Playstation Plus Membership Guide: What’s The Difference Between PS Plus Extra And Deluxe? With Free Games List Available Each Month

Playstation Plus Membership Guide: What’s The Difference Between PS Plus Extra And Deluxe? With Free Games List Available Each Month

PlayStation will be revamping the original PS Plus membership plans into 3 different tiers: PS Plus Basic, PS Plus Upgrade, and PS Plus Premium. Each tier of membership offers different benefits.

Want to know the differences between the 3 PS Plus membership plans? Which tier is most suitable for you? MoneySmart has compiled the distinctions between each tier and even provides various credit card promotions to help you get the best value for your PS Plus membership! Check out the following blog to learn more!

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What can you do with PlayStation Plus?

This service allows you to play games online, utilise cloud storage features, receive exclusive discounts on the PlayStation Store, and, most importantly, provides access to a variety of games at no additional charge.

How many tiers are there for PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation Plus now offers 3 different tiers at different prices: PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium.

PlayStation Plus was upgraded in summer 2022 to directly compete with Xbox Game Pass. The new PS Plus includes a full library of games for streaming and downloading, along with the existing online features.

How much does each PlayStation membership tier cost?

PlayStation Plus Tier 1 Month Subscription 3 Month Subscription 12 Month Subscription
PlayStation Plus Essential HK$54/month HK$135/3 months (HK$45/month) HK$425/12 months (HK$35.4/month)
PlayStation Plus Extra HK$80/month HK$220/3 months (HK$73.3/month) HK$705/12 months (HK$58.75/month)
PlayStation Plus Deluxe HK$95/month HK$250/3 months (HK$83.3/month) HK$820/12 months (HK$68.3/month)

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PlayStation Plus Essential

Although the PlayStation Plus Essential does not include curated game lists, new game trials, or a catalogue of classic games, there are still plenty of benefits for members to enjoy:

Online multiplayer mode is available

If you want to play online with friends, you must subscribe to the PlayStation Plus Essential or the PlayStation Plus Extra.

Just like the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation’s online multiplayer system is only accessible to users who have subscribed to the PS Plus.

For instance, playing specific games with friends or online players necessitates a subscription. Therefore, even if you are connected to Wi-Fi or broadband, you cannot participate in online multiplayer directly.

PS Plus Exclusive Discounts

By joining any PlayStation Plus membership plan, you can enhance your free gaming experience with exclusive styles and in-game items, such as Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Cloud Storage Space

Many players wish to play different games, but installing each game requires a significant amount of storage space, often resulting in insufficient space on the console.

To address this issue, PlayStation offers cloud storage for subscribers of the PS Plus Basic Plan or Premium memberships.

When you lack sufficient storage space and want to install a new game, you can upload the progress of that game to cloud storage. Even if you need to delete the game from your console, you need not worry about losing your progress if you wish to play the game again in the future.

Furthermore, the cloud storage supports automatic saving, ensuring that your game progress remains unaffected in the event of a sudden console shutdown or programme error.

PlayStation Plus Extra

Brace yourself for PlayStation Plus Extra, the ultimate upgrade that not only offers all the amazing benefits of PS Plus Essential but also unlocks a treasure trove of up to 400 of the most thrilling PS4 and PS5 games.

Immerse yourself in epic adventures like Death Stranding, embark on godly quests with God of War (2018), swing through the city as Marvel’s Spider-Man, team up with Miles Morales in his own spectacular adventure, engage in bone-crushing battles with Mortal Kombat 11, and experience the intense and enigmatic world of Returnal.

Classics Catalogue

PlayStation Plus Premium members can access a variety of games from previous PlayStation generations, including remastered versions and titles from the PSP, PS1, and PS2. (Note: Game availability may vary by country or region.

(Check the PlayStation Plus Content Centre on your console for a complete list of playable titles in your country or region.)

PlayStation Plus Deluxe

Experience the full potential of PlayStation Plus Deluxe, which includes the benefits of the Extra and Essential plans. You can now enjoy thrilling game trials and explore the Classics catalog. Dive into limited-time gameplay that will shape your ultimate gaming destiny. (Click here for more details.)

Here is a list of heated games for you to try:

  • The Last of Us (Part I)
  • Hogwarts Legacy
  • NBA 2K24
  • and more.

Progress and trophies will transfer if you buy the full game after your trial ends.

What’s the difference between PS Plus Essential, PS Plus Extra, and PS Plus Deluxe?

PlayStation Plus Tier PlayStation Plus Essential PlayStation Plus Extra PlayStation Plus Deluxe
Online multiplayer mode is available Yes Yes Yes
Exclusive Content Yes Yes Yes
PS Plus Exclusive Discounts Yes Yes Yes
Cloud Storage Space Yes Yes Yes
Curated Game Lists No Yes Yes
Catalogue of Classic Games No No Yes
Game Trials No No Yes
Number of Games in the Library Limited Up to 400 PS4 and PS5 games Up to 400 PS4 and PS5 games
Price HK$54/month, HK$135/3 months, HK$425/12 months HK$80/month, HK$220/3 months, HK$705/12 months HK$95/month, HK$250/3 months, HK$820/12 months

The PlayStation Plus membership comes in three different tiers: Essential, Extra, and Deluxe.

The Essential tier offers benefits like online multiplayer, exclusive discounts, and cloud storage. However, it does not include curated game lists, game trials, or a catalogue of classic games.

The Extra tier provides all the benefits of Essential, but it also unlocks a treasure trove of up to 400 of the most thrilling PS4 and PS5 games, including titles like Death Stranding, God of War, and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The Deluxe tier includes everything from Extra and Essential, along with extra perks like game trials and access to the Classics Catalogue. With this tier, you can enjoy an exciting selection of games such as The Last of Us and Hogwarts Legacy.

In summary, the plans differ in terms of the variety and quantity of games available, with the Deluxe tier offering the most extensive gaming experience.

What free games are available with PS Plus each month?

By joining any PlayStation Plus membership plan, you can download and play the monthly curated games for free on PS4 and PS5. Once you download the games to your console, you can continue playing them even if they are no longer available in the following months. The games will only be disabled once your prepaid membership plan ends, but you can reopen them by reactivating your PS Plus membership in the future. 

This month’s curated games are:

  • Foamstars
  • Rollerdrome
  • Steel Rising
  • Hot Wheels Unleashed
  • Injustice 2
  • Rogue Explorer
  • Crisis Wing
  • Superhot

PS Plus Downgrade

If you find that you don’t actually need the subscribed PS Plus membership plan, PlayStation also provides methods for downgrading or cancelling. However, please note that PS Plus currently does not offer immediate downgrades or subscription cancellations with refunds.

Therefore, any downgrades or cancellations will take effect at the end of the prepaid service period, and you will no longer be able to enjoy the exclusive benefits of the previous subscription level.

The methods for downgrading or cancelling membership are as follows:

  • On PS4 or PS5, navigate to Account Settings, then select Subscription Management.
  • On the web: Log in to your PlayStation Network account and visit Subscription Management.

Frequently Asked Questions: PS Plus

Is a PS Plus membership required for online play?

In general, most games (excluding basic free games) require a PlayStation Plus membership to play online.

Can I downgrade my existing PS Plus subscription?

Yes, but downgrading will result in the loss of exclusive benefits from the previous subscription.

Can I keep PlayStation Plus games?

Yes, you can keep PlayStation Plus games as long as you are an active subscriber. However, please note that some games in the Game Catalogue and Classics Catalogue may have end dates when they are removed from the service. These end dates will be announced in advance.

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