Best Pilates Studios In Hong Kong

Best Pilates Studios In Hong Kong

“1,2,3,4,5…100! Phew…Finished!” Ready for another “hundred” to rock-harden your six-pack abs? Whether you’re a Pilates pro or just starting out, these Hong Kong Pilates studios offer a range of classes, from traditional mat Pilates to resistance-based reformer machine sessions and even the Garuda method. So it’s time to grab your shorts, pants, or leggings and burn the core at these top 11 Pilates studios in Hong Kong.

Pilates Studio on Hong Kong Island



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PILATESBEAT is a Boutique studio located in Sheung Wan that provides 5 Pilates reformers for you to tone up your body with high-intensity Pilates classes with personalized instructions.

Contact: +852 9316 6723

Address: Unit 1, 9/F, Connaught Marina, 48 Connaught Road West, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong




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At H-Kore, you won’t be stuck in a fitness rut as they share cutting-edge workout techniques from around the globe. Push yourself to the limit with motivating coaching in their high-energy studio, where classes are kept small to allow for personalised attention. And with their ‘Megaformer’ machine, you’ll be working over 600 muscles in just 45 minutes.

Contact: +852 2441 9000

Address: 3/F, Emperor Commercial Centre, 39 Des Voeux Road, Central

Corner Fitness HK



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Corner Fitness HK offers a new-generation fitness concept that caters to the needs of the busy Eastern Hong Kong island area. From neighbourhood gyms and peaceful small-group yoga to tailor-made programmes for athletes’ off-season training and special training for family members, Corner Fitness HK has it all. With their boutique gym and 1-on-1 personal training sessions, you can experience different varieties of WODs and train with new friends.

Contact: +852 6338 8653

Address: Flat B, 15/F, Hop Lung Factory Building, 1 Mong Lung St., Shau Kei Wan

Anhao Wellness


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Anhao Wellness, founded by former French competitive gymnast and personal trainer Estelle Neve, is a haven for Pilates and yoga enthusiasts in Hong Kong. Spread over two floors and spanning 12,000 square feet, the studio offers group and corporate classes, personal training services, and the chance to work with famed French yogi Jean Marc Bailleul in the popular Ashtanga Yoga class.

Anhao offers 4 programme types: mat Pilates, reformer Pilates, yoga, and personal training.

For those new to Pilates or looking to refine their technique, the Beginners Class—limited to just three people per session—offers a gentle introduction to the Reformer in a welcoming environment.

Contact: +852 6397 8284

Address: 1/F & 4/F, Sunny Sky Center, 5 Ladder Street, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong



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TOPFIT is more than just a fitness space; it’s a community that delivers on its promise of results, support, and fun! With programmes like Barre Fit, AbsFocus, Circuit Training, Strength H.I.I.T., and Dance Cardio, you’ll be sure to find a class tailored to your fitness goals.

Address: 6/F, 8 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

Contact: +852 2877 9988

DEFIN8 Fitness

DEFIN8 Fitness is revolutionising the Pilates game in Hong Kong with the launch of their Infrared Reformer Pilates group classes. By combining the power of infrared light with Pilates, they’ve created a unique and highly effective fitness option that quickly loosens muscles, reduces warm-up and recovery times, and allows for up to three times more flexibility during class. Get ready to experience a more robust and dynamic routine that’ll leave you feeling invigorated and stronger than ever before!

Address: 17F Silver Fortune Plaza, 1 Wellington Street, Central

Contact: +852 9863 5605

Iso Fit


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Iso Fit is a top-tier Pilates and Gyrotonic studio that offers cutting-edge training systems and specialised equipment exclusive to Asia. With a team of highly skilled trainers, Iso Fit is able to tailor workout programmes to individual client needs, including pre- and post-natal Pilates, sports performance development, and fitness and posture improvement. Clients can expect a state-of-the-art training experience at Iso Fit, with access to the latest equipment and personalised attention from expert trainers.

Address: Unit 802–805, 8/F, Yu Yuet Lai Building, 43–55 Wyndham Street, Central

Contact: +852 2869 8630

Flex Studio


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Flex Studio‘s philosophy goes beyond just physical fitness, emphasising the fusion of mind and body for holistic well-being. Co-founders Anna Serafinas Luk and Heather Thomas strive to help clients cultivate healthy and sustainable lifestyles by offering wellness and fitness workshops. And for parents hoping to instill healthy habits in their children, Flex offers a FlexKids programme that caters to a range of interests and levels.

Address: 3/F, Man Cheung Building, 15–17 Wyndham Street, Central

Contact: +852 2813 2399

Empower Fitness Concepts

Empower Fitness is committed to delivering results, enhancing performance, and promoting overall well-being. Their comprehensive training programmes cater to cardio strength, muscle strength, and endurance, utilising functional training, core stability, and joint mobility to help clients achieve their fitness goals.

Empower Fitness provides a 55-minute Pilates Reformer class.

Address: 19th Floor, Li Dong Building, 9 Li Yuen Street East, Central

Contact: +852 2834 8001

Options Studio Hong Kong

Options Studio offers a diverse range of options for clients, catering to those with chronic injuries and pain, pre- and post-natal needs, athletes seeking to strengthen their base, and individuals looking to kickstart a new workout regime. Instructors possess a strong understanding of Pilates and workout programmes as well as a solid foundation in anatomy, biomechanics, and postural issues, integrating elements of sports medicine and exercise management into their sessions.

Address: Options Studio Hong Kong, 12/F, 16 Wyndham Street, Central

Contact: +852 3188 8112

VIM Pilates Studio


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VIM Pilates stands out from other studios with its focus on Stott Pilates, a form of Pilates that prioritises a neutral spine posture and unique exercise sequences.

VIM was founded by two personal trainers who saw the potential of Pilates as a fitness and wellness programme and believed that Pilates should be incorporated into training and workouts. Their experienced instructors, who have backgrounds in sports like tennis, wakeboarding, hiking, and ice skating, will guide you through classes that help you achieve your fitness goals.

Address: VIM Pilates Studio, 15/F, QRE Plaza, 202 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai

Contact: +852 2572 2683

Frequently Asked Questions: Pilates

If you’re new to the world of Pilates, don’t worry; let’s give you a quick rundown of the types of Pilates.

What is Pilates?

Pilates, devised by German physical trainer Joseph Pilates, has been around since the early 20th century. It is a fitness programme that takes inspiration from yoga. But unlike yoga, which focuses on the balance of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through asanas, Pilates relies on seven core principles: breath, concentration, control, centering, flow, postural alignment, precision, relaxation, and stamina.

Although Pilates does not include rapid, heart-pounding sets like HIIT training, it adopts a similar principle of slow but dynamic movements that push the body to its extreme in challenging poses.

So if you’re feeling a little apprehensive about jumping into a cardio-intense workout or hitting the weights, or just want to try something new to kick-start your fitness journey again, Pilates might be the thing for you.

What is a Pilates Reformer?

The reformer is like a finely tuned instrument, providing the perfect amount of resistance for precise alignment, core strength, and flexibility. Using your own body weight and the resistance of springs, you’ll push and pull the carriage to work every muscle and achieve a beautifully toned physique.

What is AbsFocus™?

AbsFocus™ is a Pilates-inspired class that places emphasis on strengthening the abdominal muscles. The routine maximises every minute of the hour-long session by utilising dynamic routines set to upbeat music. The class is designed to sculpt the core muscles, enhance core strength, and build endurance, making it suitable for all fitness levels. Expect a challenging workout that pushes both the body and mind to their limits.

AbsFocus™ is available at TOPFIT.

What is Infrared Pilates?

Experience the radiant, therapeutic heat of infrared heat panels, which emit an unseen light that penetrates your skin and heats the very core of your body. Benefits of far-infrared heat include increased blood circulation, improved oxygen levels, enhanced collagen production, and detoxification through sweat.

Infrared Pilates is available at DEFIN8 Fitness.

What is the Gyrotonic training system?

Imagine a workout that combines the grace of dance, the strength of gymnastics, and the fluidity of swimming. That’s what you get with the Gyrotonic system, the most common image that comes to mind when people think of Pilates. It’s a pulley-based workout that utilises the Gyrotoner, Jumping Stretching Board, and Archway to train major muscle groups independently and interactively.

And at Iso Fit, you can experience Gyrotonic training with specialised attachments that adapt to your ever-changing workout needs.

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