23 Best Beaches To Visit In Hong Kong

23 Best Beaches To Visit In Hong Kong

As the Hong Kong summer heats up, there’s no better way to cool off than by hitting one of the city’s many beautiful beaches. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly spot or a scenic beachside campsite, the city’s best beaches are just a stone’s throw away.

So, don your swimsuit, grab your shades, and slather on some sunscreen because it’s time to soak up some sun and swim next to the sandy shores of Hong Kong!

Hong Kong’s best beaches

Before we start, remember to stay safe, keep an eye out for beaches without lifeguards, and take extra care in those situations. Enjoy!

Shek O Beach


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Shek O Beach has become a top favourite among family beachgoers in Hong Kong, thanks to its serene village atmosphere and convenient amenities with changing rooms, showers, public toilets, and BBQ pits.

Nestled on a peninsula, the beach offers a peaceful retreat with gentle waves lapping the shore. A plethora of restaurants (You must try Thai food!), cafes, and bars can be found nearby. And if you’re in the mood for a change of scenery, take a stroll around the village to discover the stunning Shek O Lovers’ Bridge and Tai Tau Chau Pavilion for breathtaking views of the South China Sea.

How to get to Shek O Beach

The quickest way to get to Shek O Beach is by taking the MTR to Shau Kei Wan station. From there, you can choose which transit method to use to reach Shek O Beach.

  • The red minibus no. 9 provides the best balance between transit time and cost, but note that the minibus timetable might not be regular.
  • Bus No. 9 has a regular table, but it takes the longest.
  • Taking a taxi, while more expensive, can be the easiest option to get to Shek O.
Transportation From Shau Kei Wan MTR Station Duration Cost
Red minibus no. 9 from Exit A2 20 mins HK$8-12
Bus No. 9 from Exit A3 24 mins HK$4.3-8.2
Taxi 12 mins xitHK$110-140

Quick note:

  • Is there an ATM at Shek O Beach? When planning a visit to Shek O Beach, make sure to bring enough cash with you, as there are no ATMs available in the area.

Repulse Bay Beach


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Repulse Bay Beach is a luxurious oasis in an upscale residential area. The beachfront mall, “The Pulse,” offers restaurants, a supermarket, a day spa, and a variety of shops and boutiques. What’s more, many of the venues are pet-friendly, so you can bring your furry friends along!

How to get to Repulse Bay Beach from Central or Causeway Bay

  • If you start your journey from Exchange Square (MTR Central Station Exit A / MTR Hong Kong Station Exit B1), you can take the following buses: 6, 6x, or 260 to get to Repulse Bay.
  • Another option is to take minibuses 40 and 40X from Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay.
Transportation From Central Duration Cost
Bus 6, 6x, 260 21 mins HK$4-12
Transportation From Causeway Bay Duration Cost
40, 40X 32 mins HK$9.6

Quick note:

  • It’s best to arrive early on weekends, as Repulse Bay tends to get crowded quickly.

Silvermine Bay Beach

Silvermine Bay Beach is a gazetted beach located facing Silver Mine Bay on Tung Wan Tau Road, one of the popular beaches in Mui Wo. The beach has barbecue pits, a volleyball court, and a kayak equipment rental store (perfect for kayak beginners!).

It’s just a 10-minute walk along the shore, and you can enjoy local food at Dai Pai Dong (local food restaurants) for a reasonable price. It’s perfect for refuelling after spending a day in the sea!

If you are up for a longer vacation, you can also reserve a room at the Silvermine Beach Resort. What could be a better way to enjoy Sunday morning at the beachside?

How to get to Silvermine Bay Beach?

To get to Silvermine Bay Beach, you can take the ferry, bus, or call a cab.

Transportation From Central Duration Cost
Ferry 55 mins HK$17-25
Transportation From Tung Chung Duration Cost
Taxi 17 mins HK$140-170
Bus no.3M 40 mins Hk$12-18

Pui O Beach


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Pui O Beach, a hidden gem on Lantau Island, is a peaceful village that attracts campers and beachgoers alike. The official campsite provides over 50 spots to pitch your tent, and the beach’s BBQ pit is conveniently located in the front, allowing you to enjoy stunning sunset views while grilling. Nearby small shops offer all the necessary supplies for your beach adventure.

How to get to Pui O Beach?

  • To reach the beach, simply take the ferry from Central Pier 6 or the bus 3M from Tung Chung to Mui Wo.
  • From there, catch bus 1 to Lo Uk Tsuen and walk for 5 minutes to your destination.

Stanley Beach

Located on the eastern side of the Stanley peninsula, the gazetted Stanley Main Beach beckons with its sandy shores and crystal-clear waters.

How to get to Stanley Beach?

  • You can take a scenic bus ride on either bus 6, 6x, or 260 from Exchange Square (MTR Central Station Exit A/MTR Hong Kong Station Exit B1) to Stanley Village Bus Terminus.
  • Alternatively, for a more comfortable and convenient journey, one can opt for a minibus 40 or 40X from Jardine’s Bazaar in Causeway Bay.

Chung Hom Kok Beach


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With its location down the road from Stanley Plaza and Chung Hom Kok Beach, the playground is perfect for the whole family. Enjoy the fresh air as you lounge on the clean beach, admire the stunning views, and let the kids run wild in the rockin’ playground.

Plus, there are bungalows for picnics and plenty of space to enjoy a fun-filled day out. So why wait? Head down to Chung Hom Kok Beach, and see you on the sand!

How to get to Chung Hom Kok Beach?

  • Similar to getting to Stanley, you can either get to Chung Hom Kok Beach via bus 6, 6x, or 260 from Exchange Square or minibus 40, 40X, from Causeway Bay.

Big Wave Bay


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Big Wave Bay is a surfer’s paradise nestled in Hong Kong’s Southern District, north of Shek O Beach. But it’s not just for the wave riders; it’s also the perfect spot to unwind after a hike up Dragon’s Back. Take a break, grab a bite to eat, and rent a surfboard or stand-up paddleboard before soaking up some sun on the beach. (Check out more about Hong Kong Water Sports here!)

How to get to Big Wave Bay:

From Shau Kei Wan station, you have two options to reach the stunning Big Wave Bay.

  • You can catch the red minibus to Shek O from Shau Kei Wan station, Exit A2, and enjoy the ride through the picturesque tunnel.
  • Alternatively, hop on bus 9 at Exit A3 and disembark between Shek O Road and Big Wave Bay Road. From there, take a leisurely 10-minute stroll to the tranquil Big Wave Bay Village and Beach.

Upper and Lower Cheung Sha Beach

Calling for all the glampers there! Experience the ultimate in beachside luxury with caravans and safari tents for glampers at a stunning location in Cheung Sha Beach. Enjoy the breathtaking views while you unwind, indulge in thrilling water sports like surfing, kite-surfing, and SUP, and cap off your day with a refreshing drink at the beachfront bars.

Cheung Sha Beach is the ultimate spot for beachgoers who want to experience the best of both worlds. The beach is divided into Upper and Lower Cheung Sha Beaches, with most shops, restaurants, and glamping sites located on the lower side. Meanwhile, the upper side can be accessed via a short trail behind the headland.

How to get to Cheung Sha Beach:

  • You can take the ferry from Central Pier 6 or a bus 3M from Tung Chung to Mui Wo, then take bus no. 1, no. 2, or no. 4 to Cheung Sha Ha Tsuen.

Welcome Beach

Welcome Beach, located on Lantau Island, offers a serene escape on the stunning Changsha Beach with crystal-clear waters and soft, fine sand. But that’s not all – the special feature of Welcome Beach is the caravan camping experience.

Indulge in the beauty of nature and bask in the sun while you relax in the comfort of your caravan. Check out the charges based on your preferences below:

Coupon Type People Weekday Charges Weekend Charges
Couples 2 $1400 $2200
Family 2-4 $1600 $2600
Deluxe 2-4 $1800 $2800
Honour 2-5 $2000 $3000
Special Honor 2-5 $2200 $3200
Information as of Feb 1, 2023

If you are interested in knowing more, you can contact the company via WhatsApp at +852 9060 6220.

How to get to Welcome Beach

  • To get to Lower Cheung Sha Beach, catch either bus 11, 11A, or 23 from the Tung Chung Station Bus Terminus. Once you reach the Cheung Sha Ha Tsuen bus stop, walk 60 metres in the same direction as the bus, and take the first left down to the beach.

Tai Long Wan

Tai Long Wan, situated in Sai Kung, is a well-known destination with 4 top-quality beaches stretching across 3 km of the coast. These beaches include Sai Wan, Ham Tin Wan, Tai Wan, and Tung Wan, all connected via short trails.

Other than the scenic beauty, visitors can enjoy local cuisine at the cha chaan tengs in Sai Wan or Ham Tin Wan. For those opting to camp, tents and other accessories can be rented at the store in Ham Tin Wan. Moreover, hiking enthusiasts can indulge in the breathtaking views of nature.

Ham Tin Beach


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Ham Tin Beach is one of the hideaways that not many may reach because the only access is from the hiking trails. But I can assure you that the walk is worth it. Once you arrive at Ham Tin Beach, you can escape the crowds and immerse yourself in unspoiled nature.

Hike through lush green hills with breathtaking views of bright turquoise waters. Then reward yourself with a relaxing day on the beach. It’s the perfect mix of challenge and rewards for the mind and body, recharging in a stunning natural setting.

How to get to Ham Tin Beach:

  • First, you would need to get to Sai Kung Town. Then, you can get to Sai Wan Pavilion. This is where you will start your hiking trip.
  • As mentioned before, Ham Tin Beach is only accessible through the hiking trail. The walk would take around 1.5 hours to get there, but don’t worry much about the trail. The path is well maintained, so the journey is fairly easy to complete.
  • To return to Sai Kung from Ham Tin Beach, you must either hike back or take a boat. The boat rides are available hourly and cost around HK$160 per person per trip, lasting approximately 50 minutes.

Quick note:

  • If you are staying at Ham Tin Beach overnight, tents and camping equipment are available for rent at the shops at Ham Tin Beach.

Sai Wan Beach

Sai Wan Beach is not only convenient to reach, but it also boasts a charming small village and a serene lagoon area. Visitors can indulge in light snacks and drinks at convenience shops or beach cafes. And for those who want to extend their beach adventure, there’s even a camping area with BBQ pits for overnight stays.

So come and experience the beauty of Sai Wan Beach, where nature and convenience blend into perfect harmony.

How to get to Sai Wan Beach:

  • First, you can take minibus 29R from Sai Kung Town to Sai Wan Pavilion, then take a 45-minute walk to get to Sai Wan.
  • Or, you can take the speedboats available at Sai Kung Pier.

Golden Beach


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The Gold Coast in Tuen Mun is a popular destination for staycations. The Gold Coast Hotel is an excellent choice, situated on the beachfront and offering themed rooms, an indoor playground for children, and a water park. Ideal for those seeking a tranquil retreat within close proximity to the city’s hustle and bustle.

How to get to Golden Beach

  • You can take bus 962B or N962 from Causeway Bay or bus 52x from Mong Kok.

Turtle Cove Beach

Turtle Cove Beach in Tai Tam is a slice of paradise! This serene beach features velvety sand and sparkling water that’s alive with crabs, fish, and sea cucumbers. It’s a stunning destination that you simply cannot miss – a true oasis nestled just beyond the city’s vibrant pace.

How to get to Turtle Cove Beach

  • To get to Turtle Cove Beach, hop off the MTR at Sai Wan Ho, take exit A, and catch bus 14. After passing the Tai Tam Reservoir stop, alight and head down the steps to reach the beach.

Trio beach

Trio Beach is a diamond in the rough. It’s one of the few beaches in Sai Kung that’s easy to get to, yet it’s off the beaten path. Although it’s close to the main highway and Pak Sha Wan, it’s tucked away behind the headland that forms Pak Sha Wan. So when you’re on the beach, there’s not a soul in sight. Don’t forget to squeeze in a trip to enjoy the soft sand, crystal-clear water, and a breeze.

How to get to Trio Beach

There are three ways to reach the hidden gem that is Turtle Cove Beach in Tai Tam.

  • You can hop on a minibus, either the 1A from Choi Hung MTR or the 101M from Hang Hau MTR.
  • Alternatively, you can take a taxi or drive to Pak Sha Wan Pier in Sai Kung.
  • Feeling adventurous? Catch a sampan and enjoy a 10-minute ride from Pak Sha Wan to this peaceful paradise.

Long Ke Wan Beach

Long Ke Beach, “‘The Maldives of Hong Kong,” is a beach with fine white sand and bright turquoise water. To get to this beautiful beach, take a short hike from Sai Kung East Dam or rent a speedboat from Sai Kung Pier.

How to get to Long Ke Wan Beach:

  • You can catch a taxi from Sai Kung town to the East Dam of High Island Reservoir and hike for 15-20 minutes; or
  • Rent a speed boat from Sai Kung Pier and cruise your way to this hidden gem.

Quick note:

  • Keep in mind that facilities are limited, so it’s important to bring your own food and water supplies for a peaceful day at the beach.

Clear Water Bay Beach

Clear Water Bay Beach lives up to its name, having crystal-clear waters that are perfect for a refreshing dip. The beach on the northeastern coast of Sai Kung is a favourite among Hong Kong’s day-trippers, who flock here on chartered yachts. Despite its popularity, the beach remains tucked away and offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

How to get to Clear Water Bay Beach

  • Arrive at Hang Hau or Tseung Kwan O stations.
  • Then take the 101M minibus from Hang Hau station towards HKUST and Sai Kung or the 103M minibus from Tseung Kwan O station to Clearwater Bay Beach.

Shek Pai Wan Beach

Nestled between the partially abandoned villages of Tung O and Yung Shue Ha lies the hidden paradise of Shek Pai Wan, the largest beach on Lamma Island. Its remote location provides a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and offers a quaint respite from the weekend crowds.

How to get to Shek Pai Wan

  • Take a ferry from Central Pier 4 to Sok Kwu Wan and follow the serene Family Walk. As you climb up the steps behind The Bay restaurant, the path will guide you for about 25 minutes to the breathtaking destination. Embark on this adventure and immerse yourself in the tranquilly of Mo Tat Old Village.

Lo So Shing Beach

The hideaway beach is nestled in the heart of the island, offering a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. With its pristine stretch of sand, simple amenities like public toilets and a vending machine, and lack of crowds, this beach is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the serenity of nature.

How to get to Lo So Shing Beach:

  • First, take the ferry from Central Pier 4 to Yung Shue Wan. You will find Lo So Shing Beach 15 minutes away from the hilltop pavilion along the Family walk.

Ma Wan Beach

Ma Wan, a small island that is part of Tsuen Wan and located between Lantau Island and Tsing Yi, is a hidden gem in Hong Kong. Apart from Noah’s Ark theme park, it offers many family-friendly activities, such as cycling on the coastal walk and seeing the hilltop lookout to view Tsing Ma Bridge, among others. The island also has a few beaches, including Tung Wan Beach, which boasts fine sand and spectacular views of Tsing Ma Bridge and Ting Kau Bridge.

How to get to Ma Wan Beach

  • To get to Ma Wan,you may catch the ferry from Central Ferry Pier No. 2 or take the Park Island bus at Exit C of Tsing Yi Station.

Sha Ha Beach

Sha Ha Beach is located in the Sai Kung urban area and is one of the beaches in Sha Ha settlement. It was named the 3rd Best Kayaking Site in Hong Kong and ranked 51 out of 87 beaches in the Hong Kong region. It is situated 16.8 km away from the city centre.

How to get to Sha Ha Beach

  • To reach Sha Ha Beach, hop on the MTR to Hang Hau station and exit through B1.
  • From there, ride the 101M minibus to Sai Kung Town and take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline to reach the beach. It’s only a 10-minute walk, so take your time and soak in the scenery.

Long Mei Beach

Lung Mei Beach in Tai Po is a man-made beach that opened to the public in 2016, next to Tai Mei Tuk and Plover Cove Reservoir. It’s perfect for a post-hike dip.

How to get to Long Mei Beach

  • Tai Mei Tuk Beach is accessible by taking either bus 75K or 275R (on Sundays and public holidays only) or flagging down a green minibus 20C from MTR Tai Po Market Station and alighting at Lo Tsz Tin.
  • From there, it’s just a quick 2-minute stroll to the beach.

Quick note

The beach has lifeguards on duty from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day.

Sheung Sze Wan Beach

Sheung Sze Wan is the perfect destination for kayaking and SUP enthusiasts looking to cool off during the hot summer months. Ready to rent gear and paddle around the UNESCO Geopark? Or join one of the guided tours that take you to Bluff Island, Sharp Island, and the Instagram-famous Green Egg Island.

You’ll get to explore volcanic rock formations and go snorkelling in crystal-clear waters. And don’t forget to snap a photo of Green Egg Island.

How to get to Sheung Sze Wan:

  • You can catch bus no. 91 from Diamond Hill station or minibus no. 16 from Po Lam station.

Half Moon Bay


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Half Moon Bay is a crescent-shaped beach that has been a favourite among locals for its stunning golden sands and crystal-clear waters. It’s a picturesque spot on Sharp Island that is equipped with showers, bathrooms, changing rooms, kiosks, and BBQ pits.

The cherry on top of the cake is that it’s also part of the UNESCO Geopark. For those who love hiking, the hike from Kiu Tsui Beach to Half Moon Bay is a must-try, as it offers unbelievably beautiful views of Sai Kung and stunning rock formations. Don’t forget to visit the photogenic rocky tombolo bridge in Kiu Tsui, which is only exposed during low tides.

How to get to Half Moon Bay:

  • You can first take a 15-minute sampan or Kaito from Sai Kung Town pier. Around HK$40 per trip, but the prices and frequency vary depending on the season.

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