Best Dining Credit Cards in Hong Kong (Updated in June 2020)

best dining credit cards hong kong

Dining credit cards have various promotions, and offers, and hottest perks. Hands up if you’re a foodie! Hey, how can you miss out on credit card promotions? These kinds of credit cards give you numerous cash rebates and air miles. Some cards like Standard Chartered Asia Miles give you free mileage conversion. But some offer buffet promotions, e.g. HSBC Visa Signature. How to choose? Sounds attractive? MoneySmart has summarized the best 3 credit cards of dining for you:

Dining Credit card Offer
HSBC Visa Signature Card 3.6% rebates
Standard Chartered Asia Miles Mastercard HK$4/mile
Citi Cash Back Visa Credit Card 2% rebates

1. HSBC Visa Signature: Dining credit cards with highest rebates/mileage conversion

HSBC 滙豐銀行 logo
Min. Annual Salary
Cash back on local spend
Miles Conversion (local spend)
HK$2.78 = 1 Mile


  • Put your extra 5x RewardCash to the “dining” category in “Red Hot Offers”, plus the extra 3x RewardCash. In this way, you can earn up to 3.6% cash rebates or HK$2.78/mile with no minimum spend.
  • Swipe this card in Mira HK (Yamm, WHISK, and Cuisine Cuisine), Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin cafe to enjoy their 1-for-1 lunch sets.
  • You have your own to-eat list? They also launch tons of offer and rebate programs in hundreds of restaurants, which surely covers at least one of your favorites!


  • “Red Hot Offers” gives extra 3x RewardCash in the 6 categories
  • Earn 5x RewardCash from online and foreign currency transactions in 2019
  • Annual salary requirement: HK$360,000


2. Standard Chartered Asia Miles Mastercard: Free mileage conversion


  • This card gives you HK$4/mile and converts to Asia Miles automatically for free at the end of the month.
  • Besides that, you can earn HK$4/mile, which the card gives you anyway, plus the extra HK$2/mile for the spending in Asia Miles partner restaurants. During the promotion period, you can even earn HK$1/mile on every Monday, giving you double air miles!


  • HK$4/mile for online and overseas spending
  • Enjoy 10% off on hotel reservations, car rental, travel experience, and restaurants
  • Annual salary requirement: HK$96,000


3. Citi Cash Back Visa: Cash rebates for hotel buffets

Citibank 花旗銀行 logo
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MoneySmart Limited Time Offer
Cash back on local spend
Cash back on overseas spend
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Valid until 31 Aug 2022


  • Offering 2% dining cashback without a cap, card owners can also enjoy cashback rebates on hotel spending including many hotel buffet offers.
  • Sometimes hotel restaurants use the merchant category code of hotels, instead of restaurants, banks can’t identify your transactions as dining spending. But with this card, you can enjoy your deluxe cuisine in hotels with ease!


  • 2% local hotel spending rebate
  • 2% foreign currency rebate
  • Annual salary requirement: HK$240,000


Summary: Make sure you can repay with dining credit cards

These cards may attempt you to swipe everywhere, but keep in mind:

  • For some credit cards specialized in dining, they don’t include some large expenses in rebates, such as hotels, banquet service, private cocktail parties, and private events etc. Dining service in shopping malls, associations and clubs aren’t included in the dining category.
  • For some credit cards, you can only know how much actual cashback you earn after reaching certain cashback amount. Take Citi Cash Back Visa Card as an example, you can only receive your rebates once it’s $200.
  • Always remember to pay your bills on time. If your penalty is more than your cashback, your hard work will lose its original purpose.

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