iPhone 15 Models: How To Get Up To 30% Discount Offers

iPhone 15 Models: How To Get Up To 30% Discount Offers

Apple has announced the release of the highly anticipated iPhone 15 on September 13, 2023 in Hong Kong time. This new release features 4 models, including the iPhone 15 , iPhone 15 plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. If you’re eager to know more about the official Hong Kong pricing, specs and new features of these devices, as well as tips on how to save money when purchasing, keep reading for the full scoop.

Looking for the best credit card for buying iPhone 15?

The iPhone 15 Pro (256 GB) starts at HK$9,399, so why not take advantage of credit card rebates for online purchases to get the most out of your money? Here is a comparison of the credit cards deals of iPhone 15 Pro (256 GB):

Credit Card Ranking iPhone 15 Pro 256GB Discounted Price Discount Rate Welcome Offer Cash Rebate Spending Requirement Instalment Offer
Standard Chartered Smart Card #1 $9,399.00 $6,529.00 31% $2,400.00 $470.00 $4,000.00 Infinite 3-month interest-free installments
Citi Cash Back Card #2 $9,399.00 $7,500.00 20.2% $1,800.00 $99 $2,000.00
Hang Seng MMPOWER Mastercard #3 $9,399.00 $8,191.00 12.8% $700.00 $508.00 $5,000.00 Infinite 3-month interest-free installments

Reminder: When purchasing a new iPhone with a new credit card, pay attention to any special requirements for welcome offers and cashback, such as the minimum spending amount for eligibility or purchasing through specified channels (online or at designated merchants).

Standard Chartered Smart Card: HK$2,400 welcome offer plus 5% cashback

By applying for a Standard Chartered Smart Card through MoneySmart, you can receive a welcome offer of up to HK$2,400. This includes an HK$1,200 Apple Gift Card or other vouchers, as well as HK$1,200 in cash rebates once you reach a spending requirement of HK$4,000. Plus there is 5% rebate if you purchase iPhone through China Mobile Hong Kong.

Citi Cash Back Card: HK$1,800 welcome offer plus 1% rebate on local purchase

With a Citi Cash Back Card from MoneySmart, not only can you receive up to HK$1,800 in Apple Gift Card or other vouchers, but you can also earn 1% cashback on local spending. With these incredible benefits, you can snag the latest iPhone 15 Pro at a discounted price of HK$7,500, saving a total of HK$1,899!

Hang Seng MMPOWER World Mastercard: 5.4% cashback on electronic purchase plus 700 +Fun Dollars

Hang Seng MMPOWER offers 5% +FUN Dollars rebate for online purchases, and 5.4% +FUN Dollars rebate for in-store purchases at Apple Retail Stores or select electronics stores with the option to choose the payment category (mobile payments/electronic products). Plus, there’s a welcome offer of 700 +FUN Dollars if you spend over HK$5,000 within 2 months.

Hang Seng Bank logo
Bank Promo
Get 6% +FUN Dollars on overseas spending
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+FUN Dollars rebate on selected spending categories
+FUN Dollars rebate on Online Retail Transaction

“The Flagship Phone” telecom offers

Telecom companies usually offer the “Flagship Phone” offers when customers apply for a 12-month or above contract plan. Here are some examples of what the telecom companies offers:

SmarTone’s SmarT Pass: Pre-order the new “Flagship Handset” with 12% off

As long as you subscribe to the designated SmarTone 5G mobile phone monthly plan, you can enjoy the “SmarT Pass” to buy the “flagship handset” with a discount of as low as 12% off. The 5G plan starts at HK$238 per month with a 24-month contract.

Here are the details:

SmarT Pass 24-month contract plan

Plan Monthly Fee Discount for “Flagship Phone ”
42GB HK$238 9% off
110GB HK$318 12% off

3 Hong Kong: “One-for-One” Plan: Replace old phone for an new “Flagship Handset” to get a HK$2,000 discount

From now until September 12, 2023, 3 Hong Kong launched the “One-for-One” plan. Subscribe to the designated 5G monthly plan (no limit on upgrading, renewing or upgrading plans), prepay HK$500 at the store, and use the old phone to exchange for the new phone. The new “flagship handset” price can be reduced by HK$2,000. There are limited places for the “One-for-One” plan and you are guaranteed to get the new phone within 7 days of the release date.

China Mobile: MyLink PASS priority registration for the release of the new handset

Subscribe to China Mobile’s designated monthly plan and register for MyLink PASS for free to get priority to purchase the new handset.

iPhone 15 Models Hong Kong Prices, Pre-order, and Release Dates

iPhone 15 official pricing in Hong Kong

Get your hands on the latest Apple iPhones! The iPhone 15 (128 GB) starts at HK$6,899, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max (1 TB) is priced at HK$13,599. Check out the official sale price of the iPhone 15 models here.

iPhone 15 Hong Kong Price Overview 
iPhone 15 Model Specifications Price Pre-order Date Release Date
Apple iPhone 15 128 GB HK$6,899 8 pm on September 15, 2023 (HKT) September 22, 2023
Apple iPhone 15 256 GB HK$7,699
Apple iPhone 15 512GB HK$9,399
Apple iPhone 15 Plus 128 GB HK$7,699
Apple iPhone 15 Plus 256 GB HK$8,499
Apple iPhone 15 Plus 512 GB HK$10,199
Apple iPhone 15 Pro 128 GB HK$8,599
Apple iPhone 15 Pro 256 GB HK$9,399
Apple iPhone 15 Pro 512 GB HK$11,099
Apple iPhone 15 Pro 1 TB HK$12,799
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 256 GB HK$10,199
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 512 GB HK$11,899
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 1 TB HK$13,599

iPhone official trade-in price overview

If you have an old iPhone model, you can trade it in for the iPhone 15 for a discount. Here are the trade-in prices for older iPhone models:

Apple iPhone Trade-in Price
iPhone Model Max. Trade-in Price
iPhone 7 HK$400
iPhone 7 Plus HK$500
iPhone SE (2nd Gen) HK$650
iPhone 8 HK$550
iPhone 8 Plus HK$800
iPhone X HK$1,050
iPhone XS/XR HK$1,250
iPhone XS Max HK$1,550
iPhone 11 HK$1,900
iPhone 11 Pro HK$2,350
iPhone 11 Pro Max HK$2,600
iPhone 12 mini HK$1,650
iPhone 12 HK$2,250
iPhone 12 Pro HK$3,100
iPhone 12 Pro Max HK$3,750
iPhone 13 mini HK$2,900
iPhone 13 HK$3,400
iPhone 13 Pro HK$4,600
iPhone 13 Pro Max HK$5,300
iPhone 14 HK$4,350
iPhone 14 Plus HK$4,600
iPhone 14 Pro HK$5,300
iPhone 14 Pro Max HK$6,300

When and where can I buy the new iPhone 15 series? iPhone 15 official release date in Hong Kong

  • The pre-order date is on 8 pm on September 15, 2023.
  • The official release date is set on September 22, 2023 at the official Apple stores. (Note that customers will have the chance to purchase up to 2 units of each of the 4 iPhone 15 models.)

The latest official pricing for other iPhone model

After the official launch of iPhone 15, the pricing of older iPhone models has been adjusted. Here are the latest prices for other iPhone models:

iPhone Model Old Price New Price Discount Discount Rate
iPhone 13 128GB HK$5,999 HK$5,099 HK$900 -15.00%
iPhone 13 256GB HK$6,799 HK$5,899 HK$900 -13.24%
iPhone 13 512GB HK$8,499 HK$7,599 HK$900 -10.5


iPhone 14 128GB HK$6,899 HK$5,999 HK$900 -13.05%
iPhone 14 256GB HK$7,699 HK$6,799 HK$900 -11.69%
iPhone 14 512GB HK$9,399 HK$8,499 HK$900 -9.58%
iPhone 14 Plus 128GB HK$7,699 HK$6,899 HK$800 -10.39%
iPhone 14 Plus 256GB HK$8,499 HK$7,699 HK$800 -9.41%
iPhone 14 Plus 512GB HK$10,199 HK$9,399 HK$800 -7.84%
iPhone SE 64GB HK$3,699 HK$3,699 HK$0 0.00%
iPhone SE 128GB HK$4,149 HK$4,149 HK$0 0.00%
iPhone SE 256GB HK$4,999 HK$4,999 HK$0 0.00%

iPhone 12, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max has been discontinued.

iPhone 15 models specifications overview: Size, camara, battery, frame

iPhone 15 Model Specification Overview
iPhone Model Size Resolution Main Camara Extra Camara Battery Life Processor Frame Materials
Apple iPhone 15 6.1” 2556 x 1179, 460 ppi 48MP Up to 26 hours video playback A16 bionic chipset Stainless steel
Apple iPhone 15 Plus 6.7” 2796 x 1290, 460 ppi 48MP Up to 26 hours video playback A16 bionic chipset Stainless steel
Apple iPhone 15 Pro 6.1” 2556 x 1179, 460 ppi 48MP 12MP 5X Telephoto Camara and 12 MP Ultra Wide Camara Up to 29 hours video playback A17 bionic chipset Titanium
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 6.7” 2796 x 1290, 460 ppi 48MP 12MP 5X Telephoto Camara and 12 MP Ultra Wide Camara Up to 29 hours video playback A17 bionic chipset Titanium

The iPhone 15 is making its debut in two sizes – the regular model at 6.1 inches and the Plus model at 6.7 inches. The iPhone 15 Pro boasts a longer battery life of 3 hours video playback time than iPhone 15.

iPhone 15/iPhone 15 Pro new colours: Black, Blue, Green Light Yellow, Pink And Titanium

The iPhone 15 is having some exciting new colour options for users to choose from. From the mysterious Midnight Black to the Enchanting Pink, the iPhone 15 models offer a range of lighter colours to complement any style. Meanwhile, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models feature a bold titanium option, along with more classic shades like Black, White, Blue, and neutral titanium.

iPhone Model Colors Available
iPhone 15/iPhone 15 Plus Black, Blue, Green, Light Yellow, Pink
iPhone 15 Pro/iPhone 15 Pro Max Black Titanium, White Titanium, Blue Titanium, Neutral Titanium

iPhone 15/iPhone 15 Pro new features

A16 bionic chipset for iPhone 15, A17 bionic chipset for iPhone 15 Pro

The A16 bionic chipset is featured in both the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, while the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone Pro Max boast the A17 bionic chipset. Both processors include an image signal processor that allows you to take high-resolution photos and videos.

According to Apple, the A17 chipset in the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max is 10% faster than the A16 chipset in the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus. Additionally, the six-core GPU is 20% faster than before and offers improved power efficiency, enabling smoother gameplay like the Resident Evil 4 remake and Assassin’s Creed Mirage on the new iPhone 15 models.

Action button works more than a switch between silent and ring mode

The iPhone 15 is shaking things up with its new Action button, replacing the old Mute switch. This handy feature enables users to quickly access the camera, flashlight, Voice Memos and more. Want even more convenience? The Action button can be configured to activate Shortcuts. And with haptic feedback and visual cues from the Dynamic Island, you’ll always know when a command goes through.

What can you do with the “Action Button”?

  • Magnifier – a useful tool for reading small text.
  • Focus Modes – toggle Focus Modes on and off depending on your workflow.
  • Flashlight – turn on the LED camera flash to see in low-light areas.
  • Camera – quickly access the camera app.
  • Customised shortcuts – activate a shortcut you programmed with a quick press of a button.
  • Voice Memos – conveniently access the iPhone’s built-in sound recorder.
  • Translation – launch the Translate app with ease.

Dynamic island provides seamless notifications and alerts

iPhone 15 users can now have their notifications on a size-changing dynamic island that adjusts to their alerts and notifications. This aims to provide a seamless experience for users.

The Dynamic Island can display multiple messages simultaneously without interfering with each other. For example, if you are about to board a flight, the flight gate information, how long before boarding time, and flight seats number will be shown on the Dynamic Island without disrupting other messages.

iPhone 15 charging port is switching from lightening to USB-C

As the rumor has confirmed, iPhone 15 is changing from the lightening charger to USB-C. That includes Mac, iPad, iPhone, Airpod Pros 2nd generation. With the switch to Type-C, you can now connect your MacBook for real-time preview while shooting ProRaw. And with an external hard drive, you can even shoot in 4K 60fps ProRes format.

Super Retina XDR for iPhone 15 display

iPhone 15 has adopted the Super Retina XDR with the OLEDs technology that gives a larger display with a thinner border, and supports with Dolby vision. The display has also now been upgraded to support 2000 nits (peak outdoor brightness), that gives a fresher color on the screen.

iPhone 15 Pro has a titanium frame

The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max take things up a notch with their special titanium materials, providing improved durability over the current stainless steel. It not only gives a lighter weight, but also 4 new colors for iPhone 15 Pro: black, white, blue, and neutral titanium.

Video shooting for Apple Vision with iPhone 15 Pro

Last month, Apple announced the release of Apple Vision Pro with exciting new features and improvements. With the release of the iPhone 15 Pro, 2 of its cameras are specially designed to capture Spatial Video (3D imaging) that can be viewed on Apple Vision Pro. This feature is expected to be launched by the end of 2023, which means that users will no longer need to wear Apple Vision Pro to capture Spatial Video.

Frequently asked questions: iPhone 15

How much is iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus?

The Apple iPhone 15 with 128 GB storage is priced at US$799. The Apple iPhone 15 Plus with 128 GB storage will be available for US$899.

How much is iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max?

The Apple iPhone 15 Pro with 128 GB storage will also be available at a price of US$999. The top-end model, Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max with 256 GB storage, will be available at US$1199.

When will the iPhone 15 be released in Hong Kong?

The iPhone 15 is expected to be announced at Apple’s event (Hong Kong time, September 13, 2023, at 1 a.m.) However, the specific release date has not yet been confirmed.

What kind of colours will the iPhone 15 come in?

The iPhone 15 is rumoured to come in a range of new colours, including Midnight Black, Starlight, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, and Green for the iPhone 15/iPhone 15 Plus, and New Wine Red, Silver, Space Gray, Gold for the iPhone 15 Pro/iPhone 15 Pro Max.

What are the telecom offers for purchasing the iPhone 15?

Telecom companies usually offer iPhone purchase offers when customers apply for a 12-month or higher contract plan. For example, SmarTone’s SmarT Pass offers up to a 12% discount on the iPhone 15 with a 24-month contract plan, and 3 Hong Kong has launched the “One-for-One” plan, which allows customers to exchange their old phone to get a discount on the iPhone 15. China Mobile also offers priority registration for the release of the iPhone 15, and The Club has a Privilege Pass for customers who spend a certain amount.

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