Luggage Recommendation: RIMOWA, Samsonite, American Tourister, And More

Luggage Recommendation: RIMOWA, Samsonite, American Tourister, And More

If you’re planning to travel and need a new suitcase, or if your current one is worn out, it’s perfect timing to check out this blog post for recommendations on popular luggage options.

In the following, we’ll discuss different brands, sizes, colours, and features available on the market. We’ve also listed key points to consider when buying luggage and provided introductions to various brands like RIMOWA, Samsonite, American Tourister, MUJI, and more to help you find the right suitcase for your needs.

Remember to read till the end for tips on travelling with luggage and secrets on maximising your shopping haul when abroad!

Table of contents: Luggage recommendations

Luggage recommendations: Key points to consider

Softshell and hardshell luggage

Softshell luggage provides greater flexibility when it comes to storing items. It may have a larger capacity than what is stated in the product information, and some products can even be folded and stored, saving space.

On the other hand, hardshell luggage prioritises durability. It offers excellent impact resistance, strong protection, good waterproof performance, and enhanced security.

Hardshell luggage is stronger and more secure than softshell luggage because it can resist being cut open. If other luggage leaks, using waterproof material can protect personal items from getting dirty.

Choosing a luggage size

It is generally recommended to determine the size of the luggage based on the length of the stay. Luggage below 20 inches/36L is suitable for light travel and shopping and can be carried on board. A luggage of around 24 inches/75L is suitable for medium- to long-term travel or business trips, providing enough space for clothes and daily necessities. There is also flexibility to use the remaining space for souvenirs on the return journey. Luggage above 28 inches/100L is suitable for long-term travel, studying abroad, or extended business trips.

Luggage Size Travel Purpose
Below 20 inches/36L Light travel and shopping
Around 24 inches/75L Medium- to long-term travel or business trips
Above 28 inches/100L Long-term travel, studying abroad, or extended business trips

Expandable luggage

If you plan to do a lot of shopping during your trip or if you expect to have more documents after a business trip, it’s a good idea to choose luggage that can expand to increase storage space when needed. However, please be aware that after expanding, the luggage may become too big to carry on board, or the airline may charge extra fees. Make sure to check with the airline for more information before choosing your luggage.

Always choose luggage with 4 wheels, not 2 wheels

If your luggage is heavy, it can be challenging to drag it with just 2 wheels. When you have to navigate through the airport with your luggage, you’ll wish you had chosen one with 4 wheels. Therefore, it is highly recommended to opt for luggage equipped with 4 wheels. In comparison to 2-wheel luggage, luggage with 4 large wheels is much easier to manoeuvre, especially those with 360-degree rotation and a brake design, providing you with greater flexibility and convenience. Moreover, selecting luggage with wheels that have a silent design can help prevent any noise disturbances during early morning or late-night movements.

Luggage equipped with a TSA lock

A “TSA Lock” is a special lock approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the United States. Customs officers have the key to this lock, so they can open and inspect luggage without causing any damage. It is a commonly used and recommended option for international travel. It is a good idea to choose luggage that has a TSA lock.

Light-coloured vs. dark-coloured luggage

Light-coloured luggage tends to show scratches and stains more prominently. To minimise the visibility of any marks or stains, it is recommended to choose dark-coloured luggage.

You don’t need the most expensive, high-end luggage

Finally, it is suggested that you consider not purchasing expensive luggage. It’s actually better to choose luggage that meets your specific needs and is practical. Remember, just because something is expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best option for you.

Luggage recommendation: Samsonite

Samsonite, a renowned travel bag brand from the United States, has a history spanning more than 100 years. It focuses on practicality, durability, and lightweight design, providing a wide range of luggage series to suit diverse types of travellers.

The Cosmolite (C-LITE) series

The Cosmolite series is crafted using Samsonite’s renowned Curv® patented technology, ensuring a lightweight and durable luggage option. Its interior is constructed with Recyclex™ fabric, which is made from 100% consumer recycled PET bottles. The series offers an extended double-bar handle, smooth dual wheels for effortless manoeuvrability, and a variety of fashionable colour options to suit your preference.

The UNIMAX series

The UNIMAX series embodies Samsonite’s simple design philosophy. It features curved corner protection, a metal brushed surface treatment to prevent visible scratches, and Aero-Trac™ suspension wheels that offer smooth and effortless movement while reducing noise and vibrations.

The innovative 1:9 body design maximises storage space and depth in this versatile travel bag suggestion. It features Recyclex™ eco-friendly rPET lining and zippers, magnetic zip heads for theft prevention, and Microban® antimicrobial technology.

The EVOA series

The EVOA series is part of Samsonite’s newer collection. The luggage shell has a brushed texture and metal anti-collision corners, which help reduce scratches. It also features the innovative AERO-TRAC™ shock-absorbing wheels. These wheels have individually sprung wheel devices that can expand and contract to adapt to uneven surfaces, providing a smoother dragging experience. Additionally, the 25-inch and 28-inch EVOA models have the ability to expand their capacity. The 28-inch EVOA can expand up to 124 litres, which doubles the original storage space.

Samsonite EVOA Retail Price (HK$) Size Weight Capacity Colour
18-inch EVOA $3,980 44 x 42 x 24cm 3.4kg 29L 2
20-inch EVOA $3,980 55 x 38 x 24cm 3.7kg 36L 2
25-inch EVOA $4,400 69 x 49 x 29cm 4.7kg 49(95)L 4
25-inch EVOA TECH $5,200 69 x 49 x 29cm 5.2kg 49(95)L 1
28-inch EVOA TECH $5,600 75 x 54 x 30cm 5.9kg 54(124)L 1

Luggage recommendation: RIMOWA

RIMOWA, a luggage brand from Germany, is considered a top-notch brand for luggage/travel bags. RIMOWA offers multiple series, such as Original, Essential, Classic, Essential Lite, Hybrid, and Essential Sleeve. Each product fully showcases the top craftsmanship and innovative practical spirit of Germany’s century-old brand. They also come with a lifetime warranty. The exclusive Multiwheel® wheel system is extremely smooth, stable, and noiseless.

The Original series

The Original series is the most iconic aluminium-magnesium alloy luggage line from RIMOWA. It features a distinctive classic ribbed design combined with high-strength, impact-resistant, and waterproof materials. After anodizing treatment, the aluminium material is protected from oxidation and exhibits a beautiful shine. The luggage is designed with a telescopic handle, retractable handles, and 360-degree rotating wheels for easy and convenient use.

The Essential series

RIMOWA’s Essential series is a top choice for luggage and travel bags. The Essential Lite version is specifically designed to be lightweight, thanks to its polycarbonate shell. Even the largest size, Check-In L, weighs only 3.7kg, which is 1.5kg lighter than the LOJEL Cubo Large in the same category. Essential Lite stands out in the Essential series with its unique T-shaped handle design, offering three adjustable heights for added convenience.

RIMOWA Essential Lite Retail Price (HK$) Size Weight Capacity Colour
Cabin U $4,800 50.8 x 35.5 x 20cm 2kg 23.4L 1
Cabin S $5,100 55.1 x 40.1 x 20cm 2kg 33.3L 2
Cabin $5,300 55.1 x 40.1 x 23.1cm 2.2kg 38.2L 2
Check-In L $6,650 78.2 x 52 x 27.1cm 3.7kg 91.2L 2

Luggage recommendation: American Tourister

American Tourister is a popular luggage brand in the United States. It is a subsidiary of Samsonite and is well-known for being youthful, durable, and offering good value for money. American Tourister was the first brand to participate in the “flight test” to ensure the quality of its luggage. It is also a popular choice for travel bags that provide good quality at a reasonable price.

Maxivo series

The latest Maxivo series has been honoured with the Red Dot Design Award. It combines classic and minimalist designs with practical features such as StePause™ smooth braking wheels, Duosaf™ secure zippers, antimicrobial lining, storage bags, and a TSA-embedded combination lock. It is available in 20-inch, 25-inch, and 29-inch sizes, with a variety of colour options to suit different travellers’ needs.

Curio Spinner series

Another new addition to the Curio series is the Curio Spinner. It not only features a beautiful and classic Curio design but also offers enhanced functionality. It includes the 2/8 PlentiVol™ storage system for increased storage space, DuoSaf™ secure zippers, rPET eco-friendly lining with Microban® antimicrobial technology, and antimicrobial storage bags. It is suitable for short-term work or travel.

VELTON serires

American Tourister VELTON luggage was launched in 2019, available in 5 colors. It features a TSA-approved lock designated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and has a StePause wheel function, which prevents the luggage from sliding on slopes or in moving vehicles such as trains.

The American Tourister VELTON luggage series offers three sizes: 20 inches, 25 inches, and 30 inches. The 20-inch luggage comes with a USB charging port, while the 25-inch and 30-inch sizes have four external hooks for attaching different carry-on bags.

American Tourister VELTON Retail Price (HK$) Size Weight Capacity Colour
20-inch VELTON $1,680 55 x 36 x 24cm 3kg 35L 5
25-inch VELTON $1,880 69 x 46 x 30cm 4.1kg 79(82)L 5
30-inch VELTON $2,080 81 x 52 x 34cm 5.2kg 110(126)L 5

Luggage recommendation: DELSEY PARIS

Delsey Paris, a world-renowned luggage/travel goods brand from France, has been designing its products at its Paris headquarters since its establishment in 1946. Unlike other brands that emphasise a metallic feel, Delsey Paris incorporates traditional embossed designs to create a unique sense of elegance. In addition to using lightweight and durable materials, they have also developed their second-generation ST security anti-theft zipper and TSA customs lock.

Some luggage models even have “exclusive identification codes” to easily differentiate them from others of the same model. Furthermore, all models of their luggage come with a 10-year global warranty, making them the designated luggage for many airlines’ employees.

CHATELET AIR 2.0 series

CHATELET AIR 2.0 series combines the retro design of classic luggage with a modern and stylish appearance. It offers various sizes and colour options, along with multiple practical features such as the SECURITECH® 2 anti-theft zipper, four quiet and highly manoeuvrable dual-density wheels, a TSA-embedded combination lock, and a useful USB port, embodying the professional craftsmanship and elegance of France.

DELSEY CHATELET AIR 2.0 Retail Price (HK$) Size Weight Capacity Colour
55cm Slim $4,400 55 x 40 x 21cm 2.95kg 36L 4
55cm $4,400 55 x 35 x 25cm 2.9kg 38L 4
66cm $4,950 66 x 45 x 28cm 4.13kg 69L 4
76cm $5,550 76 x 52 x 32cm 5.04kg 110L 4
80cm $5,900 80 x 42 x 36cm 5.38kg 104L 4

Luggage recommendation: MUJI

Another high-value luggage recommendation is MUJI. MUJI offers 2 continuously improved luggage options: polyester fibre luggage and softshell luggage, catering to different needs.

Polyester Fibre Luggage

This series offers 5 sizes and 5 colour options, including 2 sizes suitable for carry-on. The luggage is made of 100% polyester fibre, making it lightweight yet durable. The surface of the luggage features a 10-cm-spaced embossed design, ensuring that luggage straps stay in place. It is equipped with dual wheels designed for reduced noise during movement, along with an adjustable handle and wheel fixer for easy use by individuals of different heights.

In addition, MUJI offers tote bags and Boston bags in different sizes that are compatible with their hardshell luggage series. These bags can be carried by hand or attached to the luggage for added convenience.

Foldable Softshell Luggage

This luggage is designed to save storage space. When not in use, the middle partition can be folded, reducing the thickness of the luggage by half and making it easy to store in a closet or under the bed.

Luggage recommendation: Lojel

Japanese brand LOJEL was founded by Chih Chang Chiang in 1989, and LOJEL stands for “Let Our Journeys Enrich Life,” which is also the brand’s commitment to travelers.

The Japanese luggage brand has gained popularity in recent years. It focuses on minimalist design and uses lightweight and durable materials. The luggage is made with non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Cubo series

The most popular series is the Cubo series, which offers 9 colours and 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Fit. The Small size is suitable for carry-on. The unique feature of this series is the flip-top design, which allows easy access to items without opening the entire luggage. It also has an expandable zipper design for increased storage space. The shell is made of textured polycarbonate, which is heat-resistant and cold-resistant. It features a TSA-embedded combination lock and a dual-wheel system designed for durability and control, with 360-degree seamless rotation.

LOJEL Cubo Retail Price (HK$) Size Weight Capacity Colour
Small $2,300 53 x 35.5 x 25(28)cm 3.1kg 37(42)L 8
Medium $2,700 65 x 45 x 30(33)cm 3.9kg 70(77)L 8
Fit $2,900 76.5 x 45 x 35(38)cm 4.9kg 100(110)L 8
Large $3,000 77.5 x 55 x 34(37)cm 5.2kg 120(130)L 8

Luggage recommendation: PROTECA

PROTECA, a popular local brand in Japan, is a subsidiary brand of ACE Group and is known as the “Japanese version of RIMOWA.” Every product is manufactured in Hokkaido, the only region in Japan where luggage is produced.

PROTECA offers a sleek and top-notch design with quiet double wheels. Along with being manufactured in Japan, PROTECA provides 4 choices that are “Made in Japan,” which encompass longevity, groundbreaking features, distinct designs, and minimalist style.

PROTECA utilizes self-developed technology, and its product lineup is divided by functionality, including durability, maneuverability, lightweightness, and high functionality, enabling you to select based on your requirements.

Luggage recommendation: ECHOLAC

Established in 1964, the Japanese brand ECHOLAC has a history spanning more than 50 years. The brand name represents its production philosophy, where “ECHO” signifies the timely response to market demands and “LAC” represents the sturdy surface coating that provides better protection for luggage. The brand focuses on the development of plastic resin manufacturing and construction methods. ECHOLAC is beloved by global consumers due to its outstanding design and excellent quality.

The CELESTRA 20-inch suitcase

The suitcase has an innovative, large front-opening structure that transforms it into a spacious box. This design enables centralised storage and surpasses the size limitations of traditional opening structures. The shell of the suitcase is constructed from durable and strong German Makrolon polycarbonate material, which is highly resistant to scratches.

Luggage / carry-on requirements

Before departing for your destination or returning to the airport, make sure to check if your luggage or carry-on meets the boarding requirements. If it doesn’t, you will need to check it in.

Luggage / carry-on requirements

  • Each passenger is allowed to bring 1 piece of carry-on luggage and 1 personal item on board.
  • Carry-on luggage must fit in the overhead bin or under the seat.
  • Carry-on size and weight requirements: not exceeding 56 x 36 x 23 cm / 22 x 14 x 9 inches and 7 kilogrammes.
  • Personal items must fit under the seat in front of you.
  • Personal item size requirement: not exceeding 40 x 25 x 20 cm / 15.7 x 10 x 8 inches.
  • Items purchased at the airport will also be considered carry-on luggage.
  • Any carry-on luggage exceeding the limits will be subject to charges according to the airport’s fee schedule.

Tips for maintaining luggage/travel cases

Luggage is a consumable item that naturally wears out over time. If you want to extend the life of your luggage case, you need to learn how to maintain it. Here are the 8 tips that you may find helpful:

  1. When packing your luggage, place heavy items at the bottom of the case to enhance stability.
  2. Avoid overloading your luggage case to prevent excessive pressure on the zipper and reduce the risk of it bursting open.
  3. When lifting the luggage case, use the handle instead of the pull rod to reduce wear and tear on the rod.
  4. Do not sit on the case to avoid damaging the case body, pull rod, and wheels due to pressure.
  5. Avoid using strong cleaning agents to clean the exterior of the case. After each use, you can lightly wipe the exterior with a damp cloth and then dry it.
  6. If there is dirt on the wheels, use a damp cloth with a little detergent to remove it, and pick up any hair, trash, or foreign objects stuck between the wheel axles.
  7. Avoid placing the luggage case in a damp or directly sunlit area.
  8. Use a dust cover to prevent dust or dirt from adhering to the case, especially in the gaps between the wheels or pull rod.

Luggage case hack: How to pack the most items in your travel case?

When travelling, many people aim to shop extensively and face the challenge of packing the most items in their luggage. Some luggage experts suggest a solution: nesting a series of luggage cases, placing smaller ones inside larger ones. By doing this, you only need to pay for the larger case when departing and will have 3 cases to use upon arrival.

Another option is to not bring a suitcase when you leave and instead buy one at your destination. However, it is important to think about the extra suitcases you might end up with at home if you choose this approach.

Frequently asked questions: Luggage recommendation

What are the advantages of softshell and hardshell luggage?

Softshell luggage offers flexibility and can store more items than stated. Hardshell luggage provides durability, impact resistance, waterproof performance, and enhanced security.

How do I choose the right luggage size for my travel needs?

It is recommended to consider the length of the stay. Luggage below 20 inches/36L is suitable for light travel, while luggage around 24 inches/75L is suitable for medium- to long-term travel. Luggage above 28 inches/100L is suitable for long-term travel, studying abroad, or extended business trips.

Is it advisable to choose expandable luggage?

Yes, if you plan to do a lot of shopping or expect to have more documents after a business trip. Just ensure to check with the airline if expanded luggage complies with carry-on size limits.

Why is it recommended to choose luggage with 4 wheels instead of 2 wheels?

Luggage with 4 wheels is easier to manoeuvre, especially those with 360-degree rotation and a brake design. It provides greater flexibility and convenience compared to 2-wheel luggage.

What is a TSA lock, and why should I choose luggage equipped with one?

A TSA lock is a special lock approved by the Transportation Security Administration. It allows customs officers to open and inspect luggage without causing damage. Choosing luggage with a TSA lock is recommended for international travel.

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