Hong Kong Gasoline Discount All-In-One Guide: Caltex/Shell/PetroChina/Esso Smiles

Hong Kong Gasoline Discount All-In-One Guide: Caltex/Shell/PetroChina/Esso Smiles

Hey, drivers! Looking for ways to save money on fuel? If you haven’t joined the fuel card membership programs offered by Caltex, Shell, PetroChina, and Esso Smiles, you’re probably missing out on the chance to earn points and redeem them for fuel coupons, gifts, and even Asia Miles. Not to mention, using a specific credit card to pay for gas can earn you extra rewards! Keep reading the MoneySmart Petrol Discount All-In-One Guide to stay up-to-date on the latest refueling promotions and get even more tips to save on gasoline. (Updated in May 2023)

Hong Kong Fuel card discount overview

Fuel cards can be a great way to save money on gas purchases in Hong Kong. Some of the most popular fuel cards include Esso Smiles, Shell Go+, Caltex Rewards Card, and Sinopec X Card. Each card offers unique benefits and rewards, such as redeemable points for fuel coupons, Asia Miles, and even electronic devices. Here is a brief introduction to each fuel card.

Esso Smiles Card

Company Fuel Type Points Earned
Esso Smiles Card



Supreme+ 15 Esso Smiles/liter
Extra 10 Esso Smiles/liter
Auto-LPG 1 Esso Smiles/liter

Redeeming your Esso Smiles is not limited to just fuel coupons! You can also convert them to Cathay miles (Asia Miles), HKT Clubpoints, or Moneyback points, earning flight tickets, beverages, or even electronic devices.

Monthly promotion (Updated as of May 18)

To enjoy monthly offers that change every month, simply register as an Esso Smiles member and present your Esso Smiles card.

Day Discount Offer
Monday Use 5,000 Smiles points to get HK$333 of Synergy™ Supreme petrol (usually 7,500 points). Or, use 5,000 Smiles points to get HK$300 of Synergy Extra petrol.
Tuesday Smiles Basic Card members get HK$6 off per liter of Synergy™ Supreme+ petrol or HK$4 off per liter of Synergy Extra petrol at Esso.
Thursday Free upgrade your Synergy Extra petrol to Synergy Supreme+ petrol for petrol purchases.
Friday Smiles Basic Card members get HK$5 off per liter of all Synergy™ petrol (Supreme+/Extra) at Esso.
Sunday Smiles Basic Card members earn double Smiles points when buying all Synergy™ petrol (Supreme+/Extra) at Esso.

All-year-round offer

That’s more from the monthly offer! Smiles members can save HK$1.6/L on petrol by showing their Smiles Classic Card at Esso and Feoso stations and earning Smiles points at the same time.

Shell Go+ Mobile App Offer

Shell Go+ is a mobile app that offers gasoline discounts with points. To get started, download the app and register an account using your mobile number. Once registered, you’ll be ready to receive promotional offers!

Here is how you can get instant points for fuel purchased and other purchases:

Company Product Type Points Earned
Shell Go+ Shell V-Power gasoline 15 points/liter
Shell FuelSave gasoline or diesel 10 points/liter
Shell Helix Power (4-liter pack),
Shell Helix Protect, Shell Helix Ultra ECT Multi (4-liter pack),
Shell Helix Ultra Extra 0W-40 (4-liter pack), Shell Helix Ultra Extra ECT C2/C3 0W-30 (4-liter pack),
Shell Helix Ultra Extra Racing 10W-60 (4-liter pack)
4 points/HK$1
Shell Helix Ultra Extra 5W-40 (4-liter pack) 2 points/HK$1
Shell Select convenience stores and car care services 1 point/HK$1

Shell GO+ is not just another mobile app. It’s a whole new way to fuel up with style! You can save a lot more with this app:

  • Earn double points on your birthday month’s purchases (only in Hong Kong).
  • Redeem HKD$10 Shell vouchers with as low as 250 points.
  • Rewards redeemed through “points redemption” will be stored in your Shell GO+ account electronically.
  • Instantly exchange points for rewards from partner merchants, including electronic vouchers and points.

That’s not the end. Here’s what we got for the promotional offer in May 2023:

Promotion Period Offer
Mondays and Thursdays Limited-time offer: HK$5 off per liter of fuel purchase
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays HK$5.2 off per liter (with accumulated spending of HK$600 or above on a single transaction of fuel purchase)

(Extra Note: Shell Bonus card has ended services in Mar 2023.)

Caltex Rewards card

What are the offers on the Caltex Rewards card? When you sign up for the Caltex Rewards Card, you’ll start earning points right away every time you gas up. You can use those points to save money on your next refuel. 

  • Instant discount of HK$0.9 per liter Purchase Caltex Techron Platinum gasoline or Techron Gold gasoline with your Caltex Rewards card.
  • Special discount of HK$5.0 per liter Purchase Caltex Techron Platinum gasoline or Techron Gold gasoline on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • Earn double points during your birthday month.
  • Earn 1 point for every 1-liter purchase of Platinum gasoline or every 2 liters purchase of Gold gasoline with Techron. And you can use 1 point for every HK$1 spent to pay for gasoline at the pump price.
Company Fuel Type Points Earned
Caltex Rewards Card


Platinum gasoline 1 point/liter
Gold gasoline 1 point/2 liters

MoneySmart Tips: all points will expire by Dec 31 of the second year after they are issued.

Sinopec X Card

China Petroleum offers fuel card discounts—Become an “X Card” member and redeem your points for fuel coupons via its Sinopec Plus App.

Sinopec Plus App awards points based on discounted amounts using the following rates:

Company Fuel Type Points Earned
Sinopec SINO X POWER 45 points/HK$100 spent
SINO POWER 35 points/HK$100 spent
SINO DIESEL 35 points/HK$100 spent

Use Fuel Card points to redeem miles

You may not know that fuel card points are eligible for redeeming miles. Here’s an overview of mileage redemption for various fuel cards:

Membership Program Fuel Type Points Earned Points to Miles Conversion
Esso Smiles


Synergy Supreme+ (per liter) 15 3 Esso Smiles = 1 mile
Synergy Extra (per liter) 10 3 Esso Smiles = 1 mile
Shell Go+


Shell V-Power (per liter) 15 1,250 points = 400 miles
Shell FuelSave (per liter) 10 1,250 points = 400 miles

Gasoline discounts with a credit card overview

Some oil companies even offer credit card promotions when you use the membership card and credit card together, allowing you to enjoy discounts on fuel and additional credit card rewards.

Dah Sing MyAuto Credit Card gasoline discounts: 3.2% rebate for EV charging or gas spending

Dah Sing Bank logo
MoneySmart Exclusive
Min. Annual Salary
Miles Conversion (local spend)
Cash back on local spend
MoneySmart Exclusive:

From now until 31 December 2023, successfully apply for the Dah Sing MyAuto Credit Card through MoneySmart to get an HK$150 PARKnSHOP Supermarket Voucher or HKTVmall e-Voucher!

Apart from that, receive a BLACK & DECKER Portable Air Compressor (Suggested Retail Price: HK$698) upon accumulating eligible spending of HK$12,000 or above within the first 2 months from the date of card issuance or Enjoy HK$400 Cash Rebate upon accumulating eligible spending of HK$6,000 or above within the first 2 months from the date of card issuance (Fulfilled by Dah Sing Bank)

Valid until 31 Dec 2023

With a monthly spending limit of HK$5,000 with Dah Sing MyAuto credit card, you can

  • enjoy a 3.2% rebate on car-related services, that include gas spending, car purchases, hourly parking (up to HK$500), car washing, car beauty, car repair, auto parts, car maintenance, and towing service.

The offer does not end here but also includes:

  • 8% rebate for using the “HKeToll” Free-Flow Tolling payment system to pay for tunnel fees.
  • year-round discounts of up to 68% off at car-related stores, including Car Beautician, KeePer PROSHOP, Carwash.HK, and more.
  • a free tire repair and towing service once a year.

When it comes to yearly car insurance, the Dah Sing MyAuto card offers discounts as well:

  • Get 10% off the premium on your existing Comprehensive Motor Insurance Renewal Notice.
  • Get 5% off the premium on your existing Third-Party Motor Insurance Renewal Notice.

If you’re a driver and earn over HK$150,000 per year, the Dah Sing MyAuto credit card is a must-have! Not only does it offer discounts, but it also provides extra peace of mind. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to fuel your car and your wallet!

Hang Seng Credit Card Esso Synergy™ Petrol Privileges: up to HK$120 worth of petrol rebate

From April 1 to June 30, 2023, if you gas up your car with Synergy petrol and pay with your Hang Seng Credit Card at any Esso or Feoso service station in Hong Kong, you can get the following offers:

  • Every time you spend at least HK$500 (after discount) on Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol, you can get an extra HK$120 worth of petrol by using designated petrol e-Coupons in Esso app.
  • Every time you spend at least HK$500 (after discount) on Synergy petrol, you can enjoy an extra HK$100 worth of petrol.
Hang Seng Bank logo
Up to 4x Points to spend as cash
Annual fees
Perpetual annual fee waiver
Cash back on local spend
Welcome Offer
Up to 120,000 yuu Points

HSBC EveryMile Credit Card: HK$2/mile

HSBC logo
Local and oversea spending
HK$2 = 1 MIle
Minimum Annual Income
Welcome Offer
Up to $1,000 RewardCash

With the HSBC EveryMile credit card, you can enjoy an unlimited offer of 1 mile for every HK$2 spent on fuel at Esso, Shell, Caltex, PetroChina, and Sinopec gas stations. If you’re a frequent traveler, this might be the card you need!

HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card: 3X reward cash for Caltex Platinum or Gold Techron gas

HSBC logo
Min. Annual Salary
Cash back on local spend
Up to 2.4%
Miles Conversion (local spend)
HK$4.17 = 1 Mile

Earn bonus points when you buy gas at Caltex using any HSBC Visa Platinum card:

  • Get 3X reward cash for Caltex Platinum or Gold with Techron gas.
  • Get an instant HK$0.9 discount per liter of Caltex Platinum/Gold with Techron gas.

BOC Esso World Mastercard gasoline discounts: extra discount of HK$0.4/L

With your BOC Esso World Mastercard, you can enjoy an Esso Smiles instant petrol discount of HK$1.6/L on Esso Synergy gasoline purchases and an additional discount of HK$0.4/L.

Best tools for drivers

Here are a few useful tools to save big on fuel. Remember to bookmark them to get updates on the latest promotions.

Today’s Oil Discount and Promotion

This dashboard from the Hong Kong Consumer Council provides an overview of the daily oil discounts.

Petrol Filling Station Search Nearby Station(s)

A simple map that shows you the nearby gas station.

Auto-fuel price calculator

A calculator that helps you calculate the gasoline price with the oil company, petrol type, filling budget, and discount


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