BOC Cheers Card Review: What’s So Special About It?

BOC Cheers Card Review: What’s So Special About It?

The Bank of China released the new BOC Cheers Card. The Visa Infinite version has received a facelift from its predecessor, the BOC Visa Infinite Card, and has upped its game with new and improved offers. With cashback rewards of up to 4% on purchases and a range of travel and dining benefits, the BOC Cheers Card is quickly becoming the talk of the town. Cardholders can also enjoy lounge access and bring guests along, as well as take advantage of buy-one-get-one deals at select restaurants. Let MoneySmart guide you through what makes the BOC Cheers Card so special.

BOC Cheers Card Visa Infinite: Is it worth applying? MoneySmart credit card rating 

Bank of China Cheers Credit Card – Visa Infinite—Is it MoneySmart?
Overall: ★★★★☆
Best for: Dining and traveling users
Category Our rating Explanation
Earn rates: air miles & cashback ★★★★★ – Up to 10X Gift Points (4% cashback) on overseas spending and dining

– Up to HK$1.5/mile for overseas spending and dining

– Spending categories cover overseas spending and dining only.

Earn categories ★★☆☆☆
Annual fees and charges ★☆☆☆☆ – HK$3,800 (First year waived)
Accessibility ★☆☆☆☆ – This BOC Cheers credit card requires an annual income of HK$600,000, which is a threshold that not many can reach.
Extras/periphery rewards ★★★★☆ – Priority Pass membership + 2 complimentary visits per year for you and a guest (worth S$221).

– Enjoy 2 Complimentary accesses upon accumulated HK$15,000 in spending per quarter

– Buy-1-Get-1 Free Fine Dining

– 25% off discount

– 48% off discount on Limousine transfer service

Welcome offer ★☆☆☆☆ — Compared to other credit cards, such as the Standard Chartered Smart Card (which offers HK$1,200 cashback for spending HK$4,000 in the first month), the welcome offer of the BOC Cheers Card is not as generous. It only offers 300,000 points (equivalent to an HK$1,200 cash rebate or 20,000 miles) when you spend HK$12,000 in the first 2 months.

Table of contents: BOC Cheers card

BOC Cheers Card: Basic in formation

Bank of China Cheers Card has 2 different tiers: Visa Infinite and Visa Signature. Here is an overview of the BOC Cheers Card’s 2 tiers:

Credit Card BOC Cheers Card Visa Infinite BOC Cheers Card Visa Signature
Income Requirement HK$600,000 or possessing assets of HK$1,000,000 HK$150,000
Annual Fee HK$3,800 (First year waived) HK$2,000 (First year waived)
Food and travel credit card rewards 10X Gift Points (equivalent to HK$1.5/mile or 4% cash rebate)^ 8X Gift Points (equivalent to HK$1.9/mile or a 3.2% cash rebate)^
Airport Lounge Access Enjoy 2 Complimentary accesses upon accumulated HK$15,000 in spending per quarter; share Complimentary access with accompanying guests (Get 2 Complimentary accesses upon card approval and in subsequent calendar year with no spending requirement)
Buy-1-Get-1 Free Fine Dining Included with local restaurants 25% off discount Book at the same hotel for 4 consecutive nights or more
Miles Redemption Miles redemption handling fee waived
Dining Offers Buy-1-Get-1-Free Menu at selected restaurants

^Enjoy dining and travel privileges by accumulating retail spending of HK$5,000 per month (The waiver of spending requirement is valid until December 31, 2023.)

BOC Cheers Card welcome offers

New customers who successfully apply for the following eligible credit cards during the promotional period and accumulate qualified transactions of the specified amount within the card-issuing month and the first 2 calendar months thereafter are eligible for the welcome offer (Valid until December 31, 2023).

BOC Cheers Card Welcome Offer Overview
Credit Card Eligible Spending Requirement Reward
Bank of China Cheers Visa Infinite Card Spend HK$12,000 or more within the month of card issuance and the following 2 calendar months 300,000 points (equivalent to HK$1,200 cash rebate or 20,000 miles)
Bank of China Cheers Visa Signature Card Spend HK$10,000 or more within the month of card issuance and the following 2 calendar months 225,000 points (equivalent to HK$900 cash rebate or 15,000 miles) 

BOC Cheers Card 10X/8X Gift Point Rewards offer

When it comes to dining and travel rewards, the BOC Cheers Card has a lot to offer. You can earn up to 10X points with BOC Cheers Card Visa Infinite or 8X points with BOC Cheers Card Visa Signature when you spend on dining or travel services and the Gift points can be redeemed as cash back or miles.

BOC Cheers Card Rewards Overview
  BOC Cheers Card Visa Infinite BOC Cheers Card Visa Signature
Dining and Travel Spending Gift Points Rewards 10X points 8X points
Gift Points In Terms of Miles HK$1.5/mile HK$1.9/mile
Gift Points In Terms of Cashback 4% 3.2%
Max Monthly Gift Points Earned 250,000 Gift points (A spending of HK$25,000) 150,000 Gift points (A spending of HK$15,000) 
Max Monthly Miles Earned Approximately 16,666 miles  Approximately 10,000 miles
Max Monthly Cash Back Earned HK$1,000 cashback HK$600 cashback

What is eligible dining transaction spending?

  • Eligible Dining Transactions refer to retail purchases made at select restaurants and dining merchants with designated merchant codes, as determined by the company or Visa International.
  • Banquet services, private parties/functions, private room events, and dining outlets in food courts, supermarkets, department stores, social/sports associations, or clubhouses are not included.
  • Transactions made through Alipay HK and WeChat Pay HK are also not eligible for rewards.

What is eligible overseas retail spending?

  • Eligible overseas retail spending refers to retail transactions made and settled in a foreign currency but excludes foreign currency transactions settled in HKD.

The minimum spending of HK$5,000 waiver until December 31, 2023

In general, BOC Cheers Card holders are required to spend a minimum amount in retail transactions in order to be eligible for the 10X/8X point rewards offer. 

But the good news is: from now until December 31, 2023, the Bank of China will waive the minimum spending requirement for monthly dining and travel expenses on the Cheers Card. Cardholders can enjoy rewards as low as HK$1.5/mile or up to 4% cashback (25,000 reward points = HK$100).

More credit cards with dining rebates

If you’re on the hunt for a credit card that offers dining rebates, the BOC Cheers Card isn’t your only option. There’s some stiff competition in this area. You can also consider other options such as the Hang Seng MMPower Card, which offers a 5.4% high +FUN Dollars reward, or the Citi Premier Miles card, which provides 12 free airport lounge access entries.

Credit Card Dining Spending Rebates Mile Rate
BOC Cheers Card Visa Infinite 4% HK$1.5/mile
Hang Seng MMPOWER 5.4%
Citi PremierMiles Card 3.2% HK$8/mile
American Express® Platinum Credit Card 1% $5/mile

Hang Seng MMPOWER Card

The Hang Seng MMPOWER Card offers high cash rebates on dining spending. If you choose the “dining” spending category, you can receive a 5.4% cash rebate plus +FUN Dollars rewards, which can be used as cash at designated shops.

Hang Seng Bank logo
Get 5% +FUN dollars on designated spending
Annual fee
Perpetual annual fee waiver
+FUN Dollars rebate on selected spending categories
+FUN Dollars rebate on online retail transaction

Citi PremierMiles Credit Card

Citi PremierMiles Credit Card offers a 3.2% cash rebate and HK$8/mile on dining spending. Another highlight of this card is its 12 free airport lounges per year, making it a must-kept card for travel lovers!

Citibank logo
MoneySmart Exclusive
Free travel insurance and airport lounges access
Minimum Income Requirements
Miles Conversion (local spend)
HK$8 = 1 mile
Miles Conversion (overseas spend)
HK$3 = 1 mile
MoneySmart Exclusive:

From now until 2 January 2024, upon successful application of a designated Citi credit card via MoneySmart and eligible spending of HK$2,000 after card issuance, new customers can enjoy an exclusive reward of HK$1,600 Apple Store Gift Card or HK$1,600 PARKnSHOP Supermarket Voucher or Bose SoundLink Revolve+ II Bluetooth Speaker (Retail value: HK$2,699)

Valid until 02 Jan 2024

American Express® Platinum Credit Card

Get the most out of your spending with the American Express Platinum Credit Card! For every HK$1 spent, you’ll earn 3 points that can be redeemed for cash vouchers, air miles (HK$5/mile), and more. Plus, enjoy up to 50% off at selected restaurants and indulge in a limited-time buy-1-get-1-free offer at agnes B CAFE for a delicious meal or takeaway. 

American Express logo
Bank Promo
Up to 50% savings at designated restaurants
Min. Annual Salary
Cash back on local spend
Miles Conversion (local spend)
$6 = 1 Mile

More Credit Cards Offer Foreign Currency Spending Rebates

Comparing the BOC Cheers Card to other credit cards can help you find the most suitable one. For example, the CMCBI Motion credit card offers the highest 6% foreign currency spending rebate, but it has a maximum rebate of HK$200 per month. On the other hand, the Standard Chartered Cathay Pacific Credit Card has a low mile rate of HK$4/mile, which is not too bad for frequent travelers.

Here is a comparison of the credit cards:

Credit Card Foreign Currency Spending Rebates Miles Rate
BOC Cheers Card Visa Infinite 4% HK$1.5/mile
Standard Chartered Cathay Pacific Credit Card HK$4/mile
CNCBI Motion Credit Card 6%
DBS Black World Mastercard HK$4/mile

CNCBI Motion Credit Card

You can also receive a year-round 6% cash rebate on dining, online, and foreign currency spending, with a maximum of HK$200 cash rebate each month, or approximately HK$3,333 in total spending.

Welcome offer of 10% cash rebate in the first 3 months

Apart from the year-round 6% cash rebate. You can now get a maximum 10% Cash Rebate if you spend HK$10,000 on spending in foreign currencies in the first 3 months.

China CITIC Bank International logo
Min. Annual Salary
Cash Back on Dining, Online and Foreign Currency Spending
Annual Fee Wavier

Standard Chartered Cathay Pacific Credit Card

As mentioned previously, the Standard Chartered Cathay Pacific Credit Card offers a redemption rate of HK$4 per mile. As for other eligible transactions, the redemption rate gets higher to HK$6 per mile. 

Standard Chartered logo
MoneySmart Exclusive
Miles Conversion(Eligible spending on Cathay and HK Express)
HK$2=1 mile
Miles Conversion (Eligible spending on dining, online and overseas category)
HK$4 = 1 mile
Bank Welcome Offer
63,000 miles
MoneySmart Exclusive:

[Limited time offer - Space-saving HomePod mini!]
Apply for Standard Chartered Cathy Mastercard now via MoneySmart to get an extra HK$700 PARKnSHOP supermarket vouchers or HK$700 Apple Store Gift Card or HK$700 Uber voucher or Apple HomePod mini (Retail price: HK$749) ! Enjoy up to 63,000 welcome miles!

Valid until 21 Dec 2023

DBS Black World Mastercard

Experience the ultimate travel rewards with DBS Black World Mastercard, one of the most sought-after credit cards for collecting Air Miles. Get 3X points for overseas transactions (HK$4=1 mile) and redeem them as Asia Miles, Avios, KrisFlyer, and more, with no conversion fee. Plus, your points will never expire, so you can save them until you can finally plan for your next trip.

DBS logo
MoneySmart Exclusive
Redeem various mileage points without any fee
Welcome Offer
Up to 42,000 miles
Upon meeting local and overseas spending goal*
Miles Conversion (overseas spend)
MoneySmart Exclusive:

From now until 31 December, customers who successfully apply for DBS Blackworld Mastercard via MoneySmart, can enjoy HK$500 Apple Store Gift Card/ Klook Voucher/ PARKnSHOP Supermarket Voucher! You can also earn the bank welcome offer of up to 42,000 miles at the same time!

Apple fans - Attention!】Shop at Apple Store with Flexi Shopping: Save on handling fees in 6 to 60-month instalments and get a chance to win a 100% cash rebate on Apple Store spending!

Valid until 31 Dec 2023

How do BOC Cheers Card’s air miles work?

You can redeem your BOC Gift Points Rewards for air miles under 3 mileage programs at a rate as low as 8 points = 1 mile (HK$8 = 1 mile), with no handling fees charged. However, please note that the mile redemption rates vary depending on the airline. You may also have different rates for the first transfer and any subsequent transfers.

Here is the overview of the mile redemption rates:

Mileage Programs Initial Transfer Every Subsequent Transfer Miles Redemption Rate Mile Rate with BOC Cheers 10X Rewards Offer Mile Rate with BOC Cheers 8X Rewards Offer
PhoenixMiles (Air China) 8,000 Gift Points = 1,000 km 4,000 Gift Points = 500 km 8 Gift Points/mile HK$0.8/mile HK$1/mile
Eastern Miles (China Eastern Airline) 12,000 Gift Points = 1,000 Eastern Miles Points 6,000 Gift Points = 500 Eastern Miles Points 12 Gift Points/mile HK$1.2/mile HK$1.5/mile
Asia Miles (Cathay Pacific) 15,000 Gift Points = 1,000 Asia Miles 7,500 Gift Points = 500 Asia Miles 15 Gift Points/mile HK$1.5/mile HK$1.9/mile

BOC Cheers Card miles compared to other credit cards

Here’s a quick comparison of other credit card miles:

Credit Card Annual Income Requirement Miles Rate Conversion Fee
BOC Cheers Card Visa Infinite HK$600,000 HK$1.5/mile N/A
BOC Cheers Card Visa Signature HK$150,000 HK$1.9/mile
Citi PremierMiles Card HK$120,000 HK$3/mile
Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard HK$96,000 HK$4/mile

BOC Cheers Card Visa Infinite offers airport lounge access

The BOC Cheers Card Visa Infinite offers the following airport lounge access perks:

  • New cardholders can receive 2 free entries to designated Plaza Premium Lounges without any spending requirements.
  • Both Visa Infinite and Visa Signature cards can earn 2 VIP lounge services per quarter by spending HK$15,000 on each card.
  • The VIP lounge service of the Bank of China Cheers Card can be shared with fellow guests or affiliated cardholders.

Here is a quick comparison of the popular credit cards that offer airport lounge access:

Credit Card Annual Income Requirement Lounge Access Max. Number of Free Visits Requirement For Free Visits
BOC Cheers Card Visa Infinite HK$600,000 Plaza Premium Lounge  2 free visits (shareable with guests) HK$15,000 per quarter
American Express Platinum Card HK$300,000 Plaza Premium Lounge Unlimited (primary cardholder can invite 2 guests with no fee)
Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard – Priority Banking HK$96,000 and become a Priority Banking client. (Need to maintain at least HKD1,000,000 Average Daily Relationship Balance.) Cathay Pacific Business Lounge 4 non-sharable visits per year

BOC Cheers Card Visa Infinite special offers

The BOC Cheers Visa Infinite card offers more than just hotel specials. What you can’t expect is free accident travel insurance, hotel com discount and limousine service discount offer.

BOC Cheers Card Visa Infinite Card 25% off discount

Customers can enjoy a 25% discount on when they book at the same hotel for 4 consecutive nights or more (up to 7 nights) within the promotion period using their BOC Cheers Visa Infinite Card and the designated promotion code. The discount is not applicable for on-site payments at the hotel. The promotion code is BOCCHEERS, and the promotion period is from August 4, 2023, to July 31, 2024.

Free Global Personal Accident Protection

You can get insurance coverage when paying for transportation, accommodation, and/or travel packages (including deposit payments, travel expenses, flight charges, and/or transportation receipts) with the BOC Cheers Visa Infinite Card.

The BOC Cheers Visa Infinite Card offers up to HK$7.8 million in personal accident protection for cardholders and their spouses who are aged 76 or below, as well as unmarried, legally dependent children aged 23 or below.

48% discount on Limousine transfer service

You can now enjoy a 48% discount on limousine transfer service to and from Hong Kong International Airport.

  • Visa Infinite cardholders can book through email at [email protected], call +852 5529 9113, or fax +852 2619 1189.
  • The service must be reserved 48 hours in advance. If the service is not used, it must be canceled 8 hours before. Otherwise, 50% of the fee will be charged.
  • The promotion is valid from January 1, 2023, to December 31, 2023.
  • You can find the Visa Infinite Card Airport Limousine Booking Form here.

Here is the price reference for Limousine Transfer service:

Zone Districts Discounted Price
Zone 1 Tsuen Wan, Kwai Chung, Tsing Yi, Mei Foo, Cheung Sha Wan, Shum Shui Po, Kowloon Tong, Yau Ma Tei, Mongkok, Prince Edward, Hung Hom, Tsim Sha Tsui, San Po Kong, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon Bay, and Kwun Tong. HK$338 (Original Price: HK$650)
Zone 2 Pok Fu Lam, Sai Ying Pun, Sheung Wan, Central, Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, Happy Valley, Mid Levels, North Point, Quarry Bay, Sau Kei Wan, Chai Wan, Aberdeen, and Wong Chuk Hang. HK$390 (Original Price: HK$750)
Zone 3 Tai Wai, Shatin, Ma On Shan, Tai Po, Fanling, Sheung Shui, Tin Shui Wai, Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, Kam Tin, Lok Ma Chau, Sha Tau Kok, Clearwater Bay, Sai Kung, Tseung Kwan 0, Chung Hom Kok, Tai Tam, Stanley/Shek O, Repulse Bay, Redhill Peninsula, The Peak, HK Parkview, Sham Tseng, and Ting Kau. HK$442 (Original Price: HK$850)

BOC Cheers Card Visa Infinite buy-1-get-1-free fine dining offer

BOC Cheers Card Visa Infinite holders can indulge in a delightful dining experience through the buy-one-get-one-free offer for selected set menus at upscale restaurants. However, reservations must be made in advance, and the promotion must be mentioned while booking. Only one offer or designated set menu can be used per table each time, unless specified otherwise. Please note that the offer is not valid on designated holidays, and it is recommended to check with the restaurant first to confirm.

The offer includes the following menu sets:

  • Ami’s 8-course tasting dinner
  • EPURE’s tasting dinner
  • Arbor’s Full Arbor Experience dinner
  • Castellana’s Tour Around Italy Menu / Traditional Piedmontese Recipe Menu
  • Perla’s Mediterranean Seafood Journey menu

Final verdict: Is BOC Cheers Card worth applying for?

Considering the 10% cashback and miles that the BOC Cheers Card Visa Infinite offers, you may want to add the card to your watchlist. However, keep in mind the promotional period for the minimum spending limit waiver ends on December 31, 2023. Without the waiver, you would need to spend at least HK$5,000 per month to enjoy these offers.

Plus, if you are a frequent traveler, the free airport lounge access and 48% discount on limousine service are valuable add-ons to enhance your trip. In terms of mileage redemption, BOC Cheers has the best rate of HK$1.5/mile after fulfilling the minimum spending requirement. (Waived until December 31, 2023)

The last point about its con is the high application threshold. Not everyone meets the threshold for applying for the card. The BOC Visa Infinite Card requires cardholders to have an annual income of HK$600,000, while the Visa Signature requires an annual income of HK$150,000.

Frequently asked questions: BOC Cheers Card

Does the Bank of China Cheers Card require an annual fee?

The first year is free, and after that, it starts at HK$2,000.

Can the Bank of China Cheers Card airport lounge offer be shared with others?

It can be shared with fellow guests or supplementary cardholders.

What is the annual income requirement for a Bank of China Cheers Card?

Bank of China Cheers Visa Infinite Card requires either a minimum salary of HK$600,000 or assets of HK$1,000,000 or above. Bank of China Cheers Visa Signature Card requires a minimum salary of HK$150,000.

What is the maximum amount of $1.5/mile or 4% cashback for a Bank of China Cheers Card?

Each Bank of China Cheers Visa Infinite Card account (including both the main and supplementary cards) can earn a maximum of 250,000 reward points (HK$25,000 in spending) per calendar month during this promotion.

BOC Cheers Visa Signature Card account (main card and additional card will be combined in the calculation) is eligible for earning 150,000 Gift Points (HK$15,000) at a maximum each calendar month.

The 10X/8X promotion period will run from July 27, 2023, to July 31, 2024.

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