline only operates on the first day of every month from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., so you would need some luck to make a reservation.

Sushi Saito Address
45/F, Four Seasons Hotel, Central Portion Shop A, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong
Phone: 2527 0811
Visit Site

Omakase in Central: Sushi Shikon

Located on the 7th floor of the Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Sushi Shikon (志魂) is the first branch of the flagship omakase restaurant Sushi Yoshitake in Tokyo’s Ginza district, which has been awarded three Michelin stars every year since 2014.

The executive chef of Sushi Shikon works closely with the founder, Chef Yoshitake, to ensure the same standard as Sushi Yoshitake. The restaurant menus vary according to season, each dish is made with fresh ingredients sourced daily from Japan, while seafood is sourced twice a day from Tokyo’s Toyosu fish market. The omakase sets have eight pieces of sushi for lunch and 10 for dinner, with seasonal appetizers, soup, and dessert served.

Don’t forget to order the Shimane abalone, it is the signature dish of the 14-seat restaurant.

Omakase in Sushi Shikon
Set Price Item
Lunch HK$2,250 11
Dinner HK$4,000 18

Sushi Shikon Address
7/F, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
Phone: 2643 6800
Reserve Sushi Shikon Online

Omakase in Central: Masa Hong Kong

Relocated from Sushi Masataka (its former name) in Wan Chai and debuting in 2021, Masa Hong Kong is a 21-seat Omakase restaurant in Central. Designed with an uncut Hinoki cypress bar and floor-to-ceiling windows, you can see the HSBC building and the dome of the Legislative Council as a backdrop. If you want some privacy, they have a private room decorated in a traditional Japanese style and ready to serve.

Helmed by chef Masataka Fujisawa, who has an unconventional and detail-oriented style, Masa Hong Kong’s menu focuses on fish that has been dry-aged to enhance the flavour. Ankimo Monaka (あん肝 最中), an extra-large portion of minced monkfish liver placed in crisp wafers with a creamy and crunchy texture mixed together, is the house specialty.

Also, they have a full sake cellar here, just like Sushi Masataka.

Omakase in Masa Hong Kong
Set Price Item
Lunch HK$1,980 – HK$2,680 19
Dinner HK$2,980 23

Masa Hong Kong Address
5/F, CCB Tower, 3 Connaught Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
Phone: 9018 2585
Reserve Masa Hong Kong

Omakase in Tsim Sha Tsui: Omakase Iki

If you want to find an Omakase restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui, the 24-seater Omakase Iki might be a good one. Debuted in 2020, Iki (粋) is a Japanese word that means chic, smart, refined, sophisticated, or tasteful, and that represents the spirit of the restaurant. Visitors are welcome to make reservations by phone or WhatsApp.

Omakase in Iki
Set Price Item
Lunch HK$880 11
Dinner HK$1,480 – HK$1,680 14 – 19

Omakase Iki Address
4/F, Yi Serviced Apartments, 10-12 Chatham Court, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Phone: 9215 8511

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