Best Bill Payment Cards in Hong Kong (2018.05 Updates)

Best Bill Payment Cards in Hong Kong (2018.05 Updates)

Choose the right credit cards to earn Asia Miles or cash back by paying your monthly bills of utility fees, such as water bill, electricity bill, towngas bill, school fees, insurance premiums, would save you a set of round ticket from Hong Kong to Taiwan or Thailand.
You may set up autopay if you hold any of the cards below:

BEA, BOC / BOC CUP Dual Currency Card, Dah Sing, Citibank, AE

HK Electric:

BOC, Citibank, AE, BEA Towngas Card

Points to note:

  • Paying water bills using credit cards could only be done via online banking, whereas autopay could only be carried out with your bank accounts linked.
  • As for other utility fees, you would be rewarded with rebates if you pay the bills in person.
  • Some credit cards, such as those issued by DBS, would not offer rewards regardless of how you are going to pay your insurance premiums.
  • No rebates for tax payments in general. Rewards would be offered only when banks launch their special offer for paying tax with credit cards.
  • When paying “banks and credit card services”, “financial services”, “credit services” and other finance-related bills, handling fees might be charged and there would not be any Miles or rebates as rewards.

Below are 3 Best Cards for Paying Bills Recommended by MoneySmart HK:

Credit Card Reward
BEA Flyer World Mastercard In person / Autopay: HK$5=1 Asia Mile
CNCBI Motion Credit Card In person / Autopay within 12 months: 2% rebates
(except insurance)
Internet payment: 0.55% rebates
CCB (Asia) eye Credit Card HK$15=1 Asia Mile or 0.4% rebates
CCB (Asia) Visa Infinite
Credit Card
HK$8=1 Asia Mile or 0.5% rebates
ICBC Horoscope
Visa Signature Card
1.5% rebates

BEA Flyer World Mastercard: Paying fees by autopay or in person

Bill Payment
Starting from 1st May, no points or rebate will be credited from bill payment via e-Banking, phone, mobile phone and ATM. Earn HK$5=1 Asia Mile by paying your utility bills, such as CLP electricity bills, with your BEA Flyer World Mastercard in person or via autopay.


  • Earn HK$1=1 Point and 8 Points=1 Asia Mile (or HK$8=1 Asia Mile) for basic transactions
  • Earn unlimited 0.6X extra Points, or HK$5=1 Asia Mile for local and overseas spending
  • Minimum annual income requirement: HK$240,000
  • No handling fees for mileage conversion
  • 20% off on regular-price movie tickets at MCL and UA cinemas

Moreover, HK Electric users who wish to pay their electricity bills via autopay could opt for DBS Black World Mastercard to enjoy HK$6=1 Asia Mile. For those who want to pay their Towngas bills via autopay could choose Citi Prestige Credit Card or Citi Premier Miles Credit Card and enjoy HK$6=1 Asia Mile and HK$8=1 Asia Mile respectively.

CNBCI Motion Credit Card: 2% rebates for autopay and paying in person

Bill Payment
Applicants in this year could enjoy 2% cash rebates on your transactions, including get settled through in-person and autopay, but not limited to paying insurance premiums. You could only earn 0.55%, the basic rebates for online banking payments; in which only the first HK$10,000 would be eligible for rebates.


  • Earn HK$1 (0.55%) with basic transactions $180 or above
  • Earn 2% cash rebates for transactions in the first year
  • Earn 5% cash rebates for online transactions in 2018
  • Minimum annual income requirement: HK$150,000
  • First three-year annual fee-waiver (HK$1,200 per year)

CCB (Asia) eye Card: School fees and insurance premiums also get a share of the pie

Bill Payment
Although you could only earn the basic Points (HK$15=1 Asia Mile or 0.4% rebates) for regular payments, you could make up your “loss” by paying your school fees and insurance premiums via online banking.


  • Earn HK$1=1 Point, HK$15=1 Asia Mile or 0.4% rebates for basic transactions
  • Earn 5X Points for online transactions and using contactless payments
  • Enjoy 2X extra points for travel and foreign currency spending after joining Instant Travel Club
  • Minimum annual income requirement: HK$150,000
  • Permanent annual fee waiver

CCB (Asia) Visa Infinite Credit Card: HK$8/mile for online bill payments

bill payments
This card can be used as a substitute for BEA Flyer World Mastercard after 1st May 2018. It’s especially for CCB (Asia) PREMIER SELECT / PREMIER BANKING / PRIVATE BANKING customers. If you are using these service, CCB (Asia) eye card is an option but the earning ratio is not good (HK$15=1 Asia Miles) as Visa Infinite Credit Card.


  • Earn HK$1=1 Point, HK$8=1 Asia Mile or 0.5% rebates for basic transactions
  • The bonus points are perpetual
  • Pacific Coffee Buy-1-Get-1-Free on handcrafted beverages
  • Priority Pass membership for free access airport lounge
  • Purchase or settle travel fare and tickets get Up to US$1 Million Free Travel Insurance Cover

ICBC Horoscope Visa Signature Card: 1.5% rebate for all

bill payments
This card provides 1.5% rebate for bill payments. It’s quite high in the market. Also, you can earn 1.5% rebate for local and overseas spending, too. Last but not least, you can choose the preferred horoscope card face design when applying for this card.


  • Earn 1.5% rebates for basic transactions
  • Pacific Coffee Buy-1-Get-1-Free on handcrafted beverages
  • China Mobile Hong Kong Free 6-month MyVideoPass Data Sim service
  • Get HK$150 Free Credit Card Spending Limit welcome offer by spending HK$1,500 with the card
  • Minimum annual income requirement: HK$250,000